Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 218 Newfound Energy

Izroth opened his system interface to check the message and saw that it was from He Huian of Sleeping Gardenia.

〈System Alert: Player He Huian has sent you a message, "It looks like things have moved well ahead of schedule. Therefore, if you'd like, I can have someone deliver the resources to you within the hour. Of course, if you're busy then we can stick to the original plan."〉

'Oh? What perfect timing.'

Izroth had just returned from the Blazing Tempris Domain not too long ago. He planned on logging off and taking care of a few things, however, he would not pass up the chance to add the final touch to his shop, pills!

At the moment, Izroth's pills reserves were far from being enough to launch the grand opening of the Mystical Realm Palace. Izroth understood that this was a huge opportunity for him and he was going to make the most of it.

Izroth confirmed with He Huian that he would be available for the delivery and closed his system interface.

"What are your plans now?" Luna asked curiously as she looked towards Izroth.

"I have a few things to take care of and so I'll have to take my leave." Izroth responded.

"I see. I promised Zi Yi that I would join her at the palace library once I've returned to Amaharpe. Apparently, she would like a second opinion on something and needs help searching through some things. She made it sound important when we last spoke as we were already making our back to Amaharpe." Luna said.

"Then, I'll wish you both of you good luck." Izroth said as he gave a carefree smile.

"Library? This game has a library?" Mirage said with a shocked expression on her face. Who would want to spend time reading in a library inside of a game? There was such a massive world to explore and she could just not fathom why someone would be willing to torture themselves in such a manner.

A few moments later, Izroth, Luna, and Mirage went their separate ways after exchanging farewells.

'I should prepare the Dark Abyssal Cauldron.'

Not too long after he took his leave, Izroth arrived at the Mystical Realm Palace and went straight towards the room he created just for pill crafting.

The first thing Izroth did was remove the Dark Abyssal Cauldron from his inventory and place it directly at the center of the room. Next, he removed the D-ranked fire core and grabbed the B-ranked fire core, the Flame of Synthesis, from his inventory.

'This fire core has been pushed well past the limit of its capabilities..'

The D-ranked fire core looked similar to the B-ranked fire core, except its flames were an orangish-red color and the fire within moved around slowly. The flames inside of the D-ranked fire core looked as if it were ready to die out at any given moment now. It was unlike the flames in the B-ranked fire core that jumped around and danced with excitement.

Izroth placed the Flame of Synthesis fire core into the slot on the Dark Abyssal Cauldron.

At first, the cauldron shook violently as if it were rejecting the fire core. A couple of seconds later, a freezing air filled the room as the inside of the cauldron actually formed ice! However, a few seconds after that, a roaring green flame erupted from the cauldron that melted the ice and made the room feel as if one were standing within the flames itself.

This constant fluctuation between extreme cold and extreme heat continued on for about ten seconds before the Dark Abyssal Cauldron finally stopped its violent shaking. In the end, there was a small green flame lingering around the inside of the cauldron that was no bigger one's finger. However, there was a tremendous amount of power behind that tiny flame.

'If this cauldron did not a growth effect attached to it along with its indestructible durability, there's a good chance that it may have been destroyed due to the level gap of the cauldron and the flame.'

One of the best qualities of the Dark Abyssal Cauldron was its indestructible material. Not only did it allow room for error when exploring certain limitations, but it saved one the time and effort of having to repair the item.

Izroth took some time to get used to the new temperature control for his cauldron.

Then, around thirty minutes later, He Huian arrived at the Mystical Realm Palace to deliver the promised resources to Izroth.

"I thought the first batch should be delivered by me personally. But, in the future, it will be a task for the Apothecary branch of our guild. I hope you will find no offense to this." He Huian spoke softly.

"There is no offense. As long as I receive the resources it does not matter who delivers them." Izroth responded in a reassuring manner. If he found offense in such a simple matter, then he would spend every moment of his life being offended!

He Huian discussed a few details with Izroth regarding the Mystical Realm Palace and complimented him on the beautiful yet sleek design of his shop. They mostly spoke about some operation matters, as well as, any future plans on how to operate the shop in the long term. However, they did not go into too much detail since most of it was something to discuss at a later date.

"I hope for your success." He Huian said as she gave a polite bow and took her leave from the shop.

Izroth did not waste any time and immediately went back into the pill crafting room. He looked over the resources that He Huian delivered and saw quite a few that he had not yet come across within RML or the auction house.

'If all the top guilds have a collection like this stashed away, then there are still numerous reagants not up for sale in the auction house.'

