Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 230 Resurfacing Memories

After traveling around Amaharpe for a while and checking through various things, Izroth messaged Mariposa about a few things regarding the 91,000 gold coins, or 69,342,000 RMB considering the exchange rate at the time the deal was made, debt he owed. However, it would be more accurate to go by the RMB amount since the gold to RMB exchange ratio was dropping at a steady pace.

The more gold players earned and circulated throughout RML, the less valuable it became. Therefore, it was only natural that the exchange rate would fall over time. In the beginning, a single gold coin was worth 1,000 RMB! However, Izroth's most recent trip not too long ago to the auction house put the value of 1 gold coin at a worth of 757 RMB. That was a 243 difference!

It had not even been a full day since his last visit to the auction house and the rate had already fallen by 5 RMB.

The price of gold coins was deteriorating faster and faster every day. At first, it was only a few RMB shaved off per day, however, now it could be as much as 10-20 RMB in a single day! Of course, it would slow down again once it dropped to a certain range, but Izroth chose to take advantage of the current high exchange rates and immediately exchange all incoming gold coins into RMB.

That was what the conversation between him and Mariposa was about. She agreed that it would be better to simply convert the gold coins as they came in, which was one of the features available for players who owned shops. Besides an auction house, owners in their respective shops could also convert their earned gold coins into RMB.

While they still had to pay the 10% conversion fee, it still saved them from the additional taxes tacked on by the auction house, as well as, saving them a trip.

Izroth headed back towards the Mystical Realm Palace to implement this change. Immediately after doing so, the gold that he had already earned from the pills sold so far was converted into RMB. In total, Izroth ended up with 35,579,000 RMB before the conversion fee was taken out, leaving him with

32,021,100 RMB.

'How viciously carnivorous.'

Izroth was referring to the amount of RMB the company behind RML earned from his single transaction alone. The conversion fee did not just disappear into midair, it went straight to the company who owed RML. From a single conversion fee, they had just taken 3,557,900 RMB!

There were millions upon millions of players within RML and many of them used the exchange feature. Therefore, one could only imagine just how much RMB the company behind RML was earning from all of this.

After the successful conversion, as promised, Izroth sent 16,006,050 RMB, which was 50% of the Mystical Realm Palace's earnings, to Mariposa. Adding in his new gains, Izroth was now in possession of 23,528,306 RMB! Starting with practically nothing to his name, he had earned a small fortune in not even a full year or even a full month since coming to this world!

Izroth adjusted a few more settings and set up a few things before finally deciding it was time to log off.

'The energy flowing through my body has been feeling quite strange ever since I reached the third stage of the Heavenly Golden Body physique. There's also the matter of the slight imbalance that has existed ever since I split a part of my soul that day. Now that everything is settled here, for the time being, I'll use this chance to thoroughly check the status of my body in the real world.'

Izroth had been quite busy these past few days, be it within RML or the real world. He had not yet had a proper chance to enter into a deep meditative state. However, since he was finally free until tomorrow afternoon, Izroth chose to use his free time wisely.

A few moments later, Izroth logged off RML as he removed his virtual reality headset. He sat up in his bed crosslegged in a meditative pose. Afterward, he closed his eyes as faint aura could be seen enveloped around his body if one looked closely.

He was now in a deep meditative state as he examined the current state of his body, as well as, his soul.


Reilei was taking a walk around the hotel and admiring all the spectacular decorations everywhere. After being stuffed up inside of the hotel room, she decided to explore the rest of this grand hotel. However, after walking around for a bit, she felt a bit uneasy.

As she walked by, people gave her strange looks and sometimes even lecherous stares. From the simple way Reilei was dressed, it was obvious that she was not a high profile individual. However, she was not wearing the same uniform as the staff, therefore, she could not be a housekeeper or employee of the establishment.

The thought of her being a guest who was also staying in the hotel did not even cross their minds for a single moment. In fact, if not for her beautiful appearance, there was a good chance that someone would have probably already said something to her without restraint.

Reilei eased away from areas with a lot of people roaming around and stayed to the more non-social areas. However, as she was passing by one of the rooms, she noticed laughing and cheering going on inside. It seemed to be some kind of banquet hall or a place that the hotel held events.

She had no intentions on going in, but something still caught her eye as she was passing by. There was a group of entertainers at the center of the hall who were performing all kinds of feats. All of a sudden, one of the performers held a torch in front of them and blew, giving the appearance that they were actually breathing fire.

