Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 238 We Welcome You, Now Please Die

What? The village was shifting locations? To be honest, if everyone present had not already been to a bizarre place like the Chaotic Dogma Realm, they would have had a hard time accepting Zi Yi's words at face value. However, not only did they trust Zi Yi's judgment, but it would be ignorant of them to believe that unusual things could only occur in locations like the Chaotic Dogma Realm.

But, there was still one problem with Zi Yi's speculation that bothered Mariposa.

"Let's say you're correct and the village really is able to shift its position at will. How do you explain the change of its location on the Realm Chart?" Mariposa questioned.

Zi Yi fell into deep thought as she tried to think of a response.

"You should know that Realm Charts can only be altered by Cartographers. I'm not sure about you, my adorable little sister, but I have never heard of a Realm Charts that can move things around through its own power. If such a Realm Chart does exist, it definitely isn't one that can be created just yet." Mariposa explained.

"Maybe they'll be able to tell us what's going on." Luna said as she peered into the village and could see a few figures approaching them. There was a faint mist lingering around the village, however, it did not obstruct a player's view like the Netherworld Mist they crossed to arrive at their current location. But, it was quite dark and areas with shadows lurked all around the village.

'This mist... It's different from that of the Netherworld Mist but at the same time it's incredibly similar.'

Izroth had a difficult time perceiving anyone around him ever since he first stepped foot outside of the Netherworld Mist. He could not even detect his own party members who were right next to him. Of course, he still had his other natural senses to go on, but it remained an unpleasant feeling to be suppressed by the surrounding restrictions.

"From what Azalea told us about the players and NPCs in this village, I don't think we'll be welcomed here." Zi Yi said as she left her deep thoughts behind. There was no point in overthinking things. In the end, their main goal did not change. They had to reach that tomb area.

"Heh, to think that we were just about to leave and miss out on such a wonderful present. Six lost little lambs have strayed from their herd. Have they come to join the feast of the wolves? Or maybe... To be feasted upon by wolves?" A calm and flowing voice drifted from the direction of the figures that approached Izroth and his party.

Although it was dark, one was still able to make out a total of four silhouettes. With each passing step, the image of the four individuals became clear.


"What is she doing here?" Luna said as her brows raised in surprise when she saw one of the players who were a part of the group before her.

Luna was not the only person who was stunned, but Zi Yi was taken aback as well. As for Halls, Guan Yu, and Mariposa, they had no idea why everyone acted in such a surprised manner.

Izroth narrowed his eyes as he observed the four individuals, but there was one person he studied in particular. Two of them were wearing tattered black cloaks with hoods that hid their identities. The two figures had a pair of glowing cyan eyes; which was the sole thing anyone could see regarding their faces. Other than that, it was nothing but pure and endless darkness.

There were silver chains wrapped all around their bodies and the two stood slightly hunched over as if they were ready to strike at any moment.

NPC Name: Puppet Chained Assassin(Elite)

NPC Level: 40

NPC Faction: League of The Eidolon

HP: ??? (100%)

Two level forty elite NPCs! Elite NPCs were often much stronger than monsters of the same level. So, while the two NPCs were level 40, their combat capabilities should be comparable to a level 45 elite monster!

The fact that their HP showed as a row of question marks only further proved their strength. However, there was something else that was a part of the NPCs information that no one present had seen in RML since they first began playing.

There was a faction section that listed the NPCs under the League of The Eidolon. Factions within RML was defined as a collective group not bound by any kingdom's laws that operated illegally without any authority or proper supervision. In other words, they were a bunch of renegades and each faction usually consisted of known criminals.

These factions could take in players and tempt them into joining their cause, but if a player was discovered to be a part of any faction then NPCs that were usually friendly could suddenly turn hostile.

Needless to say, no player wanted to face an NPC like a member of the Crimson Corps Guard at their current level. But, the benefits that a faction gave players were incredibly generous according to some rumors going around. In the end, most players would stray away from joining factions. After all, the majority of players wanted to be the hero, not the villain.

The person speaking was a male player who looked to be in his mid to late twenties. He had short and spikey purple hair, gray eyes, and a set of piercings that ran down the side of his nose and on both of his ears, as well as, one on his lower lip.

He was a bit on the thin side, but he still had some muscle tones. As far as looks went, he was slightly above average. He had a small grin on his face and a large grim reaper's scythe on his back.

The scythe was constantly giving off a strong sense of bloodlust as its blade was a deep crimson red as though it had been bathed in blood.

