Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 292 All It Took Was One Strike!

'Headhunter Syndicate?'

Izroth had a brief run-in with a few members of the Headhunter Syndicate back when he first met Zi Yi and Guan Yu. But, besides that, he had not come across any other members of the Headhunter Syndicate.

However, considering the quality of the members he saw so far, he was not impressed. Although he was not well informed when it came to the various guilds and their complex relationships with one another, Izroth knew that the Headhunter Syndicate had recently claimed a spot as one of the top ten guilds within RML.

With power or influence often comes arrogance and Switch To Kill was a prime example. From the equipment he wore, it only took a glance to see that he was no one important within the Headhunter Syndicate. At most, he was a new member who used the guild's name to strut around and flaunt his mediocre authority.

Izroth inwardly shook his head as he observed Switch To Kill's level of eagerness. That cloaked figure was not just some ordinary individual. The fact that he was able to completely hide from Izroth's monstrous range of perception just moments before he launched an attack was already an amazing feat.

While Izroth could not see any information about the cloaked figure with that strange greatsword from his current position, he knew without a doubt that Switch To Kill and his party was no match. Not to mention, there was something that seemed off about that cloaked figure.


Switch To Kill held out his hands as a greatsword appeared within them. Its appearance was nothing impressive and without any kind of aura around it, one could tell that it was most likely an uncommon ranked weapon. The other members of his party followed his lead and took up an offensive position against the cloaked figure.

"You will kill me?" The cloaked figure asked.

"Sure, I'll help you out. Just stay right there and..." Switch To Kill charged forward as he tightened his grip on his greatsword.

"Die!" Switch To Kill roared as he lifted his greatsword over his head and slammed it down right towards the cloaked figure without mercy. At the same time, the magic caster in his party cast a spell called Earth Bindings.


A bundle of vines rushed up from the ground and shot towards the cloaked figure. The timing of the two attacks was perfectly in-synch and the cloaked figure had nowhere to hide or retreat!


The cloaked figure's greatsword released a small vibration as a purple mark crescent appeared on the top area of the greatsword's blade.


Just as the vines of the magic caster's Earth Bindings skill was about to reach the cloaked figure, they abruptly halted before changing course. The vines then shot right towards Switch To Kill!

Switch To Kill had a startled look on his face as the vines wrapped around his body and completely immobilized him. It stopped his greatsword that was mere centimeters away from striking the cloaked figure.

"You idiot! Where are you aiming your spell?!" Switch To Kill lashed out at the magic caster.

The magic caster's face turned pale when his spell hit Switch To Kill, however, he was confused. He was sure that he aimed his spell towards the cloaked figure!

'That greatsword...'

"Mirage! Izroth! Are you two alright?!" Midnight called out as he approached the broken carriage. When he saw that everyone was unharmed, he released a small sigh of relief.

Even though he knew that those two were more than capable of handling themselves, he felt the tremors caused by that explosion all the way at the rear of the caravan! Whatever attack was used to cause such a huge commotion had to be extremely powerful!

Ying Yue emerged from the ground next to Midnight. Although she arrived before him, after seeing that Izroth and Mirage were okay, she stayed hidden until his arrival. She felt a bit embarrassed at having reached the carriage so quickly after the attack even though Izroth and Mirage were unharmed. Therefore, she could only wait for Midnight to show up before she revealed herself.

"Heh, how sweet of you to worry." Mirage said in a playful manner with a smirk on her face.

"Who's worried? I thought you may have smashed the carriage out of anger." Midnight replied.

"You- Do you think I'm some sort of brute?" Mirage scoffed.

"No, not at all." Midnight responded in a serious tone.

"Why don't I believe you when you say it that way?" Mirage narrowed her eyes. She then turned her attention back towards the battle going on between Switch To Kill's party and the cloaked figure.

"What's happening?" Midnight asked as he looked over towards the fight as well. Though to call it a fight was a bit much. It was completely one-sided!

The fight continued with Switch To Kill and his party struggling to land a single solid blow on the cloaked figure.

As time passed by, Switch To Kill had a look of frustration on his face. His greatsword was engulfed by a yellow aura as he slammed it into the ground sending a shockwave crashing in the cloaked figure's direction.


A fifth purple crescent appeared on the cloaked figure's greatsword as the shockwave reversed itself and crashed into Switch To Kill.

"How...!" Switch To Kill's frustration was slowly turning into dread. No matter what action he or his party took, it was as if they were unable to put a dent in that cloaked figure's HP! There was also the headache of having their crowd control abilities rendered useless.

Switch To Kill was stunned in place by the shockwave. Before he knew it, a black greatsword was descending upon him.

"Why won't you kill me?" The cloaked figure asked as the five crescents that ran down their greatsword started to fade away. At the same time, a purple hue filled the surrounding fifty meters. While the light itself was not harmful, one could feel the killing intent hidden within it.

