Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 433 Going Back On One's Promise?

Izroth examined the pile of items that were dropped by Ooudamu. Niflheim had already set the raid commands to allow Izroth to loot any one item that was lower than epic-quality freely. This was one of many unique features that were available for raid groups that made loot division more systematic. Of course, he would immediately lose this privilege once he selected the item.

'Not bad.'

There were several pieces of rare-quality equipment, as well as some rare crafting materials. But, what stood out the most was a particular item that emitted a calm yet fierce aura. Izroth was familiar with this type of item because he was one of the few players who currently had one in his possession.

'An epic-quality item. It would seem that Blue Oasis' luck is quite good.'

Of course, Izroth did not forget the agreement he had with Niflheim and Asgard. Epic-quality items were simply too valuable to willing give up—even for top guilds. After all, a single epic-quality item would boost a player's overall power by leaps and bounds!


As Izroth studied the loot pile, his eyes were drawn to a plain-looking scroll with a red stamped seal. There did not appear to be anything special about this scroll and one could easily mistake it for junk. However, when Izroth took a closer look at the scroll, he could not help but inwardly shake his head.

'It appears that I have spoken too soon.'

Meanwhile, Niflheim took a moment to check through the system alerts to review the loot that dropped. It was much easier to distribute items directly through the system in a raid rather than going over to manually pick them up.

The instant Niflheim saw the epic-quality item; for a moment, he believed that he was just seeing things. However, after he confirmed that his eyes were not playing tricks on him, Niflheim could not hide his smile. It was an epic-quality magic staff! In the hands of a magic-caster like Vanaheim, it was enough of a damage boost to lessen the gap after losing one of their damage dealers.

"Some rumors were going around about the guild leader of Sleeping Gardenia acquiring an epic-quality item—although it has never been confirmed. Still, even if the rumors are true, my Blue Oasis now has an advantage that all, or nearly all, other top guilds lack." Niflheim said. This was no small advantage that their Blue Oasis obtained. But, how would Niflheim react if he knew that Izroth and nearly all the members of his party owned an epic-quality item?

As Niflheim scanned over the remaining loot to determine how he was going to divide it, his eyes fell on a certain item that was at the very bottom of the list—this was usually the place where miscellaneous items that did not have a specific category ended up.

However, the instant Niflheim noticed that item; his pleasant expression had morphed into one of dread. Unfortunately, Niflheim did not have time to think before he heard Izroth's voice, which immediately caused his heart to sink.

"I have decided to go with this item." Izroth said as he held up a plain-looking scroll.

When the members of Blue Oasis examined the scroll, they found nothing, in particular, to be unique about it. But, why would he waste such a precious chance on some useless junk? Maybe there was more to this scroll than its humble appearance?

"Maybe it's a rare skill?" Feint commented.

"I doubt it. Have you ever seen a skill book in the form of a scroll? If I had to guess, I'd say it's some kind of rare production method." Ace of Saint chimed in.

"Production method? Yeah, that would make sense. He is the owner of a shop. Looking for something that would bring the most long term profit seems like the correct move." Plays Two stated.

While everyone was guessing what item Izroth chose, Niflheim's facial expression darkened as if his worst nightmare had just become a reality. Since it was considered bad luck to look at the loot in a raid before it was divided by the raid commander, no one else had taken a look besides him; therefore, only he knew the gravity of the situation.

"Can I ask that you reconsider?" Niflheim asked in a respectful tone.

Reconsider? Everyone furrowed their brows at Niflheim's words. What was there to reconsider? He had not taken one of the rare pieces of equipment or anything else that appeared to be of immediate value. Could it be that their Captain Niflheim felt that Izroth was being too reserved with his choice?

"Since I have chosen this item, naturally, I have no regrets." Izroth spoke in a carefree tone.

"Then, name your price. As long as it is within the realm of reason, my Blue Oasis is willing to accommodate." Niflheim swiftly responded.

"What I have is not for sale, Captain Niflheim. I'm afraid that I will have to disappoint you." Izroth stated.

"Would you be willing to consider it a personal favor to me?" Niflheim inquired. He understood that he might be overreaching with his statement; however, his current options were limited.

"Such a grand favor, tell me, are you truly capable of repaying it?" Izroth questioned.

Niflheim remained silent in response to Izroth's question because he knew the answer. If he were to reply honestly, then there was no way that he could personally return the price of that favor!

Izroth shook his head and said, "The fault does not lie with you, but those who naturally bring with them misfortune and spreads it to those around them—such is fate."

"You really won't reconsider?" Niflheim asked with a sigh. However, he was met with Izroth's silence and unchanged facial expression. With that, he did not need Izroth to voice his answer to understand his intent.

Niflheim secretly cursed Second Tyrant under his breath. If not for Second Tyrant, then it was likely that Izroth would have never approached him about Luna's situation, which forced him to make some sacrifices as a show of good faith. Then, it all could have been settled with one or two rare items!

As for Izroth, he had already taken his stance and gave Niflheim his answer. If it were any other member of Blue Oasis, he would not bother entertaining their questions. But, since Niflheim's character was not bad in Izroth's eyes, he decided to, at the very least, offer him a few words.

A part of Niflheim regretted giving Izroth loot permission for a single item. However, the more he thought about it, the more he found that it would not have made a difference. In the end, if he wanted the outcome to change, the only way was to go against his own word—this was something Niflheim was unwilling to do.

The players from Blue Oasis frowned as they listened in on Izroth and Niflheim's conversation. From Niflheim's tone and choice of words, it appeared that he did not want to give up on that plain-looking scroll. Was it really that valuable?

