Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 274 Rewriting The Fundamental Laws

Izroth was never the type to seek a confrontation willingly, however, he would not allow himself to be treated unfairly, especially if Orion wanted to try and intimidate him.

Orion had cut Izroth off before he even had a chance to explain himself and Kaz simply washed his hands of the problem even after Izroth had already explained to him that it was a misunderstanding.

While the books were scattered all around, there were not nearly enough tables in the library to hold all two thousand books unless they were stacked up all the way to the ceiling. Even though it may have looked disorganized at first glance to those viewing from an outside perspective, Izroth actually had the books neatly stacked in organized piles.

There were at least twenty of such piles scattered throughout the entire library. Of course, he had planned on returning every book to their original place after he finished reading everything on the first floor. After all, it would take him less than half a minute to return everything to its proper place using Flickering Steps.

However, his main reason for not putting the books back onto the bookshelf immediately after he finished was because of a one-minute delay before one was able to pick out another book.

Once a player picked out a book and then put it back on the shelf, they would not be able to grab a second book for one minute.

Izroth did not know why such a restriction was set in place. It may have been to encourage readers to choose a book carefully since they would have to wait a good while before being able to pick again. However, how long would it take him to read all the books on the first floor if he had to wait one minute every time he put a book back in its place?

But, what Izroth did not know was that the restriction was set in place by Orion himself. Orion believed that if one picked up a book, they should at the very least read it. Every single book within the palace library was a treasure to him and unique in its own way.

Therefore, the restriction was there to increase the chances of a book being read after it was picked up. What Orion did not take into account was someone with a monstrous reading ability such as Izroth.

Izroth, however, quickly found a way around that restriction. All he had to do was grab another book instead of returning it to the shelf and so he placed the piles in specific areas to make it easier when it came time to place them into their original spots. That was why it seemed so disorganized and scattered everywhere!

But before Izroth could even complete a full sentence, he was cut off by Orion and was not given the opportunity to explain himself properly.

"You said I was bullying you for reading?" Orion said as he waved his hand.


A thick yellow book that was within one of the piles shot towards Orion, however, it stopped just as it was about to crash into his body and hovered before him. The yellow book was so thick that it would require the average person to use two hands just to carry it around!

"Have you read this book?" Orion asked.

"I have." Izroth responded without hesitation. He had read every book he touched within this library.

Orion's facial expression darkened when he heard Izroth's response. He created an opportunity for Izroth to be truthful, after all, even though he was furious at the young man before him, Izroth had managed to catch his eye. The number of people he met that were around Izroth's age that was able to simply stand before his Rhythmic Pressure skill could be counted with one's fingers alone!

However, he had only met two youths who were completely unaffected by his Rhythmic Pressure. One of the youths was a natural-born talent of an extremely powerful race, therefore, he was not too surprised as that much was to be expected. As for the second youth, that person was someone who possessed a gift that only came around once every one thousand years within the human race.

The young man in front of him had increased the number of youths who could resist his Rhythmic Pressure skill to a total of three! Not only that, although it was faint, that young man actually had a Source in its infancy stage and even now he could see it growing at an alarming rate.

But unfortunately, the young man decided to continue on with his lies, therefore, he would not allow him to walk away without some form of punishment. He had met plenty of arrogant and talented youths who needed to be taught a lesson in humility. So before he decided upon a punishment, he would let the young man make a fool of himself to teach him a thing or two about honesty.

"This book here is a fundamental book discussing the 255 laws of magic sequences. Tell me, what is the 103rd law?" Orion questioned.

Kaz was stunned. Usually, the Grand Master would have already tossed someone like Izroth out of the library and banned him from stepping foot into the palace or maybe even Amaharpe ever again! Could it be that the Grand Master wanted to teach this youth a lesson?

If so, then Kaz felt pity towards Izroth. Even he had not memorized something like the 255 laws of magic sequences by heart.

Izroth took a moment to organize his thoughts about the 255 laws of magic sequences. Although he had a perfect memory, he still had to compartmentalize everything or else it would end up being a jumbled up mess that he had to constantly search through.

After all, his main focus had been on simple memorization. He then planned to finish organizing his thoughts accordingly once he finished every book in the library.

It only took Izroth a brief moment to find his answer as he replied, "The 103rd law of magic sequences is that one should never cross an Astral magic cycle with a Nebula magic cycle, otherwise, you would only end up with a magic sequence that reverses itself and destroys your body from the inside out."

Orion raised his brows slightly in surprise. His answer was actually correct! However, could he just be lucky? There was only one sure way to find out.

