Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 330 Call of the Thunder God, First State: Heavenly Descen

'There's not much time remaining until the random teleportation takes effect. I'll have to end this fight before that happens.'

As the sky darkened, purple bolts of lightning could be seen jumping and dancing around inside of the gray clouds.

"A storm? What's going on?" One of the participants questioned when they saw the gathering of the storm clouds in the sky above.

"Is he trying to run away while using the storm as cover?!"

"It seems he still had a few tricks up his sleeves. Still, to think that he's actually able to fly. Just who is this guy?"

Everyone began to truly question Izroth's identity. Instantaneous Movement, the ability to fly, and a high-ranked movement skill. How was it possible that someone like that managed to stay under the radar for so long?

"Look, something's happening!" One of the individuals yelled out as he observed the purple lightning that formed within the clouds.

All of a sudden, two bolts of purple lightning struck down towards Izroth and crashed into his body without mercy!

Everyone was shocked! Did he really just die like that? He did not only get hit by one bolt but two bolts of lightning. Even some powerful beings would be unable to withstand such a vicious assault by nature. What followed a few moments after was a roaring clap of thunder.

All of a sudden, two bolts of purple lightning descended from the sky towards the ground where everyone was gathered.

"It's coming towards us!"


Who would not be terrified of lightning that was birthed by nature itself? It was nothing like the Tri-Lightning Assault that was used earlier!

As for Lances, he retreated to a safe distance after he felt the raw power that was being emitted from the purple lightning. He narrowed his eyes as he noticed something that the others had failed to.

"Just who is he..?" Lances muttered to himself. He found that the lightning did not strike Izroth as the other thoughts it did, but instead, it intentionally converged to his position in the sky without harming him! This meant that the one controlling the lightning was not nature itself, but Izroth! However, how difficult was it to control and influence the lightning that resided in nature? It was like trying to tame a wild beast!

The two bolts of purple lightning went straight for one of the fleeing participants. Although they tried to escape its range, they lacked the proper speed to outrun it.

A look of horror appeared on the participants' face as they felt the purple lightning approach them.

Crrrrrrckle! Boom!

Two streaks of light flashed by and at the next moment, a bolt of purple lightning shot out from his body and jumped to one of the nearby participants. However, it did not stop there.

Bzzzzzt! Bzzzzzt!

The lightning continued to leap from participant to participant and sparred no one in the process! There were even two individuals who were rendered immobile after they were struck by the purple lightning. The lightning itself seemed to be alive and possess a mind of its own as it linked its attacks together like a chain.

'The mana cost is a bit troublesome, however, considering the number of skills I have that require mana, this much should be fine. I won't let this chance slip away.'

Skill Name: Call of the Thunder God

Skill Level: 2/5

Skill Rank: S

Requirements: None

«First State: Heavenly Descent»:

Mana Cost: 550

Active: The user summons two bolts of special purple lightning that descents down and is capable of taking on the weapon shape(s) of the user's choosing. This counts as the weapon(s) chosen by the user and can be used for skills that require the form of the weapon(s) it took. While this skill is active, all weapon-based attacks is converted to lightning damage. All lightning damage dealt by the user is increased by 40%. All weapon-based attacks will have the effect «Lightning Chain» added to them. All weapon-based attacks have a 15% chance to paralyze the struck target(s) for 1 second. This skill lasts for 20 seconds.

«Lightning Chain»- When an enemy is struck by the user's lightning-type attack(s), that same attack jumps to a nearby enemy within 15 meters in the form of a purple lightning bolt and strikes them as well. Each attack deals 10% less damage of the total damage every time it jumps to a new nearby enemy (MIN: 30% Damage). There is no limit to the number of times this skill can jump to another enemy.

Cooldown: 10 minutes

«Second State: Heavenly Cloak»:

Special Note: This skill cannot be leveled up using skill points and the user must experience many battles to further advance. Activating another state while one is already active multiplies the mana cost by 1+(The Number of states currently active). The rank of this skill is upgraded as the user unlocks more states. This skill once belonged to a certain individual who fought single-handedly against a powerful empire and prevailed!

The two purple bolts of lightning that descended from the sky earlier was, in actuality, Izroth himself descending from the sky. In his hands were two swords that were made out of pure purple lightning. Every time Izroth waved one of the swords in his hands, a flash of purple light would appear and his intended target would be mercilessly electrocuted.

Once his attack connected, a stream of lightning would always jump from the target towards the nearest individual and strike them as well.

Everyone was in a temporary state of panic as they did not want to be struck by the purple lightning, however, after realizing that it was not nature's lightning and just one of Izroth's skills they became overcome with embarrassment. Time and time again this person went out of his way to make complete and utter fools of them! No matter what, he had to die today! Otherwise, how could they ever talk about having face again?

