Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 233 Holy Blessings

Jin spoke with Reilei a bit longer before ultimately heading back to his room. He could see that Reilei was tired, but she was forcing herself to stay up to chat with him. When he examined her internally, he could see that the soul energy within her body was currently being replenished. It was a strange sight considering Reilei should have no idea how to even tap into the soul energy inside of her.

However, he determined that nothing was wrong and it just seemed to be simple exhaustion.

'There have been some known cases of soul energy reacting when one is under a stressful situation. It may have occurred during her encounter with those two at that time...'

As for those two, Izroth had something perfect in mind for them. However, now was not the time to do so. In order to do what he set out to accomplish, he first needed not only more wealth but a stronger foothold as well in the real world. But, this was something that would naturally come as he accumulated more wealth and power within RML. Then, those two would only be able to regret.

Before closing the door to his room, Jin grabbed his spare virtual reality headset and set it on the living room table. Reilei had already gone back into her room, but he chose to leave the headset out just in case. To be honest, he did not expect her to really use it due to her previous history when it came to video games. However, he would still support any decision she made.

Jin walked back towards his room and closed the door. He sat up on his bed and once again entered into a deep meditative state.

'Since I have no plans until tomorrow, I should use this opportunity to solidify the foundations of my Heavenly Golden Body physique.'

While he was capable of soaring through the different stages of the Heavenly Golden Body physique, it was important not to forget about the very foundation of his physique. After all, no matter how grand or mighty a structure was, if it lacked a solid foundation then it could potentially crumble with the slightest breeze.

Therefore, Jin decided to build upon that solid foundation so that his body in the real world did not face any difficulties in advancing further down the line when it came to the Heavenly Golden Body physique.

But, that was not all he would do. The other heavenly laws that were carried over to his true body from RML was also something Jin was taking the time out to perfect. He was using a form of mental training to practice the different heavenly laws in order to master them in a shorter period of time.

In the end, his true body differed in many ways from that of his RML avatar.


The next morning...

Jin opened his eyes and released a deep breath. There was a new and profound look within his eyes as they greeted the morning sun. There was some kind of thick energy lingering around the room, however, the moment Jin's eyes opened, that same energy had mysteriously vanished into thin air.

'The strength of my soul has already been restored to 70% of its original strength. At this rate, the soul shock should be healed completely sometime tomorrow and my soul's strength will return to 100%.'

Thanks to entering into a deep meditative state, Jin was able to recuperate a lot faster than he normally would be able to. However, he still could not afford to rush things. If he attempted to force his soul on the path of a speedy recovery without some restraint with the soul shock still active, then he could end up accidentally splitting his soul into two separate pieces. How painful would that be?!

If tearing off a tiny piece of his soul was already so painful, one could only imagine how it would feel for a soul to be ripped in half. There was simply no comparison when it came to physical or mental pain.

'There's still a few hours left until I'm supposed to meet up with the others. However, I still have to procure some holy enchantments. Waiting until the very last minute could be troublesome.'

After going over a couple of things in his mind and clearing his thoughts, Jin reached for his virtual headset and put in on, logging into RML.

〈System Alert: Welcome Player Izroth, to Realm of Myths and Legends!〉



Izroth looked down at his hands and made a squeezing motion with them. He felt as if his body was reaching a point where it could keep up with his actual thoughts and natural instincts. Although it was still far off from his previous body, it was slowly but surely stabilizing.

The first thing Izroth did was head over towards the Mystical Realm Palace to check on how the shop was running. He was greeted by Opal and a few other NPCs as he walked in.

'Not bad. It's actually a bit more than I expected for the first day.'

Izroth had earned an additional 75,295 gold coins, after the person shop tax was taken out, since the last time he was logged onto to RML. Added to the 47,000 gold coins he made before logging off last night, Izroth earned a grand total of 122,295 gold coins!

'It dropped again.'

Izroth was referring to the gold to RMB exchange ratio. It had fallen down to 728 RMB per 1 gold coin now! Luckily, Izroth was diligent enough to change the settings before he logged off or else he could have missed out on a decent amount of RMB.

After averaging out the price of gold coins being constantly exchanged for RMB, Izroth ended up with 56,019,480 RMB. He made sure to send the 50% cut directly to Mariposa's account. With that amount being added on, Izroth now only had 25,326,210 RMB remaining on the original debt he owed. Once that happened, he would only have to focus on a 10% resource providers profit share.

'The RMB exchange rate is falling faster than I anticipated. I'll have to turn on the automatic adjustment feature.'

At first, Izroth was simply going to automatically adjust the prices over time to avoid any confusion. However, the exchange rate was falling too rapidly throughout the day, therefore, he decided to activate the Automatic Adjustment feature of the shop. This would make it so that the gold value would always equal the original RMB value.

