Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 271 It's So Realistic

Izroth spent a few hours in the pill crafting room experimenting with a couple of the rare ingredients he received from the top guilds back during the small gathering he held in the conference room.

One thing he had to admit was that the top guilds were extremely resourceful when it came to collecting things such as materials and ingredients. Although he was missing a few items, every single rare ingredient before him had the potential to be the foundation of a grade three pill!

There were even some that could form into a grade four pill based solely on the main properties listed. However, Izroth did not spend too much of his time experimenting. Instead, he used his time to refill some of the inventory.

Thanks to his trait Natural Pill Master, Izroth's pill crafting speed was increased by 25%. Even though he already possessed a terrifying crafting speed before he obtained that trait, it was like giving wings to a tiger.

In total, Izroth spent nearly two hours crafting pills. Unfortunately, he did not enter into the Mind of Pill Craft nor did he craft any pills with the Blessing of The Pill Craft. He had also hoped that crafting pills for almost two hours straight would increase his trait level or, at the very least, he would be able to feel some kind of growth occur during that period of time.

However, in the end, Izroth came up empty-handed on all fronts. Just as he was getting ready to give it another go and test his luck again, Opal walked into the pill crafting room.

"Handler Izroth, you have guests waiting for you." Opal spoke in a respectful tone of voice. She had waited until Izroth stopped crafting since it was not an emergency situation.


Izroth was not expecting any guests today. When he went out to check who these guests were, it turned out to be Guan Yu and Halls. It seemed that everyone had finally returned to the capital city Amaharpe. Since the Returning Scrolls they used only took them to the closest Amaharpe village or town and they saved quite a bit of time, they still had to walk back to the capital city on foot.

"Brother, we didn't break your concentration, did we?" Halls asked.

Izroth shook his head in response as he said, "I was not doing anything so important that it required much concentration."

He then asked, "Where are the others?"

Izroth noticed that Halls and Guan Yu were the only two who came to the Mystical Realm Palace.

"Zi Yi went off on her own when we were about halfway back to Amaharpe. Since Zi Yi was no longer traveling with us, that Mariposa actually used her spatial magic to hurry ahead of us back to Amaharpe! Can you believe it?!" Halls said. He still could not forget the way Mariposa hurried ahead without even offering them a trip back.

He then continued, "As for Luna, she said a few of her friends wanted to party and went to hang out with them not too long after Zi Yi and Mariposa took their leave."

"In other words, the two of you were abandoned on the return journey." Izroth stated.

"Brother, you got it all wrong. We weren't abandoned, we just wanted to take our time and enjoy the scenery on our way back." Guan Yu replied with a smirk on his face.

Izroth spoke with Halls and Guan Yu for around ten minutes. As for the chaotic scene that happened as a result of Izroth putting all those items up for sale at a price of one bronze coin each, it had already died down.

Although the Mystical Realm Palace was still quite busy and bustling with business, it was now running in its usual smooth manner.

"Brother, me and Halls are going to get together and celebrate our victory tomorrow night. You should definitely join us!" Guan Yu said.

Halls lived around one hour away and he was more than willing to make the journey to celebrate with those he called his brothers.

"Oh? What did you have in mind?" Izroth asked.

"This- It's a surprise." Guan Yu said with a large grin on his face.

Izroth inwardly shook his head at Guan Yu's reaction. It was obvious that he was up to something, however, Izroth understood that whatever it was, Guan Yu did not have any bad intentions. There was also a lot about this world that he had yet to experience firsthand.

Money was no longer a pressing issue for Izroth since the Mystical Realm Palace was more than enough to sustain his finances. Also, he had some time to spare due to a few matters he had to take care of tomorrow in the real world anyways, therefore, he agreed to meet up with the two of them.

"Ahahaha! This is great! You won't be disappointed, trust me." Guan Yu said as he gave a reassuring thumbs up.

After speaking for a little while longer, Guan Yu and Halls took their leave. Guan Yu was headed off to continue leveling up while Halls had to log off for a couple of hours to take care of some real-life matters.

As for Izroth, he decided to finally take this chance to visit the Amaharpe palace library and obtain more information about this world.

Izroth did not know much about this world besides the little information he obtained through the quest he had performed and what Zi Yi had told him. He knew that he could not always rely on Zi Yi to be there every second of every day to provide him with reliable information.

But, even if she could somehow be around all the time, Izroth did not like relying solely on others for things if it was something he could do himself. Although he was never afraid to allow those with certain talents and abilities to shine, it was still best to have, at the very least, a basic knowledge of RML.

'I doubt those players from Sage Falls will be returning. The shop is running smoothly and the inventory should be able to last me for a few more days.'

