Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 359 Kayn's Interest, A Heartless Woman

Excluding the Envoy of the Netherworld, Kayn was the strongest existence Izroth had fought against within RML. Just from the first few moves alone, Izroth could see why restrictions were set in place and landing a single blow on Kayn was a challenging task. In fact, it was even more difficult than defeating someone like Roudin in a direct confrontation!

'Now I understand why the other participants were terrified of him joining the selection. If he really wanted to, it would not be difficult for him to eliminate all the remaining participants.'

Izroth was no fool. It was clear that Kayn was intentionally suppressing his own power to match that of his. Not to mention, Kayn had yet to change his arms from a folded position. Izroth understood that the current gap between him and Kayn was not something that could be closed with only his experience alone. In terms of skills, although Izroth's current skill set would be the envy of any player within RML, it was surely incomparable to someone like Kayn who was a member of the true dragon race.

However, this did not mean that Izroth would simply give up. If he conceded every time he came face to face with an opponent whose power exceeded his own, then he would have never climbed to the top of the Seven Realms! He would have been trampled on and lost somewhere among the countless other cultivators who never truly amounted to anything. Also, this selection was a rare opportunity for Izroth.

How often was it that he came across an individual within RML that was capable of making him reveal his hand? Yet, in less than four hours, he had already met a handful of individuals who were able to put up a good fight. This would obviously help with the improvement of his sword forms and Heavenly Golden Body, increasing the rate of its progress by leaps and bounds!

'It hasn't been that long since I broke through with my Heavenly Golden Body, however, I feel as though I'm approaching the quarter mark of the next stage. If only it were possible to do this every day, then I would be able to master all ten sword forms with ease and the progress of my Heavenly Golden Body would not be so slow.'

Izroth secretly sighed with regret, but he was glad that he accepted Aru's invitation to the selection. If he declined, he really would have regretted it! Just from the improvement of his skills, the trip to this place was already well worth his time. Unknowingly, a carefree smile had appeared on Izroth's face.

"Oh? You seem to be enjoying yourself. Or, are you just trying to hide your nervousness behind that smile of yours?" Kayn said with a grin on his face.

"Nervous? No, it's quite the opposite. I was just thinking that it's a shame that we'll be unable to 'exchange pointers' every day." Izroth responded.

Kayn fell silent, however, his laughter soon filled the surrounding atmosphere.

"Ahahaha! Interesting, truly interesting! I, Kayn, have met many people in my life, but never one that has wished to 'exchange pointers' with me every day. You are an unusual human, Izroth." Kayn stated. Forget exchanging pointers with him, if one knew of his identity, especially humans, they would probably run away in a state of fear. After all, the true dragons were a race that was full of legendary realm existences. Even the most untalented and lazy true dragon could reach the legendary realm by the end of their lifespan just by sleeping the entire time.

How could such a terrifying race not instill fear into the hearts of those within the Mortal Realm? Yet, here was a human who did not have a look of fear in his eyes, but disappointment at the chance of not being able to have another match with him. Needless to say, Kayn's impression of Izroth immediately soared to new heights.

Kayn's laughter soon died down as he locked his gaze onto Izroth and said, "It appears I've been unintentionally disrespectful and have been looking down on you, Izroth. You must forgive this prince for showing such a discourteous side. From this moment on..."

Kayn unfolded and spread opened his arms. Immediately after doing so, the atmosphere seemed to become heavier and the aura around him became extremely dense. It was not that his power had actually increased, it was just that his attitude towards the situation had changed. In turn, this caused the atmosphere and aura around him to change accordingly to match that of his will.

'It looks like he's taking this a bit more seriously now. Should I be thankful or spiteful?'

Of course, Izroth was grateful and saw that it was only fitting that he return Kayn's sincerity with that of his own.

'With my current sense of perception, it's already difficult enough for me to control this skill by itself. Having Flickering Steps active at the same time... No, I don't have any choice. I'll just have to stick to its initial activation for the time being.'

Izroth's facial expression changed from one that was carefree to a rare serious one. The natural pressure he gave off was not at all inferior to that of Kayn's.

"Ready yourself." Kayn said as two golden flames appeared around his ankles. All of a sudden, without a sound or any kind of forewarning, Kayn's figure disappeared.

During that brief moment just before Kayn vanished, a concentrated and unimaginably dense element of lightning appeared around Izroth's body. The color of his eyes changed to match the color of wisteria. It was not just his pupils that became this way, but the entirety of his eyes!

'Call of the Thunder God, Second State: Heavenly Cloak.'

Meanwhile, back at the platform...

Zushuatri frowned as he observed the magic screen. At the moment, he was watching the battle between the third young master and Izroth.

He released a sigh as he said, "That prince still acts too much on a whim. He has already violated the very rule he suggested himself. Should I interfere and stop the match?"