Reilei's eyes were locked onto those flames as time seemed to slow down at that moment. To her, there was nothing but the fire currently dancing in the air that existed right now. The next moment, Reilei found that she was surrounded by fire and smoke, her vision was blurry and she could barely see anything. She couldn't breathe. She was suffocating!

Without realizing it, Reilei's entire body was shaking in terror as she remembered what happened the night of the fire. It was as if her body was reacting instinctively to the experience she suffered through.

"You're in the way." A voice sounded from behind Reilei.

That voice snapped Reilei back to reality. The entertainer had put out the flames, and Reilei found herself lightheaded and slightly out of breath. For a moment, she felt as if she was really trapped back in that apartment again during the fire. It was a terrifying experience that caused cold sweat to form on her back.

"Wenny, you should be nicer to women you know~ Wait, on the other hand, only be nice to me. Hehe..." The coy voice of a woman could be heard speaking.

"Ah, my apologies..." Reilei said as she was still muddle-headed. She moved out of the doorway to allowed the two people to pass. It was a young man accompanied by a young woman who was clinging closely to him. Both of them were dressed nicely. However, as they walked by, the young man stopped.

"Eh? Why did you stop Wenny?" The woman said as she pouted.

"Hm? Aren't you Jin's mother?" The young man said which shocked not only Reilei but the young woman next to him as well.

It took a few seconds, but Reilei finally became clear headed. When she realized that she actually recognized the young man and woman, she was shocked.

The young man was none other than Wendell, her son's best friend. Or to be more accurate, his former best friend. Once Wendell's father came across some money, he no longer wished to be associated with Jin and quickly became a stranger.

The young woman next to him was Jin's ex-girlfriend, Genesis. That once seemingly and lovely young woman who was truly heartless on the inside.

Reilei would never forget how heartbroken and devastated Jin was that day. For months, he would barely eat or sleep even more than usual and spent a greater deal of time lost within those video games of his. As his mother, Reilei had never felt so pained before to see her son have to go through that level of betrayal.

Those two were the last people she expected to run into at this place. However, there was a part of her that could not help but be upset. Reilei was never the type of person to lose her temper, but when it came to Jin, she felt that she had no control over doing so.

But, in the end, they were just children compared to her. Therefore, she could only keep her dissatisfaction to herself and not lower herself to their level.

"Ah, Jin's mother? Eh?! You're totally right! Wow, what's she doing here? Probably working no doubt. Did she finally take on a fourth job?" Genesis said as she giggled playfully while snuggling up to Wendell.

"Now now, we shouldn't be rude babe. Tell me, how is my good old friend Jin doing these days? I heard a fire burned down your home, how tragic. I do hope the two of you are doing well. It must be hard taking on a fourth job to pay for a new place to live. If you'd like, I have a job opening for a personal maid, it'll pay better than all four of your jobs combined. What do you say?" Wendell said with a smile on his face.

"Wenny, you're so thoughtful and kind as usual. So generous helping those in need." Genesis said.

"I-" Reilei tried to speak, however, Wendell cut her off as if he already knew what she was going to say.

"There's no need to thank me. I'm doing this from the kindness of my heart. It's the least I can do for an old friend's mother." Wendell said in a chivalrous manner. However, hidden behind that facade, one could see a certain glint in his eye. It was one that was filled with contempt and disdain for the woman before him.

Give her a job? Help her? Ridiculous! He simply wanted to see the look on Jin's pathetic face when he found out his mother was working for him. Giving Reilei a bit of money was a small price to pay for such a priceless sight. After all, how could he forget the humiliation Jin put him through?

At a time before his father came into money, Jin, Wendell, and Genesis were all close friends. One day, three gangsters approached them on their way home from school. The gangsters were being overly aggressive and punched Wendell, sending him to the ground. Wendell sat there with his hand on his face where he was punched, shocked and motionless. He was too scared to even move!

When one of those gangsters grabbed Genesis by the wrist, without hesitating, Jin, that coward and pushover, actually jumped out and attacked the gangster who grabbed her. Needless to say, the gangster did not take kindly to this and Jin suffered quite the beating from all three gangsters. However, no matter how many times he got knocked down, how many hits he took and how pathetic his fighting abilities were, he got up again and again.

It got to the point where the gangsters literally got tired of beating on him and left! After that, Jin looked back at Genesis with a bloody face beaten to a pulp and said, "Are you okay?". It was after that moment Jin and Genesis began dating one another.

Until this day, Wendell could not help but feel hatred towards Jin.

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