For example, if the original value was 30 gold coins and the exchange rate at that time was 1:800, then the system would automatically adjust the price so that if the exchange rate dropped down to 1:750, the amount the item cost would increase to 32 gold coins. Therefore, no matter which way it went, the owner would still earn the intended amount of RMB.

After activating the feature, the shop would implement a slow increase so as not to suddenly spike the price up. Within the next hour or so, the prices would be properly adjusted.

Izroth closed out the shop interface and opened up his friendslist. At the moment, it was not a very long list and the number of players he added could still be counted on one's fingers alone. He quickly found the name he was searching for and sent off a message. Of course, the person he messaged was Mariposa regarding the holy enchantments he needed.

Around fifteen seconds later, Izroth received a message back from Mariposa.

〈Player Mariposa has sent you a message, "Oh? What kind of holy enchantments are you looking for?"〉

〈You has sent you a message to Player Mariposa, "The highest quality you can get your hands on. I'll need at least four of them."〉

〈Player Mariposa has sent you a message, "Alright, just consider this a small gift from me. I'm in a good mood today. ;) I'll have them delivered to you soon."〉

Twenty minutes later, just as promised, Mariposa had sent a member of Sleeping Gardenia to personally deliver the items to Izroth. When Izroth looked at the quality of the items Mariposa sent him, he was pleasantly surprised, to say the least.

'To actually send me four of such items as a small gift.'

Name: Holy Blessings(Enchantment Stone)

Rank: Grade Three

Usage: Enchants one's weapon with the powerful Holy attribute. Last for 24 hours.

Special Note: Begone all that is evil! Beware the light that overcomes the shadows!

Enchantment Stones were not to be confused for Inscription Stones. While the two held some similarities, there were some major differences that definitively separated the two. It was like comparing potions to pills.

As one might guess, an enchantment was only a temporary effect, unlike an Inscription which forever remained on the item it was attached to. Also, one did not need an Inscriptionist to understand the effects of an Enchantment Stone. Although the effects of Inscription Stones were more reliable in long term situations, both had their obvious advantages and disadvantages.

Mariposa was actually generous enough to send him four grade three Holy Blessings! Grade three Enchantment Stones were the equivalent of grade two pills from an Apothecary difficulty wise. In other words, there were not many players on who was capable of producing this item quality as of yet. However, this much was to be expected of a top guild like Sleeping Gardenia.

Izroth did not immediately apply the Enchantment Stone to his Sword of The Storm. He would wait until they arrived near their destination before doing so. After all, it was unknown just how long they would be there. Even though it was unlikely to be for 24 hours, it was still better safe than sorry.

Who knew what an SSS-ranked quest had in store for them? Of course, this could be completely unrelated to the SSS-ranked quest itself, but Izroth felt that the chances of that being the case were negligible at best. However, there was only one way to know for certain.

As the moments passed by, Izroth decided to step into the crafting room and spend the rest of his spare time going through the rare materials he was supposed to deliver to the "Pill Emperor". Of course, he was able to save himself a trip considering that he was the one players referred to as the Pill Emperor.

'There are many interesting ingredients in here that can definitely be used to form some low to mid grade Earth rank pills. I suppose putting that in RML terms, it would come out to anywhere between grade four and grade six. However, each grade of an Earth rank pill is like that of night and day compared to the Spirit rank pills which have a smaller power gap between each rank. I am unsure how the system will interpret it. Although, I can only hope things go well considering how picky Earth rank pill ingredients can be. It's much more difficult to find suitable substitutes.'

Time flew by in a heartbeat as Izroth immersed himself in researching the rare materials. While he did not craft any new pills during this time period, he was able to learn more about being an Apothecary within RML. Izroth felt that he would be able to easily become a grade four Apothecary at any time. In fact, he felt that becoming a grade six Apothecary would not be too challenging for him.

However, he believed that becoming a grade seven Apothecary would prove to be more troublesome. Not only would he have to find a higher grade fire core, but he would also have to feed the Dark Abyssal Cauldron a massive amount of pill essence to reach that stage. It was still too far off in the future for now.

A couple of hours passed and the afternoon was right around the corner. It seemed to have arrived in an instant. Izroth had been so concentrated on the rare materials that he did not even realize that the time had already come for him to meet up with the others.

'They should be here at any moment now. I'll wrap things up here for the time being. Once I return, I will have to carefully decide which Earth rank pill I want to craft first.'

Izroth left from out of the pill crafting room. Not too long after doing so, he caught sight of three familiar faces near the front area of the shop.

"Ah, brother Izroth!" Guan Yu noticed Izroth and gave a friendly wave to grab his attention. Standing next to him was Halls and Luna. Halls appeared to be excited while Luna, on the other hand, looked a little dejected for some reason. As for Zi Yi, she had yet to arrive. The same went for the other individual Izroth invited to join them on this quest.

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