Some players could not contain their curiosity, and even though it was considered bad luck, they chose to take a look at the loot through the system alerts. At first, they were excited after seeing that several rare items were present. Though, of course, their eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when they came across the epic-quality item! But, neither one of those had anything to do with the scroll that Izroth had taken into his possession.

Just as they were feeling somewhat puzzled over Niflheim's reaction, their sights finally landed on the item at the very bottom of the list. When the members of Blue Oasis reached that point, the reaction was the same for every last one of them—their facial expressions turned extremely ugly!

Asgard, Complex Assault, and the remaining captains of Blue Oasis all approached Izroth and Niflheim at great speeds.

When Luna, Zi Yi, Halls, Guan Yu, and Valentine witnessed the actions of Blue Oasis, they immediately went into high alert! Just as they were about to rush over to Izroth's side, their path was cut off by the remaining members of Blue Oasis.

"What is the meaning of this?" Zi Yi asked in an icy tone as her eyes turned cold.

"Just relax here. We should leave these matters in the hands of our leaders." I Do Zero Quests spoke in a friendly tone. However, despite his warm tone, he and the other members of Blue Oasis had no plans on moving.

"You want a fight?! Those who block our path never have a good ending!" Guan Yu roared as he brandished his guandao!

"Fight? You are the guests of my Blue Oasis. How can I fight you? Why don't we just stay here and have a nice conversation while our leaders discuss some business?" I Do Zero Quests responded. He was not backing down in the slightest!

Meanwhile, Izroth and Niflheim were currently surrounded from all sides by Asgard, Complex Assault, and the captains of Blue Oasis.

Asgard, the guild leader of Blue Oasis, was the first to speak as he said, "Friend, surely you can show my Blue Oasis some face in this regard. As Captain Niflheim said earlier, we are ready to offer anything in return—as long as it is within the realm of reasonability. Even the epic-quality item can be yours if you wish."

"I have already discussed it with your Captain Niflheim. My answer has not changed." Izroth responded.

"You- Don't you know when to take a step back? Our guild leader is asking politely, and yet you dare say your answer has not changed? How arrogant!" Minus scolded.

Izroth narrowed his eyes as he spoke in an unhurried manner and said, "Arrogant? It would seem that Blue Oasis does not know how to treat their guests. An agreement was made, and I have done nothing to stray from it. A dog can bark as loud as it wishes, but it does not change that which has already passed. So, tell me, does Blue Oasis plan on going back on their word?"

Asgard glared at Minus as he replied, "You will have to forgive Captain Minus for speaking so harshly. It is only that he cares about the well-being of my Blue Oasis, and sometimes it may come off as rude. As for going back on our agreement—if it were anything else, there would be no issue. However, this is something that is simply too valuable to my Blue Oasis. I must insist that you reconsider."

"That almost sounds like a threat, Guild Leader Asgard." Izroth stated with a carefree expression. If there was one thing he did not tolerate, it was threats!

"We are wasting time trying to be reasonable with this guy. Is the name of our Blue Oasis worth so little that even a shop owner can step all over it with no regard?" Peaceful Chaos commented.

He then turned to Izroth and continued, "Haven't you heard the saying? Don't refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit! Besides, with just you, can you even hold on to something so valuable?"

That carefree expression on Izroth's face caused Peaceful Chaos to become irritated. It felt as though Izroth was not taking this seriously and did not know just how little power he truly had compared to a top guild like Blue Oasis. Peaceful Chaos was tired of seeing Niflheim and Asgard give Izroth so much leeway because of his arrogance and ignorance!

"I see, so this is the true colors of Blue Oasis. How disappointing." Izroth said as he held out the scroll towards Niflheim.

Indeed, one's true colors never failed to reveal itself before the face of a treasure!

"We know that you may think poorly of us now. However, that is not our intention. You can rest assured that we will reimburse you properly and hope that you will remain on good terms with our Blue Oasis." Asgard tried to comfort and reassure Izroth as he saw him hold the scroll out towards Niflheim.

"Captain Niflheim, if you are willing to snatch it from my hands, this scroll will belong to your Blue Oasis." Izroth said as he ignored Asgard's words and turned his focus to Niflheim, who stood there with a troubled look on his face.

Niflheim was hesitant. Was there really no other choice? Did he have to go back on his word?

Asgard saw Niflheim's hesitation and immediately frowned. He understood Niflheim's personality better than anyone present. Therefore, he had to make sure that Niflheim did not have other thoughts. After all, there was too much at stake!

"What are you waiting for, Captain Niflheim? Since our friend is offering it to you, it would be impolite for you to refuse! You should know how important it is for our Blue Oasis to acquire it. The first of its kind in RML, a Guild Order!" Asgard stated.

It was a Guild Order—the very first Guild Order discovered! This news was enough to send endless shockwaves throughout RML!

Niflheim looked down at the scroll in Izroth's hands and felt a tugging pain in his heart.

Name: Guild Order

Rank: Common

Usage: This scroll can be presented to the «Guild Manager» in any capital city to create and officially register a «Guild».

Special Note: Together, you can conquer the realms!

This trouble was all caused by that plain-looking scroll! A part of him even wished that it had never dropped from Ooudamu. But, fortune and misfortune were never far from one another.

"I-" Niflheim was never the soft-spoken type, but he found this particular situation to be complicated.

At that moment, there was an air of uncertainty that lingered in the room as the members of Blue Oasis waited for Niflheim to grab the scroll from Izroth's hand!

Niflheim had his hand held out towards the scroll in Izroth's palm as he said, "I'm sorry."

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