Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 353 The Vicious Xiao Liang, The Predicamen

For someone of his size with a muscular stature, Li's movements were fast. Although Li's agility could not compare to Reilei's due to the effect provided by the Creation of Physique skill attached to her Orb of Creations, he did not seem afraid of dealing with Reilei even after he personally witnessed her attack power and speed.

The way Li charged forward with his massive frame made it look as if a bulldozer was headed right towards Reilei.

"Realistic, careful!" Two Tons yelled out and warned Reilei. He could see that Li was not like the other players that came along with Broken Fists. Just from his movements alone, Two Tons could already tell that he would be a difficult opponent to handle. Not to mention, there was a clear size difference between Reilei and Li that could not be ignored.

"Do you have time to worry about others?!" One of the players fighting against Two Tons roared as he increased the intensity of his attacks causing the pressure on Two Tons to rise.

As for Hidden Pulse who had intercepted the player that was headed for Phoenix, he was currently struggling to maintain his advantage and the situation did not look too good. If it were not for Phoenix being there to support him, then he may have already been close to death! In the end, PVP was not his strong suit and he was not used to fighting against other players within RML.

Shuyi, on the other hand, held the upper hand in his fight. His attacks were swift and accurate. Just like Hidden Pulse, he had no real experience fighting players in RML, however, his natural combat sense was exceptional and he adapted quickly to the battle. With some training and more experience, it was possible that he could quickly reach the same level as those elite members within the top guilds!

Though the person who was struggling the most was none other than Two Tons. This was due to the fact that he was fighting against two players at the same time. He was confident in taking down either one of the two players if it was a one on one battle, but dealing with both of them at the same time was a headache. However, he played in a very defensive manner and focused on counter-attacking and defending.

Two Tons' goal was not to defeat the two players, but hold out until his party members finished their fight. Since he was a tank in a disadvantageous situation, this was the strategy he chose to follow. When one of his other parties finished their battle, they would be able to assist him. Until then, he just had to keep up his guard as he would not fall any time soon from the damage he was receiving.

Even though Li had charged forward without a second thought, that did not mean he was not cautious of Reilei. To be more precise, he was cautious of the summoner's orb in Reilei's hand. It was extremely faint, but he could see a thin aura around it which was the sign of a weapon that was above uncommon quality! In other words, he knew that she most likely had a rare quality weapon in her possession!

Li believed that whatever tricks she used definitely had something to do with the orb. Not to mention, all her attacks had been melee and at close range. This probably meant that she was unable to use the skill attached to it from a distance so she could not run out of his attack range. If that was the case, then all he had to do was avoid being struck by that orb! Or better yet...

Li's hand took the form of a claw as a concentrated and crimson-colored energy converged on his fingertips.

"Bloody Maul!" Li's claw descended upon Reilei. The size of his palm was enough to cover Reilei's entire face.


Before Li's attack could reach Reilei, he was struck directly in his face by an overwhelming force. However, instead of being sent back like the others, he remained in place as a smirk appeared on his face.


All of a sudden, Li's attack sped up to an unbelievable speed and crashed into Reilei's body, knocking her back in the process.

"Realistic!" Phoenix gasped in shock when she saw that Reilei was struck by Li. She was not the only one shocked by what had just happened. Two Tons, Shuyi, and Hidden Pulse were also initially confused. That was until they saw a fiery aura appear around Li's body.

"That skill..! I see, no wonder..." Two Tons said to himself.

Reilei felt as if the wind had just been knocked out of her after that attack. Her HP was reduced by 55% from a single hit. It was her first time since starting RML that she had received a clean and direct hit! After all, with her agility and enhanced senses, she usually found little difficulty when it came to avoiding most attacks. However, she had no idea what just happened. Luckily, even though she was knocked back, she managed to stay standing.

In the end, Reilei's experience was incredibly lacking when it came to actual fights. She usually just relied on the strong power of the orb in her hand to attack and her fast agility to strike, however, such a simple attack pattern would not work so easily on players with experience such as Li. Not to mention, her knowledge of other classes was nonexistent, therefore, she had no idea that skills like Burning Spirit even existed.

Reilei was stronger than most players around her level if it was a simple comparison of stats and up until now the players she fought against were not skilled by any means. At the end of the day, experience could not be rushed and in this regard, Li had a huge advantage.

"Ahahaha! Now, do you trash see the greatness of Brother Li?!" Broken Fists said in an excited tone. Now that Li had joined the fight, their victory was only a matter of time. How could he not be exhilarated?

"The moment you all angered me was the moment you were all already dead." Li stated in a cold tone. The skill he used was one that belonged to most fighter-type classes called Burning Spirit. Therefore, not only was he temporarily unkillable he also received a massive boost to his stats that allowed him to ignore Reilei's attack and focus on his own. While it seemed like an extreme move, Li refused to end up like the three players that died.

Besides, there was a saying that even a lion used its full strength to hunt a rabbit! Right now, Li was the lion and Reilei was the rabbit prey!

Mew! Nyu!

Ayanellia cried out in worry for Reilei as a gentle aura appeared around Reilei's body. The aura allowed Reilei to slowly regenerate her lost HP. It was similar to the Mana Attraction skill, except it restored health instead of mana.