After checking one last time to make sure that everything was in order, Izroth left the Mystical Realm Palace and headed straight for the Amaharpe palace library.



〈System Alert: Welcome Player It's So Realistic, to Realm of Myths and Legends!〉

"I-" Reilei was speechless when she heard the name the system gave her just as she was getting used to the strange feeling of the virtual world.

At first, she had no idea how to even choose a name! When it came to video games, she was completely clueless as to how they worked. Since she took so long to insert a name, the game started to basically play a few cutscenes that it had first used to advertise the game itself before it was officially released.

During that period of time, Reilei found herself uttering the words "It's so realistic..." one too many times. One thing led to another and eventually, the system somehow ended up giving her that character name! All she wanted to do was put her own name in and she couldn't even manage that much.

"What's done is done..." Reilei said as she counseled herself. After Jin convinced her to leave her jobs behind, she found herself with a lot of free time on her hands lately. Also, for some strange reason, she had been full of energy lately. It may have just been due to her level of stress being reduced significantly, but she felt and looked younger than usual!

However, how could she know that this was because of the Eight Lunar Cycles physique Izroth had given her?

But, one thing led to another, and she found herself trying out the virtual reality headset Jin had left on the table for her.

At the moment, Reilei was wearing a basic starter's robe. She chose the summoner class because it seemed like the safest class to play. One could summon creatures to attack, defend, or support themselves while maintaining their distance and so she chose it without hesitation.

However, now that she was within RML, she did not really know what to do next.

〈System Alert: A new quest has been added to your quest logs! Would you like to view it?〉

Reilei was startled by the voice of the system suddenly speaking out of nowhere. It would definitely take some getting used to for her.

"Quest? Yes?" Reilei said without giving it much thought. Immediately after she did so, the quest logs opened up for her as she read the information that appeared before her. There was something about a class quest and findings one's class teacher.

There were a few terms she was unfamiliar with, however, she understood the basics of what it was she had to do.

"Let's see, I just have to say this and it opens automatically... Show minimap." Reilei said as a minimap opened which gave her directions to her class building. Minimaps were something that was only available in the starting villages to make things easier for players to find their way around since they were completely new to the game.

"It worked...!" Reilei was excited and a smile appeared on her face. She was doing it! She was playing video games!

There were a few players that walked by and saw how excited she was and simply gave her an awkward look. What was she so excited about in a beginners village? She gave off the aura of a total noob!

During her excitement, Reilei noticed the stares of the nearby players and her face could not help but turn slightly red from embarrassment as she hurried along to her class building following the directions on the minimap.

"This world really is like stepping into another world..." Reilei muttered to herself. She was still in disbelief at the sight before her. The video games that Jin played in the past were nothing like this!

A few moments later, Reilei reached her class building and after talking to the polite summoner's instructor, she received a strange orb, as well as, a class quest!

The orb was a summoner's orb that allowed her to summon all kinds of spirits and creatures, however, she would first have to form a contract with one before she could do so. As for the class quest, it was nothing like the combat master class quest. All she had to do was simply reach level 10 and visit her class teacher after completing that task.

NPC Name: Kolasia(Elite)

NPC Level: ???

"Before you off, it's important that you form a contract with one of the spirits here. Feel free to look around and let me know once you've chosen a spirit you want to make a contract with." Kolasia said with a gentle smile on her face.

Reilei gave a small nod as she searched around the room for a spirit to form her very first contract with. However, everywhere she looked, the creatures were either scary looking or completely ignored her when she tried to get its attention. This made her feel slightly dejected.

"Don't feel too bad. Spirits are very picky in who they choose to be their summoner. After all, it is a contract formed for a lifetime." Kolasia said as she tried to cheer Reilei up. There were many who were discouraged, however, Kolasia was a strong believer in that there was a spirit for everyone!

Mew! Mew!

Reilei heard a small voice nearby. She looked around to find out where that voice was coming from and found that it was a small creature no bigger than 30cm.

"How cute...!" Reilei said as she saw the adorable spirit.

It was a small reptile creature with a happy expression on its face. It had purple and blue scales and crystal blue eyes as it tried to get Reilei's attention.

Reilei approached the small creature as it gently rubbed its head up against her in a submissive manner. Reilei's spirits were instantly lifted. There was a spirit willing to contract with her!

"I want to form a contract with this spirit." Reilei said as she picked up the small reptile looking creature and took it into the palm of her hands.

However, Kolasia had a surprised look on her face when Reilei chose that creature.

"Are you sure that's the creature you want to form a contract with...?" Kolasia asked for confirmation.

"Yes!" Reilei responded without hesitation.


The creature released a small sound and looked as if it agreed with her.

Kolasia shook her head and released a small sigh and she said, "As long as you're sure. Alright, we will perform the contract ceremony."

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