Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 220 The Top Guilds Scramble! Part 1

This was huge news! A player owned shop possessed not one, not two, but three grade three pills! Even if there was just a single grade three pill it would have been worth it. However, many of the buyers were members of top guilds that were stationed at the auction house across from the Mystical Realm Palace.

Once it was confirmed that grade three pills were available for purchase, everyone tried to rush up the stairs to the second floor. However, there was no choice but for the majority of those turn back due to the five gold coins access fee.

Of course, after the members of those top guilds ran their findings by their guilds, every one of them had given the same instructions, "Buy as many of them as possible!". But, that quickly became wishful thinking. Even the grade three pills were limited to one purchase per player. How frustrating!

There was one other interesting fact that was swiftly discovered and that was the presence of the Five Cycles Pill. This place definitely had ties to that mysterious Pill Emperor! This meant that even if the owner of this shop was not the Pill Emperor, they would, at least, possess valuable information regarding the Pill Emperor's true identity.

Their next task was clear, they had to find the owner of the Mystical Realm Palace before someone else beat them to it.

'Things are going much better than I've anticipated.'

Izroth was watching over the shop and wandering around to see how things were going. He had to admit, the NPC's were extremely useful in this situation. It did not become overcrowded or chaotic thanks to them maintaining order in the shop. It also helped that there was an automatic occupancy limit for the shop itself.

At the moment, no more than a certain number of players could be present in the shop at the same time. If one wanted to enter inside when the shop was already full, it would be impossible to do so unless a player that was already inside left the shop.

Of course, there was an exception to this rule. Players who were personally invited or given permission(s) by the property's owner could enter even if the occupancy limit was reached.

It had been less than one hour since the shop opened and the number of purchases was not slowing down in the slightest! In just the short amount of time since the grand opening began, Izroth earned 10,800 gold coins. That was 8,229,600 RMB with the current 1:762 gold to RMB exchange ratio.

Of course, he had to pay 5% of his earnings directly to RML as tax. After that, he had to split 50% of his total profits to pay off the debt he owned Sleeping Gardenia as per their agreement. However, at the current rate of business, Izroth would be able to pay the debt off in a single day.

Once that happened, he would only have to grant 10% to Sleeping Gardenia since they were dealing with the hassle of collecting massive amounts of resources. Not only did they have the connections, but they also had the gold coins to make use of those connections. Also, to be completely honest, this arrangement was easier for Izroth.

"Everything seems to be going well. I expect it won't be long now until the name Mystical Realm Palace is known throughout all of RML." Mariposa said as she approached Izroth with a smile on her face. She had arrived before the official opening to discuss a few final details with Izroth. Plus, she would not miss such an important event when it had something to do with Sleeping Gardenia.

"I originally estimated the shop to be self-sustainable for around three days, however, it seems I'll have to replenish the inventory in two days if I'm lucky. The good news is that you should see your 91,000 gold coins by the end of the day. Of course, you will still receive your 10% share as promised after that." Izroth said in a carefree manner.

"I look forward to it. Sleeping Gardenia will do everything in its power to make sure your needs are met when it comes to resources. However, I feel I should mention something to you regarding who I've obtained the Jugris Leaf and Violent Lotus Seeds from." Mariposa said.

"Oh? Who might that be?" Izroth asked.

"First, does the name Seven Dreams Consortium ring any bells?" Mariposa said.

'Seven Dreams Consortium? If I remember correctly, they are basically a group of individuals who collect and sell various items on a wide variety of gaming platforms.'

Izroth nodded and replied, "I've heard of them."

"I thought you might. However, are you also aware of a player who goes by the name Metronome?" Mariposa asked.

Metronome? Izroth was a bit surprised at first, but he quickly connected a few dots. If Metronome had ties to the Seven Dreams Consortium, it would certainly explain how he always seemed capable of getting his hands on items that should normally be difficult to find in such a short period of time.

"We've met on several occasions." Izroth answered.

"As I thought, he was telling the truth... I just thought you should know that he's well aware of your identity as an Apothecary. In other words, he knows that you are the one players are calling the Pill Emperor. Though I must say, he's quite different from the other Administrators. Even though I've never even heard of him until yesterday, he's quite capable." Mariposa stated.

'I suppose it all makes sense now.'

Izroth had been trying to figure out Metronome's hidden intentions for a while now. Although he was able to tell that Metronome did not have any ill intentions towards him, Izroth could see that he still possessed a hidden agenda of sorts. Now, he understood a good part of Metronome's agenda.

However, Izroth was curious as to why Metronome hid his identity as an Administrator from the Seven Dreams Consortium. What exactly was it that he was trying to accomplish?

As Izroth and Mariposa were having a conversation, a group of players was headed towards Izroth's direction. They discovered from the identity of the shop owner from the NPC's working there and immediately made a move to greet him.