However, it was not the Puppet Chained Assassins nor the male player who surprised Izroth, but rather the last person who was with them. It was a female player who was around 140cm in height. She had long and silky flowing black hair that reached down to her ankles.

A face mask was pulled over the lower part of her face to hide her appearance, but it did not do much to hide her delicate face. Her eyes were orchid in color and she gave off a cold and distant aura. It was Azalea Wraith!

'No, something's not right.'

Izroth furrowed his brows. Indeed, she looked just like Azalea all the way down to the style of clothing, however, there was something off about her. While it was Azalea, it did not feel like Azalea due to the way she behaved.

Ever since Izroth defeated her, Azalea always treated him with the utmost respect and even called him teacher. However, the Azalea before him now, based on her current facial expression and distant cold looks, she seemed to not even recognize who he was!

As for the words that male player spoke about lambs and wolves, Izroth did not even bother entertaining such nonsense.

"Do you want to explain yourself, Wraith?" Zi Yi said with a cautious expression on her face. Could this be a possible ambush? The chances of them being familiar with this area were extremely high. Therefore, if this truly was an ambush and they had prepared beforehand, it could turn into a nightmare given the many unknowns of this location.

"Wraith? Oh, I see. Is that how you found this place? Ahahaha, it all makes perfect sense now! Hey, I told you that people would misunderstand if you use the same style, Ghost." The male player said as he glanced at the female player next to him.

The female player who was referred to as Ghost shifted her eyes and stared with an ice cold expression that lacked any emotion. However, she did not say a word to him and simply set her gaze upon Zi Yi.

"To mistake me for that piece of trash failure sibling of mine is unacceptable. The fact that such an inferior being shares the same appearance and blood as me is disgusting." Ghost spoke in a tone filled with disdain and contempt. If looks could kill, then Zi Yi would have already died one thousand times over given how much offense Ghost seemed to take when she was mistaken for Azalea.

"Hey now, even if you were only born five minutes apart, is that any way to talk about your younger sister?" The male player said as he chuckled as he found her statement to be amusing.

Everyone was shocked when they heard those words. Was this person really talking about their own flesh and blood sibling in such an unrestrained and ruthless manner? The fact that Ghost was disgusted just from being mistaken for Azalea was baffling, to say the least.

What could cause that amount of discontent towards one's own family member? From the looks of it, not just any family member, but a twin! Weren't most twins supposed to be extremely close to one another?

Even Izroth did not expect to hear something those words. As far as he could tell, Azalea was far from being a failure or trash. She was straight forward, honest, and held quite a bit of potential for a mortal. Not to mention her loyalty and determination did not appear to be feigned.

However, while everyone was shocked, Mariposa's facial expression darkened. While everyone else was shocked and surprised, she was furious! Even if one did not always get along with their younger sister, to call them such terrible names and compare them to trash was too much!

This was even more so for someone like Mariposa who cared deeply for her younger sister, Zi Yi. Even if she did not personally know this Wraith person, she felt that it was unwarranted.

So, of course, hearing someone talk about their own younger sister in that way greatly upset Mariposa. Not even a few seconds had passed and she already disliked the entire group that appeared before them.

"Bad mouthing someone behind their back is in poor taste. Who's the real disgusting one here?" Mariposa said mockingly.

"I'll have to agree. What purpose does it serve to insult a person who is not around to defend themselves? In the end, it is a pointless endeavor." Izroth said in a carefree tone of voice.

"Eh? Do you take into consideration the feelings of the dirt you walk on every day?" Ghost appeared surprised by Izroth and Mariposa's reactions as she tilted her head slightly to the side giving off a look of curiosity.

One could tell from Ghost's current expression that she saw absolutely nothing what with the words she spoke. If trash was trash, then why was she not allowed to call it trash? Were they idiots or something?

"Hey, I think this girl has a few screws loose in her head somewhere." Halls said in a low tone of voice.

"Those are some serious family issues..." Guan Yu said as he awkwardly rubbed the back of his head.

"What terrible manners we have. Allow us to properly introduce ourselves. I am called Grim Phantom. This one next to me goes by Aelaza Ghost. Of course, not to be confused with her twin sister, Azalea Wraith. It is a pleasure to meet every last one of you." Grim said as he gave a deep welcoming bow with his right hand placed lightly upon the left side of his chest and his left arm held up.

"We welcome you to our humble abode. Now, please die." Grim said with a large and friendly smile on his face that gave off a creepy feeling. At the same time, the scythe that was previously on Grim's back had suddenly vanished as a streak of crimson light flashed in the direction of Izroth and his party.

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