Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 313 Izroth vs Valentine Part 1

A match? Everyone looked at Valentine as if he were someone crazy. They had witnessed firsthand just how terrifying Izroth's combat capabilities were. He could even fly for crying out loud! Yet, this person wanted to have a match with him? Just Izroth's speed alone would be a headache to deal with, not to even mention his high damage output.

However, they believed that Valentine knew all of this considering that he had already traveled with Izroth. If that was the case, then maybe he was a monster on the same level as Izroth! But, in the end, everyone found this too difficult to accept.

After all, Izroth was a combat master, a unique type of class that Izroth had steered to the point of its extremity. It was this class that allowed him to reach such a high level of combat prowess. From the look of Valentine's equipment, he did not seem to be a combat master like Izroth.

"You sound quite confident." Izroth responded in a carefree manner.

"I understand that you're strong, Izroth. I'm not idiotic enough to think that you haven't made any progress since the last time we've met. However, even so, I haven't been wasting away and doing nothing this entire time. If you think I'm the same as when we last journeyed together in the Chaotic Dogma Realm and find yourself underestimating me, then... You'll lose." Valentine said as a smile formed on his lips. However, there was a rare serious atmosphere that surrounded him as he spoke.

"Oh? Interesting. Your words make it sound as if your time in the magic capital city hasn't been squandered. Very well, I accept your challenge." Izroth replied in a calm tone.

Izroth did not know why Valentine wanted to have a match with him, however, he was interested to see the benefits Valentine had gained by becoming Kryxelsia's disciple. Also, Izroth had to admit that when it came to fighting against skilled magic casters within RML, he lacked the proper experience. Therefore, this arrangement would also be beneficial to him.

"They're really fighting?" Mirage commented as one could hear the surprise in her voice.

"Things just got pretty interesting. I'm curious how that magic caster plans to deal with Izroth's biggest threat, his speed. If he can't get past that, then he'll lose the moment the match starts." Midnight stated.

The comment that Midnight made was the same thing on everyone's mind. How did Valentine plan to stop Izroth's ridiculous speed and mobility? This was something they were looking forward to seeing! But, the question remained, was such a thing even possible?

Qi Jiguang released a deep sigh. He had forgotten to request a match with Izroth due to all the events that transpired in the past few hours and it ended up slipping away from his mind. Although he understood his own chances, nevertheless, he was not the type to give up before the fight had even started. After Izroth's fight with Valentine, perhaps he would also request a match of his own.

"I knew you'd accept. After all, you aren't the type of man to run away from a challenge." Valentine said.

He then continued, "Obviously we can't fight in this place. Fortunately, there's a training ground located in the back. We'll have our match there."

"That's fine." Izroth responded.

Izroth, Mirage, Midnight, Ying Yue, Qi Jiguang, and Omega followed Valentine towards the back area of the building. A few moments later, the group arrived at a spacious training ground that spanned at least 100 meters in all directions. But, the strange thing was that from the outside, the building did not seem to have this kind of space located in the back. Therefore, everyone was stunned when they entered the training ground.

"There's a magic formation here created by my master that stretches space. One would never know that this place exists just by simply looking in from the outside. To them, it would seem like any normal area behind a building." Valentine explained when he saw the questioning looks on everyone's face.

Located at the center of the training grounds was an arena that was 40 meters in diameter. It looked to be made from some type of sturdy stone. Along with it was a thin veil that encompassed the entire arena. It was a barrier designed to protect those viewing the fight from the outside.

Izroth and Valentine stepped onto the arena platform as they stood on the complete opposite end of one another. Of course, Izroth would not be so shameless as to start within striking range of a magic caster like Valentine. Also, he was quite confident in his ability to close long distances.

"Any restrictions?" Izroth's voice carried across the arena and it sounded as if he were right next to Valentine. This was also one of the features built-in to the platform. Though, it was disabled once the actual fight began.

"Just the standard rules. Non-Lethal mode and no potions or inventory items. Besides that, you can use whatever means at your disposal." Valentine responded.

After coming to an agreement on the rules, Valentine sent a duel request to Izroth who accepted without hesitation.

Those viewing from the sidelines were excited and nervous at the same time. Even though they were not the ones fighting, it was not every day that two skilled players had a duel for all to see. After all, the top guilds, specifically their core and elite players, were very secretive about their PVP playstyles and usually only dueled in private areas.

If someone as powerful as Kryxelsia was willing to accept Valentine as her disciple, it meant that he was definitely no pushover!

〈System Alert: A duel has been initiated between Player Izroth and Player Valentine. Beginning countdown sequence. 10 seconds...〉


"Don't hold back." Valentine said as he held his magic staff out in front of him.


"I never planned to." Izroth responded in a carefree manner as he unsheathed his Sword of The Storm causing a brief strong gust of wind to form around him before dispersing.


〈System Alert: Duel has commenced!〉


Izroth's figure immediately blinked out of existence as soon as the battle started!

"Flickering Steps? No..." Valentine muttered to himself. He knew that when Izroth used Flickering Steps there was always a flickering afterimage left behind in his place for a short period of time. Therefore, it must have been a new skill that he had never seen before!

Indeed, Valentine was correct. Izroth had used Enhance Instantaneous Movement to swiftly close the distance between himself and Valentine! Izroth understood that a magic caster's biggest weakness was close-quarters combat. As long as he did not give Valentine the breathing room and distance required to cast his spells, then there was nothing else Valentine could do besides admit defeat.

