Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 382 Forged Effects, Gu Chao's Goal?

While everyone was focused on the rarity of the equipment, Izroth had his attention on a different part of the armor piece that Gu Chao revealed.

'I can see why he's so confident. It seems his fortune's not bad.'

Gu Chao probably believed that even if Izroth had the required funds to purchase some rare equipment, it would not be any higher than level 35 since the top guilds monopolized the vast majority of rare equipment that was level 35 and above. Given the unique nature of the item Gu Chao revealed, despite only being level 30, one would be hard-pressed to find a "more impressive" piece of equipment below level 35.

Of course, the most impressive thing about the armor was that it was forged by Gu Chao himself.

Armor Name: Soft Bone Sea Swallow Chest

Armor Creator: Gu Chao

Armor Rank: Rare

Armor Level: 30

Armor Type: Light Plate

Requirements: 175 Agility, 175 Defense

HP: 1,272

DEF: 110

AGI: 110

Passive: Increases the user's defense and agility by 10 points every 3 seconds while in combat (MAX: 200). When out of combat for more than 5 seconds, the user will rapidly lose this stat increase.

Set Effect(2): The user gains +1,755 HP, +140 AGI, +140 DEF.

«Bonus Forged Effect: Limiter Removal» - The requirements to equip this armor are negated.

«Bonus Forged Effect: Soft Bone Flow» - Redirects 12% of all damage received by the wearer as pure damage towards the original attacker (MIN: 62 Damage) (MAX: 517 Damage).

Special Note: This equipment piece is part of the «Soft Bone Sea Swallow Set» and when equipped with the other set piece, grants the user extra benefits.

This Soft Bone Sea Swallow Chest would not lose out to a level 35 rare armor piece with its set effect and the bonus forged effects, maybe even a weaker piece of level 40 rare armor piece would not be its match! Within RML, Blacksmiths were given blueprint instructions to follow to successfully forge a weapon. However, this was not the limit of Blacksmiths. There was something called Forged Effects that every Blacksmith dreamed of having one of their forged pieces of equipment.

In simple terms, Forged Effects were additional benefits or skills attached to a piece of equipment after the Blacksmith improved upon the original blueprint and materials. But, this was a lot easier said than done. If someone were able to attach a single Forged Effect onto equipment, they would be highly valued by their guilds. So then, what about when one managed to have two Forged Effects on a single piece of equipment? It was completely unheard of!

While most of the players in the crowd did not understand how significant this was, as well as what it represented, Izroth and a few others present did. Izroth knew that if he did not have his Sword of The Storm or Apparel of Insatiable Transcendence, then the victor of this challenge would have undoubtedly been Gu Chao!

'The materials to forge this single piece of equipment must have been astronomical.'

If this armor was just five levels higher, who knew what ridiculous price the top guilds would be willing to pay for it? But, even with its current level, Izroth estimated that with two bonus Forged Effects, the Soft Bone Sea Swallow Chest would sell for at least 2,000 gold coins or 632,000 RMB. Of course, that was a minimum estimate. It was possible that even 4,000 or 5,000 gold coins would not be enough to get one's hands on it. If it were level 35, however, it would be priceless!

'If he has the set piece to go along with it and sold them in a pair, then it shouldn't be impossible for the price to reach 10,000 gold coins. However, it's a shame that it's still not enough.'

When Gu Chao heard the amazement hidden away in the voices of those present, a large smile appeared on his face. The same people who were just talking so much nonsense a few moments ago were now left speechless before his craftsmanship. They were probably dreading being disrespectful towards him by now. After all, with his ability as a Blacksmith, it was only a matter of time before he was bombarded with invites from some powerful guilds.

Once that happened, would he try to seek revenge on them for making fun of him? When this thought passed through the minds of those who had previously insulted Gu Chao, there was a sense of dread that flashed by in their head. They could only hope that this fatty-... That this benevolent and forgiving soul did not hold a grudge against them!

"It looks like the owner of the Mystical Realm Palace was too hasty in accepting this challenge." One of the spectating players said as he shook his head and released a sigh.

"Do you think he'll give away the rights to his Mystical Realm Palace if he loses? Even if I had to lose some face, I don't think I'd be able to give away such a priceless treasure..."

"If he doesn't, then it'll become well-known that the owner of the Mystical Realm Palace is a man that doesn't keep his word. In the long term, this isn't a good thing. I heard that he has some ties to the mysterious Pill Emperor. If that Pill Emperor were to find this out, then wouldn't they cut ties with someone so untrustworthy?"

There were only a handful of people who knew that Izroth was, in fact, the mysterious Pill Emperor. Therefore, it was laughable to think that he would cut ties with himself. But, in the end, Izroth was not troubled by the words of the crowd since he already knew the outcome of this challenge before it even started.

"Well? Are you speechless? Just so you know, it's too late to back out now. But, I'm not a bad person. If you admit your defeat, then I can still let you keep 25% ownership of the shop. What do you say? Do you admit defeat before this handsome genius born once in a lifetime?" Gu Chao said with pride and confidence in his voice.

A carefree smile appeared on Izroth's face after hearing those words. Admit defeat? Since when has he ever been the type to admit defeat?

'Maybe this Gu Chao isn't as messed up in the head as he appears.'

"I have to admit, you do have some skill..." Izroth stated.

"I'm glad you understand. Then, how about I-" But, before Gu Chao could finish his sentence, he was cut off by Izroth.

"However, you must learn how to better pick your opponents." Izroth said as he unsheathed his Sword of The Storm and a powerful gust of wind blew out in every direction. The moment he did so, Izroth caused the surrounding crowd to cover their faces to block the intense wind pressure.

