Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 333 Did I Do Something Wrong?

Even Phoenix was a bit thrown off by Reilei's answer to Two Tons' question. What did she mean that she could not hit them from that far away? Even the most basic magic skills had a range of at least 15 meters or 20 meters. It did not make sense, unless...

Phoenix widened her eyes in shock as she looked at Reilei with an expression of disbelief written all over her face.

"Realistic, how have you been fighting monsters this entire time?" Phoenix asked. She saw in the party interface that Reilei was at level 27. She knew that even if Reilei had done nothing but the relatively safer than usual collection quests, it was inevitable that she would eventually run into some monsters along the way. Therefore, how had she been dealing with them this entire time?

"How have I been fighting? With this." Reilei said as she held a beautiful summoner's orb in her hands.

"Are you toying with us?! I know that summoners use an orb, but never have I met a summoner that doesn't send forth its summons to fight! Even if they are weak, they should still be able to contribute some damage or act as decoys! Why are your summons even out if you're not going to use them?!" Shuyi lashed out. He felt as if Reilei was intentionally testing his patience. There was no way anyone could be this much of a newbie when it came to games and basic common sense!


Xiao Liang glared at Shuyi and it looked as if he were ready to jump out and attack him, however, Reilei gently patted the top of his head and calmed him down. She furrowed her brows as she did not know how to properly put what she was trying to explain into words. However, there was another way to convey her message. After all, actions often spoke louder than words.

Reilei shook her head and responded, "Um, it may be easier if I just show you." She then faced the Serpent Guard who stood in an intimidating manner and started to walk towards the elite monster.

Needless to say, everyone present was surprised by Reilei's chosen course of action. Given how reserved she seemed, they surely thought that she would back down and stay silent. However, it seemed that she actually planned on fighting the Serpent Guard alone. Fighting elite dungeon monsters alone was something only those pro or veteran players could handle! Did she think that the monsters inside the dungeon were the same as those outside?

"Wait, Realistic! What are you d-" Phoenix tried to rush to stop Reilei, however, her path was blocked by Broken Fists.

Phoenix's facial expression darkened as she said, "Broken Fists, what do you think you're doing?! Get out of my way! Are you trying to let her die?!"

"Relax, she won't die in one hit. If it looks like she's in trouble, then we'll jump in and save her. Isn't it good to know the fighting capabilities of your fellow party members? Well, this is our chance." Broken Fists stated.

"Two Tons!" Phoenix said as she looked over in Two Tons' direction.

Two Tons, however, shook his head and replied, "He's right Phoenix. She won't die in one hit. If things get too out of hand, I'll charge in and save her. Broken Fists, don't block her path. Phoenix, stay within healing range but don't interfere unless it's an emergency. As Broken Fists said, it's best to know her fighting capabilities. Now is the best time since we're still in the beginning area of the dungeon."

"Hmph." Broken Fists smirked as he stepped aside and allowed Phoenix to pass.

Phoenix looked as if she wanted to protest, but it was already three against one. However, at the very least, she moved into range and was prepared to heal Reilei the moment things looked as if they were going south.

"I'm surprised you agreed to it. Even though the Serpent Guard won't be able to finish her in one-shot, it'll still be a terrifying experience for any newbie." Shuyi stated as he glanced in Two Tons' direction.

"Who knows? Maybe she'll give us a small surprise. Also, you should remember that everyone was once considered a newbie at some point." Two Tons said in a calm tone as he turned his attention towards Shuyi.

"Hahaha, I think you might change your mind soon, look." Shuyi said in an amused manner as he pointed towards the direction of Reilei and the Serpent Guard.

"Hm?" When Two Tons looked to where Shuyi pointed, he nearly coughed up blood from the sudden shock. What was that summoner doing?!

Two Tons was not the only one to feel this way. Phoenix, Broken Fists and Hidden Pulse were all left dumbfounded by Reilei's actions.

"This- She really is a total newbie." Broken Fists muttered to himself. He knew that she could not possibly be that skillful, however, this was beyond even his expectations.

As for Phoenix, there was a clear look of concern on her face for Reilei.

At the moment, Reilei was headed on a straight collision course towards the Serpent Guard! She was charging in without any hesitation whatsoever, swiftly closing the distance as if she were a tank or melee fighter. The most astonishing thing was that Reilei's agility was frightening for a magic caster!

"Did she pour all of her points into agility?" Two Tons questioned with a frown on his face. Judging from how fast her movement was, she was even faster than Shuyi and Hidden Pulse who were rogue-type classes that focused on agility! However, if she really did pour all of her points into agility then it was sure to backfire on her the further she progressed in RML.

"Who knows? Maybe she'll give us a small surprise." Shuyi said as he threw Two Tons' words right back at him in an almost mocking way.