Xiao Liang, however, had a vicious expression as he glared at Li. At the same time, the red-orangish scale on his back started to light up. The color of his scales began to change before they all eventually turned red-orangish in color. Xiao Liang jumped down from Reilei's shoulder as its small body started to expand. Out of nowhere, Reilei's mana went from 100% down to 0%!

Reilei had a mana pool that was a bit more than 2,300 points and yet it all disappeared in the blink of an eye. But, Reilei could care less about her mana. Right now, she was more concerned about Xiao Liang and what was happening to him.

"Xiao Liang? What's wrong?" Reilei asked in a panicked manner when she saw that something appeared to be wrong with Xiao Liang, however, she did not have much time to think as Li had already begun to launch his second assault.

"Worry about yourself first, little summoner! Raining Talons Blow!" Li said as both of his hands formed into the shape of sharp talons and shot out at incredible speeds towards Reilei. He was not concerned about the summoned creature, after all, if he killed the summoner then the summoned creature would naturally disappear.


A great roar shook the surroundings and jolted everyone. Xiao Liang's body had transformed as he became two meters in length from his head to tail. His scales were now red-orangish in color and his eyes had turned into two flaming suns. At the same time, a small wisp of sun fire appeared as Xiao Liang opened his mouth. Xiao Liang's transformation shocked everyone present. Though the person most taken aback was Reilei. Was this really Xiao Liang?

"Wh-" As Li was in the middle of his attack on Reilei, he suddenly felt the temperature around him spike. It felt as if he were placed directly into a volcano. Of course, he did not bother dodging the attack since his Burning Spirit was still active, however, he would soon regret this action.


A powerful force slammed into Li as he was devoured by the raging sun fire. At first, Li was calm and collected, but his facial expression quickly turned into one of dread when he received an alert from the system.

〈Battle Alert: You have been affected by the skill «Gluttonous Matter Breakdown»!〉

〈Battle Alert: The effects of the skill «Burning Spirit» has been canceled out!〉

The sun fire created a large explosion that caused a huge cloud of dust to form in the area. By the time the dust settled, Li was nowhere to be found. He had been obliterated by the sun fire!

Everyone was speechless and baffled. What was that attack just now?! Could it be the mystical S-ranked skill?! But, how could that person have one of those ultra-rare S-ranked skills?! What they did not know was that Reilei was just as baffled as them.

"S-screw this..! It isn't worth it!" One of the players from the Headhunter Syndicate said as he immediately made his escape. The others followed after him, however, the player fighting against Shuyi was unfortunate and had died the moment he turned his back to try and escape.

Broken Fists was frozen in place as his mind tried to process what had just happened. Blood Tiger Li was defeated so easily? But, he was a member of the Headhunter Syndicate! He was already at level 35 and he was defeated just like that? Run! He had to run away and escape from here!

"Just where do you think you're running off to?!" Two Tons roared as he used Unimpeded Rush to quickly make his way over towards Broken Fists.

"Wait! I'm willing to forfeit the treasure to you! I'm willing to-!" Broken Fists had a shield slammed into his body as he was instantly stunned. However, he did not get off so easily, Shuyi joined in and in just a handful of seconds of Broken Fists desperately fighting for his life, he was killed.

Phoenix let out a sigh of relief. She did not think that they would make it out of that situation alive. Though she had a helpless expression on her face as she looked over at Reilei. Does she even need her class advancement? That was the only thought that drifted through her mind at that moment.

"Xiao Liang! What's wrong? Are you hurt?" Reilei cried out as she rushed over to Xiao Liang. He had returned to normal with the only difference being that the singular red-orangish scale that was on his back had vanished leaving only the violet-colored scale. However, he was encompassed by a strange orb of light and seemed to be unconscious. The light was similar to the one Ayanelle used to protect Ayanellia while she was peacefully resting.

That was the moment when Reilei received an alert from the system.

〈System Alert: Your summon Xiao Liang is undergoing «Metamorphosis». Time Remaining: 36 hours...〉

But, what Reilei and her party did not know at the time was that this would be the start of a chain of events that would forever change the power structure of the top ten guilds within RML.


'Looks like I have nowhere else to go. Well, this much was to be expected.'

At the moment, Izroth was surrounded by 20 to 25 participants of the selection from all sides! There was nowhere for him to escape!

'Who would have thought this troublesome thing would be awaiting me at the second to last relocation?'

Somewhere between 2 to 3 hours ago...

Izroth had managed to successfully escape the pursuit of Sage. Since all his skills were still on cooldown, he could not afford to engage her in a fight. He was currently sitting in a meditative position as he checked the status of his body and waited for his skills to come off cooldown.

There was one thing that bothered Izroth. For some reason, the progression of his Heavenly Golden Body physique on his physical body had reached a bottleneck. It was at the very peak of the 2nd stage and Izroth could sense that it was ready to burst through to the next stage. However, there was this invisible force that prevented him from doing so.

'My Heavenly Golden Body physique in the real world remains unchanged. Is this the limit that my current physical body can reach in this world? Or is it something else?'

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