As for Gu Chao, the fat on his face was jiggling freely all over the place as the wind struck up against him. Although the intense wind pressure only lasted for a brief moment, it left a memorable mark in the minds of those present. When everyone opened their eyes after the wind died down, all they saw was a sword with a beautiful azure blade. No one within the crowd had ever seen such a domineering weapon that gave off the fierce aura of a powerful storm.

"What a powerful rare item...! But, why can't I see its stats?" One of the players spectating said with a frown on his face. Although the sword looked impressive and made a grand entrance, he was unable to see its stats. Though he was not the only one. The other players in the crowd were also unable to see the stats and information on the Sword of The Storm.

"How are we supposed to tell who won if we can't see it?"

"Yeah, it seems too troublesome for them to decide alone if they're both rare items."

Izroth believed that it would be too bothersome if he revealed the true nature of his equipment to those within the crowd, therefore, he only showed it to Gu Chao. After all, owning an epic quality weapon was too big of news and would only cause some annoying individuals to approach him. Of course, he was not afraid of those individuals, but he already had enough things to deal with and did not want to waste his time on those with certain intentions.

There was one person who stood there with a dumbfounded expression written all over their face. This person was none other than Gu Chao. No longer was there a look of confidence on his face, but instead, there was absolute shock. How was this possible? Was he really seeing this right? Rare? No, this was not rare at all! That was an epic quality sword! A level 40 epic quality sword! He did not even believe that the first epic quality item had even been discovered and yet here it was right before his eyes.

"Y-you...!" Gu Chao wanted to say something, however, he could not find the proper words to say.

Izroth approached Gu Chao and set a hand on his shoulder as he said, "If you're still not fully convinced, then..." Izroth decided to go one step further as he revealed his Apparel of Insatiable Transcendence to Gu Chao. Even though it was unnecessary to do so when victory was already within his grasp, Izroth had other reasons for showing the living armor to Gu Chao.

"That-" Gu Chao eyes widened as he choked on his own words. He quickly got himself under control as he rubbed his hands together and a huge smile found its way onto his face.

"Big brother, I hope you didn't take what this handsome and genius little brother said before too seriously. Your fortune is unparalleled. I accept this as my loss. I just ask that big brother be gentle with me..." Gu Chao said in a slightly reserved and shy manner as he twiddled with his fingers.

Izroth almost coughed up blood from the coy display Gu Chao put on. Why was this Gu Chao suddenly acting like a maiden about to go on her first outing? Was this really the same arrogant person who was yelling so proudly before his Mystical Realm Palace just a few moments ago?

"On second thought... This wager- Let's just forget about it." Izroth said with a blank expression on his face as he turned to walk towards the entrance of the Mystical Realm Palace. How long had it been since he nearly coughed up blood from aversion? While this person did have some skill, perhaps it was not worth the potential trouble that came along with them?

Gu Chao quickly followed after Izroth as he said, "Wait, big brother! No- handsome big brother! Let this little brother take a closer look at that thing on your body! I swear I'll be gentle-!" Gu Chao bit his tongue as he winced over in pain.

That thing on his body? He'll be gentle? Just... Just what was this Gu Chao going on about? Could he be a person with "unique" tastes?

"If you continue to speak such nonsense..." Izroth narrowed his eyes as he looked coldly in Gu Chao's direction.

"What? What'd I say wrong? Big brother, allow this little brother to make it right. Come, this handsome genius born once in a lifetime is in a good mood today. In celebration of my big brother's generosity, there's going to be a big sale on some high-quality uncommon armor and weapons forged by yours truly!" Gu Chao announced.

He then whispered to Izroth, "Big brother, don't worry... I'll provide all the equipment. You can even keep the profits for yourself. What do you think? How about giving this little brother another chance?"

The crowd became excited at Gu Chao's words. Even if it was not rare equipment, they had personally seen what he was capable of forging. They felt that their time waiting in front of the Mystical Realm Palace was not a waste after all!

"Hey! Hurry up and get over there! The Mystical Realm Palace is having another grand sale!" One of the players was alerting their friends via voice chat.

"Hahaha! Those guys logged off early and they're gonna miss this! I told them to wait, hmph, see if I get them anything!"

"The owner of the Mystical Realm Palace is generous!"

"Yeah, the owner of the Mystical Realm Palace is an upstanding person!"

The crowd began to spew all sorts of compliments towards Izroth and the Mystical Realm Palace. If Izroth suddenly announced that there was no sale when everyone was already this excited and restless, then there may be a potential backlash from doing so.

Even though he did not feel pressured to do so, if the equipment was made by Gu Chao himself, then he felt that it could be a good thing for his Mystical Realm Palace, as well as, for what he had planned in the future.

Therefore, he decided to go with the flow of things since there was nothing for him to lose. Worst case scenario, even if Gu Chao provided mediocre equipment, all he had to do was hold a separate sale to smooth things over. There was not much for him to lose, only gain from this. However, Gu Chao accepted defeat a lot easier than a normal person would. He did not even put up much of an objection and even tried to immediately shower Izroth with praise and get on his good side.

This entire situation... Wasn't it a bit too easy? Also, if Gu Chao really was a talented Blacksmith, he should have instantly noticed that the Sword of The Storm on Izroth's back was higher than rare quality, or at the very least, beyond that of his Soft Bone Sea Swallow Chest.

'This guy... Is this was what he was aiming for all along? Interesting... This Gu Chao really isn't as simple-minded as he seems.'

"Then... The Mystical Realm Palace shall hold a grand sale within the next hour." Izroth announced loud and clear enough for everyone present to hear.

The moment those words left his mouth officially, the crowd was cheering praises even louder than before. Gu Chao, on the other hand, simply stood there with a gleeful smile plastered onto his face.

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