Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 337 Forcing Hands

"A hidden boss...!" Two Tons exclaimed the moment he saw the information provided by the system pop up about the Ouroboros. This was his first time coming across a rare boss let alone a hidden boss! One had to know that the chances of running into a hidden boss were extremely low. Even if one did the same exact dungeon and followed the same steps without fault hundreds or thousands of times, the chances of locating a hidden boss were astronomically low!

There were countless benefits that came along with discovering a hidden boss inside of a dungeon. The first and most obvious benefit was the loot. The loot dropped by hidden bosses in dungeons could not be compared to that of a normal dungeon boss' loot drop.

While one would be lucky to receive one or two decent items from a normal dungeon boss, one was guaranteed items of rare or higher quality when facing off against hidden bosses in dungeons. Why was this? Considering how low the chance was of running into one and the difficulty level of defeating it, the system would obviously not slack on the rewards that players received.

However, there was something else that made players drool at the opportunity of defeating a hidden boss and that was the materials it would drop. Not too long ago, there was a party who was lucky enough to defeat a hidden boss and received unique and rare materials from it. When this party sold off the materials at the auction house, they acquired over 1,000 gold coins and that was only a boss in the 20s level range. How much would they get for one like the Ouroboros who was in the mid-30s level range? Even rare weapons would not necessarily sell for such a high price.

To the average player, such a large amount was just a fleeting dream. But, here this chance was before a party that had only just formed and who lacked any true teamwork. This is what turned Two Tons' excitement into worry. He then asked himself an important question, was it possible to defeat this hidden boss before them?

"Level 35? It's five levels higher than the strongest member of our party. Not to mention..." Hidden Pulse said with a frown as he furrowed his brows.

While Two Tons was level 30, the rest of them were between levels 27-29. The level advantage that the Ouroboros held over them was as clear as day. There was also the fact that their experience fighting together as a party was not even in its infancy stage.

"What? Are you scared? This is a rare hidden boss! Do you know how difficult it is to find one? Even those top guilds would salivate at a chance to meet one!" Broken Fists stated.

"You think I don't know that?! I just think it might be better if we leave it alone for now and complete the rest of the dungeon first. Our teamwork is still-" Hidden Pulse tried to explain his point of view, but he was quickly interrupted by Broken Fists.

"You want to run away when there's a treasure trove right before us?! What if it disappears after we leave? Will you be able to accept the responsibility and compensate us if that happens?!" Broken Fists said.

As Hidden Pulse and Broken Fists continued to exchange words, Reilei looked over towards Phoenix and asked, "Is that creature special?"

Phoenix shook her head with a helpless smile on her face as she replied, "Special? That's a bit of an understatement. For players like us, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If we're successful, then we'll receive a small fortune. At minimum, we'll receive 650,000 RMB from the unique materials alone. However, that estimate is extremely reserved. In truth, we should easily be able to claim more than 1,000,000 RMB. Even divided six ways, that still leaves each of us with 166,000 RMB. Do you get why this boss is so special now?"

"So much!?" Reilei said without thinking as she had a look of shock on her face after Phoenix finished her explanation. 1,000,000 RMB?! Just from defeating the creature in front of them? When that thought crossed her mind, she thought about the things that Jin told her.

Reilei knew that it was possible to make money in RML, but she did not expect that it would be so easy. Of course, this was only due to the fact that Reilei had no idea just had truly difficult it was to find a hidden rare boss in dungeons, let alone defeat it.

"Alright, that's enough you two." Two Tons said as he stepped in and stopped the argument between Hidden Pulse and Broken Fists. After thinking for a while, he had already come to a decision.

"This hidden boss isn't going anywhere any time soon. I agree with Hidden Pulse, our teamwork is too unstable right now. If we want to defeat this boss, then we'll have to increase our understanding of one another. Otherwise, we'll just be freely giving our lives away and gaining nothing in return. We'll perform a full clear of the dungeon to build our teamwork foundations, then double time back to this place to face the Ouroboros." Two Tons said.

After weighing the pros and cons, Two Tons found that this was the best course of action to take. The Ouroboros would not leave once it appeared in the dungeon just because they left the room. Therefore, he wanted to take every step necessary to increase their overall chances of victory. That way, everyone could benefit.

Two Tons glanced over at Shuyi who he thought would be the most vocal and siding with Broken Fists in this matter, however, he was surprisingly quiet.

As for everyone else, they agreed with Two Tons' decision. Although he made it look simple on the outside, it was not always easy to make a swift and decisive choice as the leader of a party. However, that did not mean that everyone was happy with his choice. Broken Fists looked as if he could not accept Two Tons' decision. He was afraid that this chance would slip away right before his eyes.

