Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 435 Left As The Losers? It's Not Yet Over!

〈System Alert: You have been transported outside «Raid: Great Sea Palace»!〉

〈System Alert: «Raid: Great Sea Palace» Re-Entry Cooldown: [9 Days].〉

Izroth, Luna, Zi Yi, Halls, Guan Yu, and Valentine were teleported in front of the raid doors where they first stepped foot into the Great Sea Palace raid.

Izroth did not bother sticking around to receive the promised compensation from Blue Oasis—even though they offered him the epic-quality item. He was confident that Blue Oasis would make some sort of excuse after the Guild Order was in their possession to go back on their word. Not to mention, if he accepted the item from Blue Oasis, then he would have been indirectly condoning their actions. But, since Blue Oasis wanted to burn bridges, then he would not look back.

Besides, Izroth planned to test Blue Oasis one way or another. It just so happened that the Guild Order dropping from Ooudamu was the perfect opportunity to do so. After all, a Guild Order was currently useless to him. If anything, he would have gained more benefits by selling it.

However, if Blue Oasis had passed his test of character, then he would have given them the Guild Order at the end of the raid. Izroth had no interest or care for one's power or talent, but rather, their trustworthiness. Those who lacked that trait, no matter how much talent they had, would never be enough to enter into Izroth's sights.

As for Niflheim, Izroth was not worried about him going back on his word and rejoining Blue Oasis once everything settled down. If he judged Niflheim's character wrong, then he could only blame himself for being so thoroughly deceived.

Izroth and his group made their way back towards the main entrance of the True Settlement of Clearwater. This time, however, they used the Bearing of an Oversider environmental buff to make the trip within the air bubble.

A few moments later, they arrived at a different tube from the one they initially used to enter into the True Settlement of Clearwater and was sucked in by a powerful force. Not too long after, Izroth and his group were sent back to the room where they first met with the Blue Oasis raid group as the air bubbles around them popped.

Along the way, everyone was silent, and no one brought up what had just transpired with Blue Oasis. However, Guan Yu, who had been holding himself back the entire time, could no longer stay quiet on the matter. As they walked towards the exit of the rainbow-colored coral, Guan Yu finally spoke up.

"Brother, why did you let them off so easy? They dared bully you out of an item that was rightfully yours, and we just walk away? Even if we died, it would have been fighting for justice! I'm sure everyone here feels the same way!" Guan Yu stated in a frustrated tone.

The way Blue Oasis treated his brother was carved into his mind. So what if they were a top guild? Those who dared to threaten and bully someone he called brother would never get away unscathed! He did not understand how Izroth could remain so calm after the situation he had just experienced. Was he not outraged by the way Blue Oasis acted back there? Even he, who was not a direct target, felt an overwhelming surge of rage!

However, Guan Yu was not the only one who thought that Izroth was unusually lenient on Blue Oasis. Nearly everyone else was also curious as to why he let them off with just a few words instead of taking action. He even handed over the Guild Order that was in his possession! They knew that Izroth often did things that they did not fully understand for a good reason, but, in this case, they could not find any such reason.

"Oh? Does anyone else feel that I let them off too easy—that I've been bullied?" Izroth asked.

Halls was somewhat hesitant at first, but he soon replied, "I agree with brother Guan Yu. They obviously never put you in their sights. Otherwise, how would they have dared to even dream of having thoughts on what was rightfully yours?"

Zi Yi sighed, "I hate to say this, but I also agree with those two. Blue Oasis was willing to throw aside one of their own to get their hands on that Guild Order. People like that do not deserve our time; however, just walking away like this leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It feels as though they have won, and we are left as the losers."

Valentine nodded and added, "It is just as Zi Yi said, are we not walking away as the losers this time?"

Izroth listened to everyone without interrupting them. It appeared that they all shared the same sentiments towards what happened. However, there was still someone who had yet to give their opinion that Izroth waited to hear from—Luna.

"I see. Do you feel the same as well, Luna?" Izroth questioned.

"Hm? Do you not already have something in mind?" Luna asked as if it were a given.

Something in mind? The others were puzzled by Luna's words as a carefree smile found its way onto Izroth's face.

Izroth halted his steps as he turned to face the others and said, "Indeed, it is as you said."

He looked towards Halls and continued, "We will need the item you acquired from your Rare Item Treasure Chest, Halls."

"The item I acquired... You mean-!" Halls' eyes widened from shock, and he was not the only one.

"It's exactly as you think. Though, first, I have to make a few preparations." Izroth stated as he removed the Dark Abyssal Cauldron from his inventory and placed it before him.

'I still have the ingredients given to me by those top guilds back when I first opened the Mystical Realm Palace. There should be enough to create what I have in mind.'

"Hahaha! I knew my brother wasn't the type to simply walk away! Hehehe, Blue Oasis, you have brought this upon yourselves!" Guan Yu declared gleefully.

If Blue Oasis thought that this was over, then they were sadly mistaken!


Meanwhile, outside the main entrance of the rainbow-colored coral...