The sound of a small ring could be heard, but everything else within fifty meters was in total silence. When anyone tried to talk, there were no words that came out of their mouth.

'Is this some kind of magic?'

Midnight summoned the Gaia Avis and Brilliant Regnouda totems immediately after that purple hue appeared. He had no idea what that purple hue did, but it was better to be safe rather than sorry. Fortunately, it did not cause any damage. At least, not to them.

A few seconds later, the purple hue disappeared and the purple crescents that formed on the cloaked figure's greatsword had vanished.

When everyone looked towards that cloaked figure, they realized that Switch To Kill, along with his party members, were nowhere to be found. They had disappeared into thin air! However, one could see a stream of particles drift away into the air. There were exactly six streams of particles, the same amount as the number of people in Switch To Kill's party. All six of them had been killed!

That cloaked figure had just killed off an entire party of players and all it took was one strike!

"Loud bark, small bite." Qi Jiguang said as he shook his head at the fate of Switch To Kill and his party.

Qi Jiguang, who observed the entire battle from a distance with his party, had a serious look in his eyes. He understood a few things about that cloaked figure's abilities from having watched the fight, however, understanding it and knowing how to counter it was two different things. He could not help but think that if that were him fighting, could he have found a way around that death?

Mirage, Ying Yue, and Midnight all had stunned expressions on their face. One strike! All it took was one strike!

"Hey, be serious, they just got one shot. This isn't some kind of legendary boss is it?" Midnight muttered to himself in disbelief.

"How do you even fight something like that?" Mirage said as she frowned. While she was never one to shy away from a challenge, she knew that there was a clear difference between bravery and stupidity.

Robin had a grave expression on his face as he looked towards Jyuuriel. However, Jyuuriel had his gaze locked onto the cloaked figure. There was a cold look in his eyes and it looked as if he wanted to tear that person to shreds, but there was something that prevented him from taking action.

Robin shook his head as he knew that he could not depend on Jyuuriel. After all, Jyuuriel was given strict orders to follow and to break those orders would mean throwing away any chance at ever becoming a Crimson Corps Guard Trainee.

Izroth, on the other hand, had a calm and carefree expression on his face. He stood up from within the carriage and jumped out of it.

The members of the Silver Hawk Merchants Caravan were all terrified. They quivered as they hid behind the long thin wooden shields. What kind of terrible monster were they facing now? They knew the Tiger's Mouth was a dangerous place, however, wasn't this a bit much? Why was it that this trip was showered in misfortune?

Qi Jiguang furrowed his brows as he saw Izroth jump out of the carriage and watched as he began to approach the cloaked figure.

"Does he want to die? Did he not just see that attack?" One of Qi Jiguang's party members commented.

"What is he thinking? Can it be that he has a plan?" Qi Jiguang said to himself. To go in without a plan would be akin to suicide at this point.

Qi Jiguang and his party were not the only ones in shock, Ying Yue, Mirage, Robin, and Midnight were also surprised by Izroth's rash actions.

Mirage had witnessed Izroth's strength firsthand, but this was something entirely different. It was the first time she saw a six-player party annihilated in a single strike. That cloaked figure was obviously nothing like those creatures back at the Blazing Temple.

"We're going too!" Mirage said as she leaped out of the carriage and followed after Izroth along with Ying Yue.

"Reckless bunch...!" Midnight scowled. However, even though he said those words, he still joined Izroth and the others.

Izroth stopped around ten meters away from the cloaked figure. Even from his current distance, he was unable to see any information about the cloaked figure. However, this was not unusual considering that cloaked individuals, be they players or NPCs, usually had their information hidden by the system by default. This was likely the case for the cloaked figure in front of him as well.

"What's your purpose for attacking this caravan?" Izroth asked in a casual manner. Since the target of that cloaked figure's attack was Robin's carriage, Izroth already had a general idea of what they were here to do. Nevertheless, he still chose to ask since it appeared that the cloaked figure was capable of holding a dialogue.

"Hm? Attack? But, I haven't attacked any caravan." The cloaked figure said in a fragile tone.

"Surely your memory isn't that bad! You attacked that carriage and you dare say you haven't attacked the caravan?!" Mirage said as she pointed to the carriage with its top half missing.

"Fool, I attacked the caravan." The cloaked figure said, but this time, the tone of their voice was stern.

"Wha-" Mirage was speechless. What was with this person? First, they claimed they did not attack the caravan and now they admit to attacking it! Plus, why did their voice suddenly change tones? It was almost as if two different people were talking.

"Hey, there's something off about this creep. I don't know what it is, but they're definitely giving off some weird vibes." Mirage stated.

However, while the others were still confused and questioning the sanity of the cloaked figure, Izroth chose to take a different approach.

"I'm curious, what are your names? Or, do the two of you share a single name?" Izroth asked.

But, when those words left his mouth, everyone looked at him as if he was the one who had now gone insane. Two? Where did he see two? There was only one person there!

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