Zushuatri was troubled by this situation. If he interfered in the match, then he risked getting on Kayn's bad side. While he was not afraid of Kayn's strength, it was always better to have a true dragon as a friend if possible. Not only that, but Kayn possessed an extraordinary talent that surpassed that of his father's when he was the same age. It was highly likely that Kayn would someday enter into the place where all legendary realm existences below the firmament dreamed of reaching.

"Let's just sit back and watch for now. If things get too dangerous, although it's against the rules to interfere, I'll still step in and lend a hand. Though I hope the third young master knows how to restrain himself properly. If he makes a mistake and unleashes a full-power attack while getting caught up in the excitement of a battle, then it would be a headache to fix the magic formations in that area." Zushuatri said to himself.

For now, he would quietly spectate and if things got out of hand, then...

"Who dares trespass on my Sky Palace?!" Zushuatri suddenly glared to his right as he waved his hand releasing a powerful burst of energy in that direction. His aura became fierce and domineering and the usually gentle smile that was on his face had turned into a menacing one.


The energy slapped into something solid, however, it was repelled, dispersed, then drawn into the location it was originally aimed at. It was as if the energy had been sucked into some kind of vacuum before vanishing into nothingness.

"You must be tired of living if you have the confidence to attack me, Zushuatri. Is this how you greet all of your guests?" A cold, domineering and yet sweet to the ear voice sounded out. This voice carried a myriad of powers that seemed to suppress everything in its surroundings.

The moment Zushuatri heard that voice, his facial expression darkened. What was this person doing here at his Sky Palace?!

"I welcome many as guests of my Sky Palace, however, you are not one of them, Savarosa." Zushuatri said without a single hint of respect or fear in his voice. If he were not at his Sky Palace, then he was not confident in handling the person who had appeared before him in a direct confrontation. But, since they were at the Sky Palace it was a different story.

He then continued, "I have already given you enough face today by not immediately killing you for stepping foot onto my Sky Palace. If you leave now, I am willing to overlook any further offense. However, if you force my hand... You will not have to ever worry about stepping anywhere ever again since you will no longer be a part of this world."

"Your words are too cruel, Zushuatri. Is a mother not allowed to see her only daughter? Will you deny a mother a chance to embrace her own flesh and blood?" Savarosa stated in a pitiful tone.

"Alright, you can drop the act! You may fool others, but not me. After what you did, you still dare have the face to utter such falsehoods? Your heart ceased existing long ago." Zushuatri said.

The pitiful expression on Savarosa's face turned to a frown before it was quickly replaced by a smile.

"You will not be able to protect it on your Sky Palace forever. You already have one foot in death's door. How long is it? One month? One year? I can wait patiently, however, the end result will be the same. In the end, you cannot save it from its fate. After all, it is my important property." Savarosa stated without a hint of emotion present in her voice.

She then continued, "You understand the importance of it too, right? Defying the natural law and order of the world, a child that has two Domains that are in the main upper eight. Even those Origin Domains could not compete with its might. If it stays under you, it will become weak. You cannot teach it the way that I can. There's nothing I despise more than the weak trash who does not belong in this world. I-"

"Maybe I have not made myself clear!" Zushuatri said as the entire Sky Palace trembled and his cold gaze locked onto Savarosa.

He then continued, "Leave this place at once, or else I won't mind trading this old life of mine to take you down with me. You've crossed lines that were not meant to be crossed! It is already a miracle that the heavens have not struck you down for your insolence!"

Savarosa went silent, however, a few seconds later the sound of a playful giggle could be heard. Of course, this came from Savarosa herself.

"Then, since you are still unreasonable, I shall take my leave for today. But, it is inevitable. You cannot deny me forever, old man." Savarosa said as her figure disappeared into a space of absolute emptiness and nothingness. The last thing that could be seen was a few strands of pink-colored hair as it too vanished into the void.

The Sky Palace ceased its trembles as Zushuatri calmed down and released a deep and troubled sigh.

"That woman... She refers to her own flesh and blood daughter as 'it' and 'property'. How is it that such a heartless person can exist in this world? No, I suppose it's because this world is the way it is that such a heartless person can exist to begin with." Zushuatri said to himself as he shook his head.

"But, as long as I draw breath, I will never allow that woman to have her way. I just hope that it's not too late for that child to overcome the demons that haunt her." Zushuatri turned his attention towards a certain section of the magic screen. There, standing by herself in the Scorching Lands was one of his students, Sage.

Woosh! Ding!

'As I thought, I'm unable to unleash the full potential of the initial state of the Heavenly Cloak with my current level of strength. However, his reactions to my attacks are becoming somewhat sluggish. Though I find it hard to believe that he's becoming slower, therefore... Is it just that my reactions and responses are becoming faster?'

Izroth's Sword of The Storm collided into one of the dragon claws made from the golden sun-colored flames wrapped around Kayn's hands. Although they looked soft and easily broken, it was the equivalent of striking an unbreakable shield.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, the entire Sky Palace shook violently and caused Izroth, as well as Kayn, to temporarily put their fight on hold. What was that terrifying pressure just now? It felt as if it came from the direction of the platform!

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