Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 188 Purchasing The First Property


After leaving from the Sleeping Gardenia building, Izroth and Zi Yi soon arrived before an empty building located just across the road from the auction house. One could quite literally step outside of the auction house and be immediately greeted by its sight.

"Are these the right coordinates?" Zi Yi asked with a frown on her face.

Izroth nodded as he examined the outside of the building and replied, "This should be the place."

"It's no bigger than a common street shop and it cost nearly 90,000 gold coins?" Zi Yi said as she looked at the building that was no bigger than a normal streetside shop.

"The property is currently in a dormant state. Until I officially label the property as open, it will remain in this state. However, the inside will be completely different once we enter into the building itself. But, to those viewing the structure from outside, it will appear empty as we are seeing it now." Izroth explained.

Zi Yi released a small sigh and said, "I wish you were able to share that manual of yours over the system interface."

When Izroth unlocked the ability to own property within the capital city of Amaharpe, he received a manual that explained and outline details about owning property. It ranged from taxes and fees, all the way to shop creation and what to expect. It was quite a detailed manual.

However, it was only available to those who were able to own property and could not be sent freely over the system interface unless the person sending the information already owned a piece of property.

"That will change once I have access to the property itself. Most of it is common sense and does not stray too far from what one can expect when purchasing any kind of property." Izroth said as he stood before the door.

The moment Izroth stood directly in front of the door, he received an alert from the system.

〈System Alert: This property is currently unregistered and entry is off limits.〉

〈System Alert: You have one property slot available.〉

Registered Property Name: Building A-0001

Property Owner: None

Property Grade: A

Buy Price: 88,582 gold coins or 69,182,542 RMB

Property Tax: 0% (Waived)

Shop Tax: 5%(Reduced)

〈System Alert: Would you like to purchase Building A-0001?〉

Izroth looked over the details and it was just as he saw it on the property listing. Of course, its price had risen since the last time he was online, but it was still within the expected price range. Izroth then went on to confirm the purchase.

〈System Alert: You have successfully purchased «Building A-0001»〉

〈System Alert: Insufficient gold coins, activating RMB Surplus...〉

〈System Alert: 6,664,273 RMB has been charged to your account.〉

After buying ownership of the property, Izroth was left with a total of 10,857,289. It felt as if every time he made money he would simply invest it back into something else and watch the number fall.

'I suppose the old saying you have to spend money to make money remains true no matter where you go.'

However, Izroth was not too concerned over spending money at the moment. After all, he knew that it would not take him long to make a profitable return on whatever it was that he spent. When he finally manages to get this shop up and running, it would be a matter of when not if he makes a return on his investment.

〈System Alert: Congratulations, you are the first player to purchase property within RML.〉

〈System Alert: You have received +100 World Fame!〉

〈System Alert: Your Property Tax has been waived!〉

〈System Alert: You have received x1 «Property Announcement»〉

Name: Property Announcement(Special*)(Soulbound)

Rank: Special*

Durability: ∞(Indestructible)

Range: City

Usage: This allows the user to make a citywide announcement after their property has been officially opened.

Special Note: This item is granted only to the first player to purchase a property. This item cannot be traded or sold.

'Oh? This is my first time seeing an item like this.'

Izroth had never come across any item with the rank special. However, it's purpose was clear and incredibly useful. One thing was for certain, he did not have to worry about having any customers not show up when he decided to open the shop.

The world fame was a nice bonus, however, Izroth inwardly shook his head at the property tax being waived. After all, due to his title Protector of Amaharpe, he did not have to worry about the property tax in the first place.

"How is it?" Zi Yi asked.

"It's done. I've also received an unexpected bonus." Izroth said as he sent the information regarding the Property Announcement over to Zi Yi. At the same time, he also granted her access to the property, as well as, permission(s). By default, the property was listed as private and closed until the owner manually changed it.

However, Izroth had no plans to open a shop with no merchandise inside to sell.

"At least now we know for sure that you are the first player to purchase a piece of property within all of RML. I can only imagine the look on those top guild players faces when this announcement goes off throughout the entire city." Zi Yi said.

"I am sure it will create quite the headache at first." Izroth replied as he opened the door and entered into the building along with Zi Yi. Izroth had no doubt that he would have to eventually deal with every top guild once he opened the shop. They would all look to gain some kind of extra benefit or side deal, however, he decided to cross that bridge when he arrives at it.

The first thing Izroth saw when he walked inside of the building was a huge open space. Just as it said, the inside was much bigger than it appeared to be on the outside. It was almost as big as the auction house based on size alone.

The entire room was completely empty, the walls were bright white, and the floor was made out of wooden. In simple terms, it was about as plain as could be.

"I knew that it would be empty, but this is..." Zi Yi muttered to herself.