However, they were unable to close in on his location to strike. Every time they did so, a bolt of lightning would rush towards them and they were forced to defend. At the moment, the tables had been turned. It was no longer Izroth with a few opportunities to attack and being forced to defend, instead, it was him doing the attacking and the others being pushed to take a defensive stance.

"Kill him! If we don't kill him here we'll be the laughing stock of the selection!" One of the participants yelled in a fit of rage.

This had been the most humiliating experience of their lives! After all, if word of this got out then their lives would be over and even if they did somehow pass the selection it would haunt them forever.

Woosh! BOOM!

«Critical Hit»


"Ahhhh!" One of the participants was struck by both of Izroth's purple lightning swords. Although he had been able to follow Izroth's previous attacks to some degree, the attack that was just used against him had happened too fast. Before he knew it, his life was over.

〈System Alert: Your total points have been increased by 252. [Total Points: 597].〉

〈System Alert: Your selection rank has changed from 802 to 778.〉

Izroth's assault did not halt there. As the lightning jumped to the next target and the next!




Izroth claimed the life of the participant who had been injured during the dispute he intentionally caused earlier. The user of the Half Mark Sword Wave had also perished under the fierce lightning.

〈System Alert: Your total points have been increased by 200. [Total Points: 797].〉

〈System Alert: Your selection rank has changed from 778 to 765.〉

〈System Alert: Forced Random Relocation sequence will commence in 30 seconds.〉

'30 seconds, is it?'

Izroth set his gaze towards Lances who was in the distance. However, in the end, he decided to only focus on the individuals in front of him.

'It's a shame we didn't cross paths a bit later in the selection.'

To Izroth, it was not worth engaging a fight with Lances as he would not have enough time. But, if he did use some of his high-ranked skills to claim Lances' life, it would not be a profitable trade-off. Since the selection had just started, Lances most likely did not have that many points. Even if it was more than the others, it was not worth the risk of wasting high-ranked skills just before the relocation occurred.

Although it was somewhat regrettable, Izroth understood that this would not be his only chance to claim points. He understood that the real fight would not begin until the final two relocations took place. That was when the vast majority of the weaker participants would be removed from the selection via natural process.

Everyone was not too affected by the first death, however, after the second death, they started to be overcome with a sense of dread. Even though they had decided to fight Izroth to the death if it was necessary, when a chance to live presented itself before them, it was impossible to ignore. 30 seconds! If they could just survive 30 seconds then even if they hung their heads in shame, at the very least, they would still be alive and no one could say that they ran away!

However, never had 30 seconds so strongly resembled an eternity. The third person fell soon after and was followed by the fourth. Soon enough, there was only one person remaining excluding Lances.

"Wait, we can make a deal! I'll do whatever you s-" But before they could even finish pleading with Izroth, a bolt of purple lightning engulfed their body and sent them towards their death. In just a handful of seconds, Izroth had eliminated all those who stood before him!

"It seems I'm not the only one who hid their strength." Lances said to himself as he closely observed the fight. However, he did not have a look of worry on his face even after seeing Izroth's strength firsthand.

After Izroth eliminated the last participant, Lances walked towards his direction. Of course, this immediately caught Izroth's attention as he turned to face Lances with a carefree expression on his face.

"Don't worry, I have no intentions of fighting with you with the relocation right around the corner. I thought I should make a proper introduction. I'm Lances, though some people like to call me the Hand of Flames. You are?" Lances said.

"Izroth." Izroth replied in a nonchalant manner with the two purple swords of lightning still in his hands.

"Izroth? I see. I will remember it. Then, since we're such good friends now, let me give some friendly advice." Lances stated as his facial expression turned serious.

Lances held up five fingers as he said, "There are five people in this selection you shouldn't fight no matter what. If you see a strange marking on their forehead, your only thought should be to escape with your life. These are the five who are closest to the same level as Master Zushatri's students. Those five... They're the true definition of monsters. Remember this, Izroth."

"What do you hope to gain by telling me this?" Izroth asked. From his expression and demeanor, Izroth could tell that even after witnessing his Call of the Thunder God, Lances was not afraid of a fight. But, even so, that was no reason for him to go out of his way to warn him about anything.

"I just felt like it, that's all. Do I need another reason?" Lances said with a grin on his face.

"No, I suppose not." Izroth replied. Although he did not know if Lances had any ulterior motives, he knew that there were some people out there like him who simply did things as they pleased.

"Die! Nightmare Arts: Dreadful Sacrifice!" A voice rang out near Izroth as a powerful and dreadful energy formed in the atmosphere.

A person appeared from out of nowhere and it was none other than Vansouden who entered into stealth earlier! Surprisingly, he had not run away and chose to attack Izroth just seconds before the forced relocation occurred!


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