"If you all won't go, then...!" Broken Fists suddenly charged into the room without warning! Was he crazy?! There was no way he could fight a rare boss alone! Not to mention, the boss was more than five levels higher than him. Did he have a death wish?

However, the moment Broken Fists' foot stepped into that room, both Two Tons' and Shuyi's faces turned pale. Their facial expressions were then replaced by ones of rage! Right now, they wanted to strangle Broken Fists to death.

"Why did he go in alone?" Reilei asked curiously.

"Who knows? Some fools just like to rush to their deaths. I think we should just leave him be. There's no reason for all of us to die along with him." Phoenix shrugged.

"We're going!" Two Tons roared as he grit his teeth in anger and charged forward. Without hesitation, Shuyi followed after Two Tons and entered into the room along with him.

This left both Phoenix and Hidden Pulse dumbfounded. It was not like Two Tons to charge into a reckless situation. He always thought and made decisions with a cool and collected head on his shoulders. However, this was the first time Phoenix and Hidden Pulse had seen him so agitated.

Shuyi momentarily halted his steps as he glanced back and said, "You can only fight a hidden boss once in a dungeon. Do you understand now?" Without wasting any additional words, Shuyi entered stealth as he crept into the room and joined the battle.

In normal circumstances, Shuyi would not waste his words explaining to others. However, the current situation was an exception. Even he understood the importance of a hidden boss and knew that it was impossible to defeat without everyone's participation. In the end, Broken Fists had forced their hands!

"Only once... Then that means- That idiot! Realistic, we're going! Be careful!" Phoenix eyes widened in disbelief as she immediately pieced things together and rushed forward with Hidden Pulse.

As for Reilei, although she was still a bit confused by the sudden turn of events, she chose to follow after Phoenix and the others as she stepped into the room. The moment she did so, the metal door closed behind her and sealed their only means of escape.

If she and the others had waited just a few seconds longer after Broken Fists entered, then they would not have been able to join the fight. This was another reason why Two Tons was in such a rush to engage the Ouroboros.

"I was naive." Two Tons said to himself as he successfully pulled the aggro of the Corrupted Ouroboros onto him and glared at Broken Fists. He wanted to shout and scold Broken Fists, but he knew that doing so right now would not help.

Therefore, he would wait until the fight was over before he said anything. Still, he did not think that Broken Fists would perform such a reckless and thoughtless act after clearing telling him that the boss was not going anywhere. Broken Fists was obviously overcome with greed when he saw the Ouroboros and created this headache of a situation.

It did not take long for Reilei, Phoenix, and Hidden Pulse to join the fight. Just like with the other dark areas, once they entered into the room a light green hue made it possible to see the surroundings.

The first thing they saw was a huge snake that was well over ten meters in length. It had dark green scales, glowing purple eyes, and there was a strange mark located near the center area of its body on its scales. At that place was a scar about one meter in length with a dark and corrupted aura leaking out from within.

While the others had already engaged in battle, Reilei stood there frozen when she saw that scar and felt the aura around it. There was no longer any doubt in her mind. The creature before her was definitely affected by the same thing as Ayanelle! Even though it was not as strong as the dark aura around Ayanelle, it was more than vile enough for Reilei to notice. After all, she would never forget the first time she felt that dreadful energy.

Reilei tightened her grip on the Orb of Creations in her hand. She shook her head to clear her thoughts. Originally, she was reluctant to attack the Ouroboros because she believed that if Ayanelle had remained in this world, then she would have ended up the same way as that Ouroboros. However, she understood that the Ouroboros before her was not the same gentle existence as Ayanelle. It was a mindless beast who attacked without mercy and there was no hint of anything but rage and destruction coming from it.

"Look out!" Two Tons shouted as the Ouroboros slipped past him and ignored his last taunt skill. Surprisingly, it was headed straight towards Reilei who was the last to step into the room! No, that's not right. It was not Reilei that the Ouroboros was going for, but instead, it was the small creature on her shoulder. The Ouroboros was going straight for Xiao Liang!


Xiao Liang jumped off Reilei's shoulder and into the air. He was right on a collision course with the Ouroboros.

"Xiao Liang!" Reilei's voice was filled with panic and her face turned pale when Xiao Liang jumped forward towards the Ouroboros. Xiao Liang was only around 30cm in size while the Ouroboros was more than ten meters! At this rate, Xiao Liang would be crushed into nothingness!

"Realistic!" Phoenix called out when she saw that Reilei had not moved out of the way. What was she thinking?! The Ouroboros was nothing like the Serpent Guard she faced before. As a rare boss monster, it could not be handled with brute strength alone!

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