The instant Reilei entered into the aggro range of the Serpent Guard, the elite monster thrust forward with its spear. At the same time, the end of its tail slithered on the ground as it suddenly launched towards Reilei! Its speed was much faster than that of the Servant Serpent and its reaction time was quick.

Woosh! Woosh!

"Ah, it's still slow..." Reilei unknowingly said quietly to herself. In her eyes, both the spear and the Serpent Guard's tail was moving at an incredibly slow pace. Reilei discovered that whenever she was attacked, it appeared as if small details became much clearer to her and time itself was slowed down.

Of course, it was not that time was actually slowing down, but that Reilei's sense of perception was at an insane level for her current level range. At first, she had a bit of difficulty responding to the attacks from monsters even though she could see them. After all, even if she could see it with her eyes, avoiding it was a different matter.

Since her sense of perception and agility were so terribly unbalanced, it took Reilei a while to get the hang of evading attacks. The fact that her agility increased as well had much to do with it. This was mostly thanks to one of the unique effects attached to the Orb of Creations she received from Ayanelle.

Mew! Mew!

Xiao Liang and Ayanellia stayed back at a safe distance as they watched and cheered Reilei on.

"What's with this bizarre situation? Since when do summoners fight and summons sit at the backline?" Phoenix said as she still had a hard time believing what she was seeing. However, she nor any of the other party members could have been prepared for what happened next.


Reilei slammed the Orb of Creations in her hand into the body of the Serpent Guard.

"So that's what she meant by using her orb! Hahaha! Isn't she creating an entirely new level of newbie all by herself?" Shuyi could not help but immediately burst into a fit of mocking laughter when he saw Reilei's attack.

"Two Tons!" Phoenix called out as she looked for him to take action. She knew that there as no way Reilei would do any damage by striking out with a summoner's orb. At most, she would tickle the Serpent Guard! Why was she attacking like some sort of warrior class? She was a magic caster for crying out loud!

Two Tons released a deep sigh as he shook his head and said, "I guess there's no choice. I'm going! Everyone, prepare to follow m-" But, just as Two Tons was about to step in to help Reilei, he abruptly halted his footsteps.

When Phoenix saw this she was confused as to why Two Tons suddenly stopped. Did he really plan on watching Reilei die?

Bang! Rmmmmble! Bang!

Phoenix felt the entire cave shake slightly along with the sound of a hard object smashing into something. It felt as if small tremors were being spread throughout the walls. When she set her gaze towards the source of the tremors and banging sounds, she nearly fainted from shock.

Shuyi's laughter fell silent as he looked on in complete disbelief. This... What kind of fighting style was this?

The Serpent Guard had been sent flying back and crashed into the cave wall. Reilei did not give it a chance to recover as she charged forward and smashed her Orb of Creations into the body of the Serpent Guard. She repeated this process over and over again as the Serpent Guard remained totally helpless before her brutal assault. She was literally beating it to death with her summoner's orb!

Though the most surprising part was that the poor Serpent Guard had no way of retaliating. It was a one-sided fight against an elite dungeon monster!

"How is this possible..? There's no way that she gained enough skill points to increase her attack and agility to that extent..!" Broken Fists said.

That same thought crossed everyone's mind. They could clearly see that the damage the Serpent Guard was receiving was not light by any means. The HP of that elite dungeon monster was falling rapidly! This left everyone present speechless and dumbfounded.

Phoenix could not believe that such an elegant and beautiful young woman could fight in such a brutal and merciless way!

In just a handful of seconds, the Serpent Guard was pounded into nothingness as its particles scattered into the surroundings.

Reilei released a deep breath after she finished taking care of the Serpent Guard.

"This thing is really handy..." Reilei said softly to herself as she looked down at the Orb of Creations in her hand.

Weapon Name: Orb of Creations

Weapon Rank: Growth Type

Weapon Level: 27

Requirements: Blessing of the Doe of Creations(Passive), Friend of Nature(Title)

Magic: 314

MP: 1,256

Weapon Skill: …

Creation of Physique(Passive) - The user gains agility equal to 250% of their total magic power and attack equal to 400% of their total magic power.

Creation of Power(Passive) - All physical damage done by the user is converted to magic damage. These attacks can critical hit. The user's physical attacks have a chance to cause «Staggered» on the struck target(s). The chance of causing «Staggered» are increased based on how much damage is dealt.


While Reilei was speaking softly to herself, she failed to notice that everyone's attention was currently on her. The same question was going through all of their minds at that moment.

Was this person before them truly a summoner?

Reilei walked back over towards the party and soon realized that the entire atmosphere had changed. She also noticed the strange looks that she was receiving. Did she do something wrong? This was her first time playing with other players, clearing a dungeon, and joining a party, therefore, she did not know if she was doing things correctly or not and so she asked...

"Did I do something wrong?" Reilei asked in a slightly nervous tone unsure of if she made any mistakes.

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