Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 258 Closing The Portals To The Netherworld Part 3

The Netherworld Terror continuously interrupted the channeling of the Half Mark Sealing Totems by pulling in Zi Yi or Guan Yu with its Nether Pull skill. It would also temporarily ignore Halls who held the highest threat level and immediately attack whoever it targeted with Nether Pull which made it an even more troublesome skill to deal with.

But, what was truly a headache for everyone, especially Izroth, was when the Netherworld Terror used Returning Abyss.

〈Battle Alert: Player Izroth has been affected by the Netherworld Terror's «Returning Abyss»〉

Izroth had suddenly vanished into thin air and was nowhere to be found within the underground chambers.

"It happened again!" Halls said in a frustrated tone of voice as he swung his sword out at the Netherworld Terror, however, it was extremely agile and quick as it managed to barely avoid the edge of his blade.

"It seems to be specifically targeting Izroth. What's strange is that the surrounding space is stable without the slightest fluctuations present. This Netherworld Terror cannot possibly be that skilled in spatial magic, therefore, something else must be happening to Izroth when it uses that Returning Abyss skill." Mariposa stated.

To leave no trace behind after using spatial magic required a mastery that was simply impossible for something like the Netherworld Terror to possess. Not to mention the fact that it showed no other signs of performing anything else that was even remotely close to spatial magic.

Izroth was their highest source of damage. In a party that was already lacking two of their main damage dealers due to the Half Mark Sealing Totems, they suffered a steep fall in overall damage. At this rate, they would all eventually be killed off by the DOT skill of the Netherworld Terror.

Around three seconds later, Izroth reappeared in that same spot he disappeared from just moments ago.

'How troublesome.'

Returning Abyss was an instant cast skill with no warning sign or skill shot that could be dodged. The only way to counter such an ability was to neither lock the Netherworld Terror within a chain of crowd control, or to simply avoid a fight against the creature altogether. Obviously, the latter was out of the question.

As for keeping the creature under crowd control, even with all of their crowd control skills timed perfectly one after the other, between Izroth, Halls, and Mariposa, they would not be able to keep the Netherworld Terror locked in place long enough to eliminate it.

"However its skill works, we can't afford to keep this up much longer. Even if we use the highest grade health potion we have, we won't be able to out heal the DOT ability this thing has. The biggest problem is potentially having to deal with a second one if our channeling keeps being interrupted. We have to find a way to negate its ability." Zi Yi said as she moved back into position to use the Half Mark Sealing Totem.

"Now is the time for one of those brilliant ideas of yours, Zi Yi!" Halls said as he felt the pressure increasing with every passing second. He had to be careful with how much damage he absorbed and could not simply block every shock with his shield. After getting somewhat used to the creature's attack pattern, whenever the opportunity arose, Halls would evade the Netherworld Terror's attack.

But, in the end, Halls' class was not meant to be agile and so he was not capable of keeping up such a pace against a quick monster like the Netherworld Terror.

Bzzzt...! Bzzzzzzt!

A small lightning storm appeared within ten meters around the Netherworld Terror and soon dispersed before reforming and creating a cage made of pure lightning around the creature. This was one of the skills attached to Izroth's Sword of The Storm, Lightning Cage.

Originally, Izroth intended on saving all the abilities of the Sword of The Storm until the final portal or when an important situation arose, however, he could not allow the Netherworld Terror to continue doing as it pleased.


The moment the cage of lightning surrounded the Netherworld Terror, it released an ear-piercing screech. But, the creature was unable to move a single step while under the paralyzing effects of the Lightning Cage.

"Focus on getting the portal sealed. I can buy us seven seconds of crowd control. The rest will be up to you to make up for the remaining time." Izroth said as he dashed towards the Netherworld Terror and slashed in a small arc with his blade.

«Critical Hit»



With just a simple basic sword strike, Izroth had dealt nearly 7,000 damage after striking the monster's weak point. Due to the twenty percent damage increase provided by the Lightning Cage skill, along with the Holy Blessings damage boost, even a basic sword strike could deal a frightening amount of damage.

The Lightning Cage would only last for five seconds, therefore, Izroth would have to time and chain his skills perfectly in order to accomplish what he had in mind.

"If you can do that much, then, of course, we'll have to do our part as well." Mariposa said.

"You can count on us, brother!" Halls roared as he charged into the cage of lightning and began his assault on the Netherworld Terror.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

«Critical Hit»



«Critical Hit»



«Critical Hit»





«Critical Hit»







With the Netherworld Terror unable to use its Returning Abyss skill while paralyzed, Izroth took full advantage of its vulnerable state and rained down a barrage of attacks on the creature. Izroth started with Phantom Strike and just as the attack ended, he followed up with a basic attack on the Netherworld Terror in that small window just before he used Fissuring Point.

He chained yet another sword strike right after his Fissuring Point skill resolved and had even managed to affect the Netherworld Terror with the Blood Stigma skill from his trinket.

In just that handful of seconds, Izroth had done almost 40,000 damage with that assault alone! Needless to say, he was more than capable of offsetting the DOT skill of the Netherworld Terror due to the 6% lifesteal he currently possessed.

After that assault, along with the added damage of Halls and Mariposa, the HP of the Netherworld Terror had dropped down to around the 35% mark.

As the Lightning Cage ended, Izroth wasted no time as his leg shot forward like a vicious snake and crashed into the body of the Netherworld Terror before it had time to react or use any of its skills.