"You sure have guts to block the path of my Mist Palace, Ewan! I hope you have a reasonable explanation; otherwise, don't blame me for taking things too far!" Simplicity scowled with a darkened expression.

Simplicity was infuriated when she received news that Cross Haven had denied her Mist Palace entry to the raid location. She rushed over as fast as possible with nearly 100 members of her Mist Palace! She did not want to cross swords with Cross Haven. Still, a show of force was absolutely necessary at times like this, or else, others may think that her Mist Palace was a group of pushovers!

"As I said before, you can enter if you'd like, Guild Leader Simplicity. However, if you attempt to do so, I will not be polite." Ewan spoke unhurriedly with a calm demeanor.

"You!" Simplicity nearly coughed up blood in anger from Ewan's response. Normally, she would not have hesitated to force her way through. However, something was not right. Since when did Cross Haven and Blue Oasis become so close to one another? Could they have formed a secret alliance? If that was the case, then she could not act recklessly. Not to mention, two other annoyances were present that gave her an additional headache.

Simplicity looked towards the two individuals who stood next to Ewan and shouted, "Are you two okay with this?! Your guilds are missing out as well! Cross Haven and Blue Oasis are obviously plotting something behind all of our backs!"

The two players Simplicity spoke to were Wang Ping, the guild leader of Hypers Symphony, and Mariposa, the guild leader of Sleeping Gardenia.

"Hmph, my Hypers Symphony has always been close allies with our brothers in Cross Haven. Don't even bother trying to sow discord!" Wang Ping scoffed.

"As for me, my adorable little sister is inside. Plus, I owe a small favor to a certain someone by her side. Of course, and most importantly, I just don't like you." Mariposa responded with a smile on her face. Her Sleeping Gardenia had been continuously on bad terms with Mist Palace throughout various games, and the two guilds always held an intense rivalry. Naturally, this carried over to RML.

"Now now, we are all friends here. Guild Leader Simplicity, I'm sure Guild Leader Ewan has his reasons. However, I am sure he also understands that we, too, have our own goals. If Mist Palace is willing, why not form a temporary alliance with my Headhunter Syndicate? If we work together, who would dare block our path?" A male with beady eyes, short black hair, and pale skin spoke. He was quite tall, standing approximately 195cm high. However, he was freakishly skinny to the point that it almost looked as if he was malnourished. His body was wrapped in dirty bandages, he wore a tattered black cloak, and at the side of his waist was a chain and sickle. He went by Harvest, and he was a high ranking member of the newest top guild, the Headhunter Syndicate.

Simplicity inwardly frowned. There was too little information about the inner workings of the Headhunter Syndicate since they had risen to fame so swiftly in RML. It was risky to form a shaky alliance with a guild who held a reputation as being shameless in their actions. Who knew when they would stab a fellow ally in the back? But, if she declined his offer, then wouldn't she have to sit back like a dog with their tail tucked in between their legs?

Just as Simplicity was pondering whether or not to accept Harvest's proposal, Ewan received a message via the system.

"Hm?" Ewan quickly read over the message, and although one could not see it, beneath his mask, he furrowed his brows.

"Did something unexpected happen?" Ewan silently said to himself as he turned to look towards the main entrance of the rainbow-colored coral building.

Earlier, he moved further away from it and formed a solid perimeter with the members of Blue Oasis, who were tasked with guarding the entrance. So, there was a bit of distance between him and the main entrance.

"Look, someone is coming out!" One of the nearby players shouted, which immediately drew the attention of everyone present.

Was it one of Blue Oasis' people? Had Blue Oasis suffered too massive of a loss after they defeated the first raid boss and decided to return in failure?

Against all the expectations of those present, six players in total walked out of the building made of coral. Among those six players, there were no familiar faces from Blue Oasis. However, two members, in particular, were recognizable. One was Zi Yi, the younger sister of Sleeping Gardenia's guild leader, and the other was the owner of the Mystical Realm Palace, Izroth!

Of course, not many people knew of Izroth's physical appearance outside of those who were there during the gathering in the Mystical Realm Palace's conference room. Therefore, only a handful of those present understood what his presence outside of the raid represented.

"Did I miscalculate?" Ewan asked himself. If Izroth and his group were here, instead of inside of the raid, then that could only mean one thing—something went wrong!


Izroth and his group had just stepped outside of the rainbow-color coral. The first thing they noticed was that the immediate entrance area was completely cleared out. However, in the nearby distance, they saw a large crowd of players. In total, there were hundreds of them—possibly thousands!

Only a few moments after Izroth and his group set foot outside, they instantly became the center of attention!

"There sure are a lot of unfamiliar faces in the crowd. I suppose this much is to be expected considering that this is the first raid to be discovered." Valentine commented.

"So many players! It's just as you said it'd be, brother." Guan Yu stated. He had not seen this many players in a single place outside of a major city since the Protectors of Amaharpe event!

At the same time, Izroth swept his gaze across the crowd of players. Then, in the blink of an eye, his gaze came to a sudden halt.

'So, you did come here after all. This saves me some trouble.'

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