Of course, Valentine understood very well what would happen if Izroth got into close range. With Izroth's monstrous attack power, he would likely be ended in a one or two blows with his low HP depending on what kind of attack was used. At least, that would have been the case if they had this match before he arrived in the magical capital city of Proximus.

Unknown to Izroth, that was precisely what Valentine was hoping he would do.

Izroth used the first charge of Enhanced Instantaneous Movement at its maximum range of 15 meters.

"Is he teleporting? Is that even fair?" Valentine whispered to himself. He had to admit, just the thought of fighting someone like Izroth who defied common sense was a terrifying thought. However, what he did not expect was how suffocating it was being Izroth's opponent even though the fight had just barely begun.

There was this insurmountable pressure that Izroth naturally gave off that Valentine had never known about since they were always in the same party together. A part of him was glad that this was a duel and not an actual fight, otherwise, the pressure may have been even more unbearable! But, Valentine was not afraid, instead, he was excited. This was the fight he wanted!

Without hesitation, Izroth used the second charge to his Enhanced Instantaneous Movement, however, as soon as his foot touched the ground alarm bells started to sound in his head. It was his Soul Sense warning him of the potential danger!

Right as Izroth's foot made contact with the ground, a blue light appeared in the shape of a pentagon beneath his foot. At the same time, three chains made from pure mana shot out towards Izroth as if they wanted to devour him.


However, just as the chains were about to make contact with Izroth, he used a third charge of his Enhanced Instantaneous Movement to safely avoid them.

"How many times can he used that skill?" Valentine said to himself as he kept track. Just from simple observation, he had already discovered that Izroth could only travel a max distance of 15 meters using that movement skill. He also knew that there definitely had to be some kind of limit to it!

As for the blue pentagons on the ground, they came from a skill of Valentine's called Enhanced Zarkox Second Sequence: Mine Fetter. It turned out that Izroth was not the only one of the two who had created an enhanced version of an already existing skill!

Skill Name: Enhanced Zarkox Second Sequence: Mine Fetter

Skill Creator: Valentine

Skill Level: 3/4

Skill Rank: A

Requirements: Level 30 Sequence Mage, Sequence Mastery I(Passive), Magic Fundamental Mastery(Passive)

Mana Cost: 700

Cast Time: 0.25 seconds

Active: The user forms sixteen hidden magic sequences within a compressed pentagonal shaped field of mana scattered under the ground within 20 meters of their current position. If an enemy approaches within 3 meters of a hidden magic sequence or the magic sequence is disturbed, it becomes active and shoots out three chains made from mana to ensnare the enemy. If a chain successfully hits an enemy, the enemy becomes immobilized and unable to attack for 0.5 seconds. The chains also drain 6.25% of the enemy's Mana/Energy and restores the user's Mana by 6.25%

Cooldown: 4 minutes 45 seconds

There were magic sequences hidden throughout the ground in the surrounding twenty meters that acted as traps. As long as Izroth stepped within the vicinity of one, it would immediately target him. In other words, it was practically a magical minefield!

Izroth arrived right next to Valentine in the blink of an eye as he slashed outward with Sword of The Storm, aiming directly for Valentine's neck.

There was an overbearing aura that followed behind this sword attack. It was, of course, Izroth's First Baneful Sword: Destruction! He respected Valentine's wishes as he did not pull any of his punches and went straight for the kill. But, once again, Izroth's Soul Sense went off.

A second blue pentagon suddenly formed beneath Izroth's feet! But, at the rate the chains traveled, Izroth knew that his attack would connect before the chains reached him. Though there was something else that bothered him and that was the calm look on Valentine's face. He would not let his guard down.

Without any warning, a thin string of mana lashed out towards Izroth at an even faster speed than the chains. It was Valentine's Encompassing Mana String.


Izroth canceled his First Baneful Sword: Destruction in the middle of its use and consumed his fourth and final charge of Enhanced Instantaneous Movement. He had not forgotten about Valentine's Encompassing Mana String.

In truth, the moment he felt something was off, Izroth had rearranged his original attack strategy within a mere fraction of a second. Izroth decided to use his First Baneful Sword: Destruction as a feint instead of an actual attack. Although the skill went on cooldown, it accomplished its main goal and forced Valentine to reveal his hand.

Izroth knew that Valentine would not expect him to use such a powerful attack skill as a simple faint. Izroth appeared behind Valentine as his leg shot out like a serpent striking at its prey. Izroth used the last 35 points of his Energy to activate Serpent's Bite. If his attack landed and he paralyzed Valentine for 2 seconds, the fight would come to a swift conclusion.

As Izroth's leg flew on a collision course with its target, a small grin appeared on Valentine's face.


All of a sudden, a beam of light descended down from above and completely encompassed Izroth.

"What's that?" Mirage said to herself as her eyes widened in amazement at the sight in the sky.

"Incredible." Midnight commented as he witnessed the spectacle that had just unfolded before him.

There were seven large magical pentagons that had appeared out of thin air and immediately after doing so, a mighty beam of light was discharged towards Izroth!

Qi Jiguang narrowed his eyes as he closely observed the fight. While he was no expert when it came to magic, at the very least since his class used some magic-based skills, he understood a few basics such as what the size and number of magic sequences represented.

What was already astonishing was that Valentine could create seven huge magic sequences. But, that was not the part that truly shocked him. It was the fact that the cast time Valentine used for creating those magic sequences as zero! In other words, those huge magic sequences were cast instantly!

That beam of light almost appeared to act as a signal. It seemed as if the true battle was about to begin.

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