"According to the manual, one can choose from a list of preset designs or create one of their own from scratch. Either way, it will cost gold coins or RMB to do so. Unfortunately, interior designing is not a strong suit of mine, so I will use one of the preset designs. Although it will cost a bit more, it will also save a lot of time." Izroth said as he shook his head.

"I've just finished reading over the manual and reviewing the available options. The difference between preset designs and custom ones are negligible unless you plan on going for the extra extravagant look. However, I have a feeling extra extravagant isn't exactly what you have in mind." Zi Yi said.

Ever since she was granted permission(s) by Izroth, he was able to view the property manual, as well as, the details regarding the property itself. Due to her unnatural reading talent, it did not take her more than a couple of minutes to look over all the information presented.

"I have come to the same conclusion. While I'm waiting for He Huian to send the resources, I suppose we should get started on making this place presentable. But before we get started..." Izroth said as he opened his inventory and removed six pills from inside before handing them over to Zi Yi.

"These are-" Zi Yi looked over the six pills that Izroth casually handed over to her. Two of them were actually grade three pills! She was currently holding at least 100 gold coins worth of pills in her hands at the moment.

"I did not have the chance to get them to you back at the other building. I know there is no need to warn you, but the Two Solar Extremities Pill should only be taken under extreme circumstances. While the effect is powerful, the side effects after it ends can leave you virtually defenseless." Izroth reminded Zi Yi.

Zi Yi nodded as a small, but grateful, smile appeared on her face. She understood that this was Izroth's way of thanking her, therefore, she would not rudely turn down his offer.

After discussing things for a bit, Izroth and Zi Yi finally came up with a solid game plan.

"Even with the preset design, we still have quite a bit to do. Shall we begin?" Izroth said with a carefree expression on his face.


Meanwhile, somewhere outside of the capital city Amaharpe...

"Nana, now!" Jia said as he retreated from the large demonic bear-like monster. Her short azure hair swayed slightly as she moved backward.


The demonic bear appeared to become enraged as Jia attacked it and then immediately retreated. It charged after Jia and swiped out with its heavy bear paw.

"I told you already, that name is embarrassing..." Luna said as she sighed.

"Hehe, I can't help it. Na. Na.~" Jia said in a teasing manner.

Luna shook her head as he looked towards the demonic bear and breathed in slightly.

"Stop." Luna said as her voice echoed and reverberated through her surroundings. A powerful wave of magic rushed out towards the demonic bear and slammed into its body causing it to halt its charge.

Jia whistled and said, "No matter how many times you use that skill, it's so fun to watch!"

Luna gave a helpless smile as she listened to Jia's words. She had been practicing the use of her voice magic ever since they started their current quest. The skill itself had a vague and broad description when it all came down to it, and the only way for her to further explore the limitations of the ability was to use it constantly and test it out.

So far, she learned that different words invoked different effects. Not only did the damage value change depending the the main focus of the word, but even the crowd control effects varied. She still had much left to explore regarding the nature of this voice magic. But one thing was for certain, it was surely a wonderous and versatile skill.

When she first appeared before her group of friends, they were all stunned by her appearance. She looked like a beautiful fairy goddess! Luna was already naturally beautiful, however, her near appearance made her feel somewhat more... Otherworldly.

When they asked her how she managed to get that cosmetic change, she explained to them what happened inside of the Chaotic Dogma Realm. They could only sigh helplessly and regret not being there when it took place.

However, it became quite frustrating for them to fend off all the male and female players alike who swarmed around Luna due to her appearance. After all, she was the only known player who was of a different race! Not only that, but it was actually from the Trephasia race, a race known for their high level of beauty.

Jia rushed forward and finished off the demonic bear with a blow from her daggers while it was immobilized.


The demonic bear collapsed to the ground and turned into countless particles.

Jia jumped around excitedly for a bit before looting the demonic bear.

"Luna, do you have any plans for next Friday?" One of Luna's party members asked. She had long black hair tied up into a ponytail, green eyes, and a pretty face that would naturally stand out in a room. Her name was Xun Guiying, one of Luna's friends in the real world.

"None in particular. Why do you ask?" Luna said.

"Well I was thinking that we should-" As Xun Guiying was talking, Luna felt a sudden sense of danger rushing right towards them.

"Watch out!" Luna said as she pushed Xun Guiying out of the way which surprised her.

What was going on? Why did Luna suddenly push Xun Guiying? Those were the thoughts that crossed Jia's mind, however, she soon received the answer to her question.

"Ugh!" A voice sounded just behind the spot Xun Guiying stood in just moments ago as a player appeared out of seemingly nowhere. The sudden surprise attack startled Luna's party.


Luna had cast Illuminate which caused the player to become temporarily disoriented and miss their strike.

"Who are you?" Luna asked as the player jumped back to retreat now that his attack had failed.

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