"Next ques-" Orion was ready to give Izroth another question, but before he could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by Izroth.

"However, this can easily be prevented by reversing the original order of the Nebula magic cycle." Izroth added.

Orion frowned when he heard Izroth's words. Was this young man trying to intentionally kill someone with such false information? If any magic caster even attempted something so reckless they would die a terrible death.

"Are you trying to kill someone?! Even if you reverse the Nebula magic cycle, you'll only end up with a spell even more dangerous then when normally trying to use the Astral and Nebula magic cycles together! Think before you speak such nonsense before the Grand Master!" Kaz scoffed.

While he did not know all 255 laws of magic sequences by heart, that did not mean that he was not well-informed about most of them, especially one as life-threatening as the 103rd law.

"Indeed, my assistant is correct, young man. With that kind of change, it may not kill only the user, but those around the magic caster as well. You should not tamper with the fundamental laws of things, otherwise, you will only be in for a rude awakening and the consequences will not be light. I would suggest you erase that thought from your mind." Orion said.

"Even if you shortened the time in between each magic cycle interval by 0.015 seconds?" Izroth said in a carefree tone of voice.

"All you'd be doing is delaying the inevitable! Stop wasting the Grand Master's time with such-" Kaz was ready to mock Izroth, but he was quickly silenced.

"Quiet!" Orion said in a serious tone of voice as he furrowed his brows.

Kaz was scared speechless as he immediately swallowed the rest of his words. Was it possible that the Grand Master was so infuriated by Izroth's words that he would no longer wait to punish him? However, after around ten seconds passed by and Orion did not act or speak, Kaz was lost as to what the Grand Master was doing.

After staying that way for around a full thirty seconds, Orion finally set his gaze upon Izroth.

"Young man, your idea is not bad. In theory, it could definitely work. Unfortunately, in the end, the magic sequence would still collapse. While the magic caster would not be harmed, the spell itself will become unusable and useless." Orion said. To be quite honest, he was impressed with Izroth's findings even if they were not perfect.

While one could not cast a spell successfully, at the very least, they could potentially halt the magic sequence midway without causing harm to themselves. This could lead to a more in-depth look of the 103rd law and multiple studies that could very well change the laws of magic sequences forever!

"Normally that would be true, however, I believe you're overlooking one very important detail." Izroth stated.

Kaz nearly fainted! Was that young man intentionally trying to provoke the Grand Master? Overlooking something? This was the Grand Master he was talking about! In order to become a Grand Master, one had to hold a vast amount of knowledge about all kinds of subjects. There was no short line of individuals who wanted to have a Grand Master as their teacher.

However, there were less than ten Grand Masters in the whole world! To say that someone capable of holding the title of Grand Master had overlooked something was incredibly arrogant and wishful thinking!

"I may be coming up on my years, however, I am not senile just yet, young man. I've run through it over one hundred times in my mind and the end results are the end every time. I can assure you that I have not overlooked any details." Orion said assuredly.

"Then, when you reversed the Nebula magic cycle, did you also account for the change in its strands due to its reversal?" Izroth asked.

Strands were tiny mana strings that were manipulated to form a specific magic cycle. For most players within RML, all they had to worry about was the correct order magic sequences, however, the system usually did this automatically during the player's cast time. There were even some classes who required no attention to magic sequences.

However, for those classes that relied heavily on magic sequences such as Valentine's Sequence Mage class, it could be considered a nightmare to learn. In order to cast a spell, one had to form a specific number of magic sequences. In theory, if any magic caster could master the magic sequences of their spell, the casting time for said spell could be reduced down to nearly 0 seconds!

But, before they could form a magic sequence, they had to use the correct magic cycles. However, before they could invoke the correct magic cycles, it was necessary to use the correct strand type. There were three basic types of strands, light, medium, and heavy. These strands dictated how much mana a player used when casting a spell and how fast said mana would channel into the spell itself.

Orion's eyes widened slightly from shock. Of course! When one reversed the Nebula magic cycle while using an Astral magic cycle at the same time, it would cause the thickness of the strands to change from heavy to light due to how the two magic cycles would react to each other! How could he have overlooked such an important detail?!

If he went over it in his mind using that small change, the young man's method would certainly work! If one used it, they would be able to completely disregard the 103rd law of magic sequences! In other words, the young man before him had just rewritten a fundamental law that was carved in stone for centuries! What terrifying knowledge to possess at such a young man!

Right now, Orion had tossed his anger aside and had completely forgotten about his original intentions to teach Izroth a lesson. There was only one thing on his mind at the moment, what else dwelled within the mind of that young man?

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