After landing his Serpent's Bite, the Netherworld Terror was paralyzed for another two seconds! By this time, Zi Yi and Guan Yu had around seven seconds remaining until the Half Mark Sealing Totems successfully sealed the portal. Once the effects of Izroth's Serpent's Bite ended, they would still need to buy around five more seconds.

Mariposa watched closely as she had already begun to cast her spell. It was the same spell she used against the Netherworld Specters back in the mist, Spatial Seeking Needles.

Hundreds and potentially thousands of black needles gathered around the Netherworld Terror. The moment Izroth's Serpent's Bite ended, the black needles collapsed into the body of the creature and rendered it completely motionless.

"That should buy us another three-" Just as Mariposa spoke, a powerful shockwave spread throughout the surroundings! This shockwave was so powerful that it actually caused the space within the area to fluctuate and bend as it passed through. What sort of frightening ability could cause space to bend in such an unnatural manner?

The shockwave only lasted for a fraction of a second, however, something strange happened during that time.

Just as everyone was still trying to wrap their heads around that shockwave, Mariposa noticed that her Spatial Seeking Needles had been destroyed!

"How-" Mariposa did not even finish asking herself that question. It definitely happened when that shockwave passed through this area. While it was bending and influencing the surrounding space, it must have also somehow affected her Spatial Seeking Needles!

The Netherworld Terror had regained its movements, however, Zi Yi and Guan Yu still had around four seconds remaining to seal the portal! If they were interrupted again, there was a high chance that a second Netherworld Terror would find its way out of that portal!

Even though Izroth had lifesteal and Halls, as well as, Guan Yu was tanky enough to handle it for a while, it was a different story for Zi Yi and Mariposa.

They did not have lifesteal abilities nor the HP that the plate wearing users in their party had. Health potions would only do so much and they were already entering into a dangerous area with their HP. A second Netherworld Terror could not be allowed to spawn!

Izroth was the fastest to react as a powerful surge of lightning appeared around his blade. He was attempting to use the third sword form as it had a chance to cause a paralyzing effect, however, before his attack could connect, he vanished just like before! He had been targeted by the Netherworld Terror's Returning Abyss!

In that small window of time, the Netherworld Terror had already made its hand gesture towards Zi Yi. It was going to pull her in with its Nether Pull!

Halls was not fast enough and Mariposa's spatial rift could not be cast fast enough to prevent it. It looked like facing a second Netherworld Terror was inevitable. However, just before the Netherworld Terror was about to use its Nether Pull, a soundwave carried throughout the entire underground chambers before a massive rush of sound crashed into the body of the Netherworld Terror.

That soundwave washed over its body and overwhelmed it in an instant as it caused the movements of the Netherworld Terror to freeze. Less than a second later, the voice finally caught up to the soundwave as powerful magical energy was embedded into it.

"Halt!" That voice resonated and echoed into everyone's ears. They knew immediately who that voice belonged to and became excited, as well as, relieved to hear it!

Rushing over at a quickened pace in the distance was none other than Luna! Her previously deathly pale appearance was no more and she appeared to be perfectly fine. That ancient-looking symbol that was always hidden within her forehead was currently visible on her forehead.

"Ahahaha! Take that you annoying little thing!" Guan Yu said as he burst into a fit of joyous laughter.

Mariposa and Halls breathed a sigh of relief. If Luna had not just appeared when she just did, then all of Izroth's work to stop its movements would have been for nothing!

Zi Yi smiled when she saw Luna headed in their direction. She had been worried about Luna and was glad to see that Tererestiaa was able to help her as promised.

"You had us worried for a second there." Zi Yi said as Luna had finally regrouped with the party.

The ancient symbol on Luna's forehead disappeared and sunk back into her forehead.

"It was a strange experience. But, in some way, it was also eye-opening." Luna said as she wasted no time in starting the healing process.

"You'll have to tell me all about it after all of this is over." Zi Yi said.

As the two spoke, Luna furrowed her brows and had a look of concern on her face. Just as she was about to ask where Izroth was, the effects of the Returning Abyss wore off and he reappeared.

'It's frozen in place.'

It did not take long for Izroth to realize who was behind it as he saw that Luna had rejoined them in his brief absence. Not only that, but Zi Yi and Guan Yu had managed to successfully close the seventh portal.

"Welcome back." Izroth said.

"It's good to be back." Luna replied as a lovely smile found its way onto her face. She was relieved to see that Izroth was alright.

Now that Luna had returned, Halls could return to his previous fearless fighting style and the party quickly finished off what was left of the Netherworld Terror. As for Guan Yu, he wanted to switch with Luna, however, his request was immediately denied by everyone leaving him a bit dejected.

The eighth, ninth, and tenth portals were a bit more difficult, but with Luna being present and her perfectly timed heals, they were able to make it through despite the increased difficulty level. In the process, Izroth had managed to level up to level 37 and gained three stat points, as well as, a single skill point.

After successfully closing the tenth portal, Izroth and his party received an alert from the system.

〈System Alert: 10/11 Assist Seer Tererestiaa in sealing all portals that appear within the underground chambers..〉

According to the system they still had one final portal to close and there was only one visible portal left within the underground chambers and that was the portal which that mysterious arm had come through. However, the question still remained, was it even possible to get close enough against such a creature to seal that portal?

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