Although Izroth was tempted to experiment with the new resources he received, he knew that it was something he would have to do at a later time. Right now, his main focus was on creating enough of all six pills for the grand opening of the Mystical Realm Palace!

The two grade one pills were the Heart of the Heavenly Dragon Pill and the Balanced Mind Pill. As for the two grade two pills, they were called the Ocean Spring Pill and the Iron Body Pill. Then, there was the main attraction, the three grade three pills.

First, there was the already known and popular Five Cycles Pill and then, there was the Two Solar Extremities Pill. However, the most recent of the grade three pills that Izroth created was known as the Earthly Treasure Tarsenius Pill.

Out of all pills, Izroth believed that the Two Solar Extremities Pill would be the most popular since it was possible to take it more than one time. But, that was just taking into account those big guilds who could actually afford the price of grade three pills.

As for overall popularity amongst the casual players, there was no doubt in Izroth's mind it would be both grade one pills. The grade one pills were simply more affordable for most if not all players and that would play a large role in attracting the largest portion of the game base to his shop.

'The amount of resources Sleeping Gardenia provided are much more than I originally anticipated. It looks as if I'll be crafting pills for the rest of the day.'

Izroth stood in front of his Dark Abyssal and began the heating process before starting his long journey inside of the pill crafting room.


Around 16 hours later in the real world...

Jin removed his virtual reality headset and released a light sigh as he sat up straight on his bed. He looked over at the nearby clock and saw that it was already the next day with the time being seven o'clock in the morning.

Although only 16 hours passed by in the real world, Jin had spent 48 hours straight in-game time doing nothing but pill crafting within RML! Even though he managed to create a mountain of pills during that time, it was still a boring and repetitive task to do for such an extended period of time.

Jin stood up from his bed and went out into the living room area. He could smell the fresh aroma of food drift by his nostrils.

As soon as he opened his room door, he heard a voice coming from the direction of the kitchen.

"Ah, Jin, you're up. Come, breakfast is almost ready, I just have to add a few finishing touches." Reilei said with a glowing smile on her face as she hummed lightly to herself. One could see that she was in a pleasant mood and there seemed to be a new level of energy to her.

"I'm glad to see that you're feeling well enough to be back on your feet so early. You could have ordered room service, I would have taken care of it." Jin said as a smile formed on his face without he himself even realizing it. He was unable to recall any memories of the last time she had ever been this energetic.

However, Jin knew that a part of that newfound energy was not only due to her being less stressed after not having to work three jobs but also because of the Eight Lunar Cycles physique. Although she was only at the initial stages of the physique, the number of benefits it provided was still bountiful.

"There's no need to room service. I'm not sure why, but I've been feeling full of energy lately. I have no idea what I should do with all of it and I could not find it within myself to stay within that room doing nothing. So, I decided to pick up a few fresh ingredients and make your favorite breakfast items. You spend so much time on that game that I'm sure you're not eating properly." Reilei said.

"I'm grateful. I'll try to not to lose track of the time too much and eat properly." Jin responded with a helpless expression.

"Hm, yes I've heard that excuse before, young man. Now, eat." Reilei said as she gave a light giggle as she set up the food on the table and ate breakfast with Jin.

She asked Jin how things were going in RML, but she did not understand most of the words that were coming out of his mouth due to the gaming terminology he used. However, she was able to, at the very least, tell that things were going well for him which made her happy.

Jin spent the entire morning with Reilei and after eating breakfast, they went out and had some quality time together. It was nothing too extravagant as Reilei was content with simply spending time with her son.


7 hours later...

Jin had finally arrived back at the hotel room along with Reilei. After relaxing for a few hours, Jin decided that it was a good time to discuss their current situation regarding their living arrangements. After all, they could not live in a hotel room forever. Therefore, after finding a private home touring service, he and Reilei paid a visit to various locations to look for a new home.

"Those places were all too fancy, Jin. I just can't imagine myself living forever in places like that for a long time." Reilei said as she released a small sigh. For some reason, Jin had insisted on letting her choose their new home. However, there was just so much to consider that she was still unsure of what to do.

"There's no rush. You can take all the time you need. I just want you to pick a place you like, that's all." Jin said in a reassuring manner. As for the price of the home Reilei chose, he was unconcerned. Once the Mystical Realm Palace launched today, he would not have to worry about lacking the money to afford it.

After finishing up their conversation, Jin went to take a shower before returning to his room, putting his virtual reality headset on, and logging into RML. It was time for the grand opening of the Mystical Realm Palace.

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