It appeared that each player was trying to get in front of the other so that they could have the initiative. But, when they saw that the guild leader of Sleeping Gardenia was already next to him, their facial expressions turned gloomy.

They had lost the first contact advantage! However, that would not stop them from establishing a friendly connection with the shop owner of this place.

"Sir, my name is Vanter from Blue Oasis. You're personally acquainted with the captain of my Blue Oasis, Niflheim. It is an honor to meet you, sir. Forgive my rudeness, it is a pleasure to meet the renowned guild leader of Sleeping Gardenia in this place." Vanter spoke in a polite manner with a large smile on his face.

"Indeed, I have met Niflheim on a few occasions. He is a sensible man." Izroth replied.

All the other members of the top guilds looked at Vanter with ugly expressions on their faces. It appeared that an important member of his guild already knew the shop's owner and Vanter was using that to his advantage. How disgusting! However, the truth of the matter was that they were jealous that they had no such advantage to use.

But, one of the more informed players quickly followed up after Vanter's statement and said, "Hah! Are you forgetting that other captain who insulted and attacked sir Izroth in the event Protectors of Amaharpe? What was his name again? Oh yes, I believe it was that Minus captain of yours."

"You dare drag the name of my Blue Oasis through the mud?!" Vanter snapped back as he glared at the player who had just spoken. It would be incorrect to say that Minus directly attacked Izroth or even had players attack him. In fact, it was someone who was a part of Izroth's party who had been attacked according to the reports of the event.

However, the way the player had spun his words made it seem as if Blue Oasis and Izroth were at odds against one another. Vanter would not stand by and allow the name of his guild to be tarnished.

The player scoffed and said, "He still dared to make a move against sir Izroth and such a thing is unforgivable! My Cross Haven, on the other hand, has always been on friendly terms with sir Izroth. My name is Leaping Grass of the guild Cross Haven. We've actually met once before, although I don't expect you to remember after such a brief time. How did sir Izroth enjoy the Sea Palace Graveyard?"

Leaping Grass was in the same party as Wess back at the Sea Palace Graveyard where he first saw Izroth. He happened to be close by when the city announcement went off and was the highest ranking member of Cross Haven in the immediate vicinity. Therefore, he would be the one to continue building Cross Haven's image in a good way.

All the other players rushed to introduce themselves and yelled out the name of their guilds.

Izroth shook his head inwardly as he listened to everyone spew words of compliments about his "extraordinary" appearance and "powerful" personality. However, most of them only knew of him by name and nothing of him as a person. Therefore, how could the words they were speaking possibly be how they truly felt? It was obvious they were trying to curry his favor.

However, there was one member who stayed far away from the other group who was originally a part of the group rushing to meet the shop owner. When that player laid his eyes upon Izroth, his facial expression immediately turned gloomy. It was the same member of the Headhunter Syndicate who Izroth killed back in the Towering Oak Forest, Doctor Dark.

How could he possibly try to curry favor with the shop owner after that unfortunate run in? Why?! Why did it have to be that player out of the millions upon millions of players within RML? Why him?! Those were the only thoughts drifting through Doctor Dark's mind at the time.

Mariposa had enough of watching these players fawn over Izroth in such a shameless manner. She stepped forward in front of Izroth and swept his gaze across the group of players before her.

"If you want to continue making fools of yourselves, then you're free to do so. However, you should know that such colorful words without meaning will have no effect on Izroth, you're wasting your time and effort. Now, I suggest you all take your leave before my patience runs out." Mariposa spoke in a tone full of authority.

The group of players went silent and were unsure of what to do next. If it was just any other player who was a part of Sleeping Gardenia then they would not have to show them any face and would have just ignored them. However, this was the guild leader of Sleeping Gardenia herself!

Not only was she well known within RML, but even in the real world, she had a terrifying background. Who wanted to risk offending her and deny her all face? The answer was no one!

"I was unaware that the guild leader of Sleeping Gardenia bullied players in such a manner." A voice sounded out from a few meters away causing everyone to turn their attention towards its source. Who had the guts to speak that way to the guild leader of one of the top ten guilds within all of RML?!

"Bullied? They have not seen my impolite side yet. Though I'm surprised you came to this place in person, Ewan." Mariposa responded.

Ewan approached Izroth and Mariposa as the other players created a bit of distance. Now that two guild leaders of such high esteem were present, they had no place in the conversation. Even Wang Qiang, one of the Five Great Generals of Cross Haven, had come to this place!

Why would the shop owner listen to players like them instead of the three influential players before him? The original group of players who approached Izroth knew that now, all they could do was wait until a higher ranking member of their guild arrived.

"I am the guild leader of Cross Haven, Ewan. It is nice to finally meet you in person, Izroth." Ewan said in a way that was neither overly polite or arrogant.

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