Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 179 Lockdown of The Dragon Den, Not Alone


'That makes fifteen.'

Jin, using the knowledge he obtained via Soul Searching, discovered fifteen Dragon Stone base of operations. Although there may be more locations lurking around, he felt as if this would be enough to get the Dragon Stone gang's attention.

He also knew that while Bai Hui and Yan He were the ones responsible for burning down the apartment, they did not do it without orders. Unfortunately, the two of them had no idea who gave the order as the person on the other end was very secretive and kept their identity well hidden.

In fact, the only thing the two of them knew about that mysterious person was the fact that he went by the name Titan and that he was someone high up on the food chain of the Dragon Stone gan. Jin understood that Titan was obviously an alias used by whoever was behind the order.

'As long as I continue to pursue the Dragon Stone gang whoever this Titan person is will have to reveal themselves sooner or later. Until then, it's about time I pay a proper visit to this so-called Dragon Den.'

The Dragon Den was the main headquarters of the Dragon Stone gang and Jin's current destination. All those who enter into the Dragon Stone gang have to visit that place before being assigned to a specific route.

However, to the outside world, the Dragon Den building went by a different name; the Orion Corporation. The Orion Corporation was a behemoth in the tech industry and had operations running not just over the country, but the entire world.

One would have to live under a rock and never use any kind of technology to not have heard of the Orion Corporation. It was also a well-known fact that many of the parts used to create the quantum computer Z.A.R.A which runs RML were created by the Orion Corporation.

But what did not make sense, was a group as powerful and influential as the Orion Corporation, a known leader in the technological world, getting mixed up with the likes of a criminal organization such as the Dragon Stone gang.

'Things may be a bit more complicated than I originally believed it to be. However, that does not change my current goal.'

With a quick web search on his cellphone earlier, Jin discovered that the current Operations Manager of the Orion Corporation in this area was a man by the name of Marian Dubois. There was no way that he ignored as to what was going on right under his very own nose.

If that were the case, then that meant either he was the mastermind behind the Dragon Stone gang, or at the very least, had direct connections to its true leader.

Either way, Jin had a strong feeling that whatever was going on with the Orion Corporation in this area was most likely not connected to the entire company itself.

Jin suddenly came to a halt as he stood on the rooftop of a building located around fifty meters away from the Dragon Den. The Dragon Den building itself was more than 30 floors high and the security presence was heavy.

Of course with the level of sensitive information most likely stored inside of an Orion Corporation facility, Jin expected it to be this way. However, a little bit of security would not be enough to stop him from doing what needed to be done.


"What's going on out there, Xiao Bo?!" Marian shouted as he slammed his fist down on his desk causing it to slightly vibrate. At the moment, he was speaking to a thin man with black hair, and gray eyes wearing a pair of round glasses.

"Boss Marian, the details of the reports are too vague... We've only now just confirmed that at least ten of our hideouts and base of operations have been hit. It seems the number is continuing to rise as new information comes in. However, it appears someone is making a move against us." Xiao Bo replied.

"Where is Breaker?! Why isn't he taking care of this mes-!" Marian's large body shook from anger every time words left his mouth. His breathing became heavy and rapid which caused his sentence to be cut short so that he could catch his breath. He had been screaming at the top of his lungs ever since he heard the first base was attacked.

They had already lost one base of operations not too long ago, and now this? How could he not be infuriated? At this rate, people would think they were a joke. Also, their rivals and competition would start to move in on their turf and cause an endless number of headaches.

"You must refrain from shouting, the doctor has made it perfectly clear regarding your blood pressure." Xiao Bo said calmly. From the way he spoke to Marian, it was safe to say that he was not just some random lackey.

Marian was still angry, however, he took deep breaths to regain himself.

"What is Breaker doing to handle this situation?" Marian said in a calmer voice, but one could tell that he was forcibly suppressing his voice.

"Breaker is currently en route to our current location, the Dragon Den. I've been told to inform you that everything is under control and he's taking care of it." Xiao Bo responded.

"Under control? Taking care of it? He calls this taking care of it? Who's behind this? It must be Bones and his men!" Marian said.

"Unfortunately, we have no evidence that indicates Bones or any of his men have made a move from their usual spot. However, it may not be too long until they do once they discover that we're under attack by a foreign group. As for who this foreign group is, even Breaker does not yet know." Xiao Bo responded.

"Oh? Something even the all-knowing mighty Breaker does not know? How convenient!" Marian said in a sarcastic tone of voice.

He then continued, "After this entire mess is over, I need to find a way to bring that dangerous man under control, I don't care who his backers are." Too many times has Breaker kept him in the dark about things and simply say he would handle it.

Marian may be enraged, but he was no fool. He knew that Breaker was hiding something from him, he just had no idea what it could be.

If things continued down this path, it would attract the attention of some unwanted guest from the Zi Family, the majority shareholders of the Orion Corporation. Not only would his position as the Operations Manager of this sector be in jeopardy, but his well-kept secret of being the leader of the Dragon Stone gang may be uncovered as well!

The power and influence of the Zi Family was no joke. If they found out what he had been up to at this place, which would not only tarnish the name of not only the Orion Corporation but also act as a direct slap to the face of the Zi Family. There would be no place left for him to run in this world or the next! He would be ruined!

"Xiao Bo, I'll be depending on you to-" As Marian was speaking to Xiao Bo, a group of heavily armed guards stormed inside the room. The first thing they did was hit a small red button located at the side of the room.

When that red button was hit, the sound of alarms rang throughout the room. The glass windows behind Marian were now being protected strong reinforced titanium plates. Now, there was only one way into the room and that was through the front door. However, every armed guard in the room had their weapon sights locked onto that location.

"What are you all doing?!" Marian shouted. These were not official members of his Dragon Stone gang that were usually stationed outside his door, but rather, they were a private special security force called Valiant. Of course, this Valiant was owned by the Zi Family.

Valiant's only purpose was to ensure the safety of sensitive Orion Corporation information. Although the hiring of the regular security staff was done by someone handpicked by Marian himself, he had no influence or control over the members of Valiant.

Marian panicked as he thought he had been discovered by the Zi Family. Xiao Bo was also surprised when the group of heavily armed guards rushed in unannounced.

"We are on Zeus-Level alert. This building has somehow been infiltrated by an unknown party with hostile intentions. Until we are certain it is safe, we ask that you remain put and do nothing. Since we are on a Zeus-Level alert, all authorized personnel access codes besides my own have been revoked. I ask that you cooperate until this has passed over." The man who appeared to be the leader of the group said.

He was nearly two meters tall and incredibly fit. At the moment, it was difficult to make out his physical features due to the balaclava style clothing he was wearing, but one could still see his piercing blue eyes.

He was the commanding officer of this security force and went only by the codename Alpha One. The reason they had come to this specific room was due to the fact that Marian had the highest knowledge of sensitive information in this building.

After securing the main computer drives in a suitcase that could survive a blast from a high yield explosive, they immediately made their way to this room.

From the movements and placement of each person on the security force team, one could tell with a single glance that they were all highly trained individuals.

"Infiltrated?" Marian said as he relaxed after hearing that. The Zi Family did not find out what he had been up to and come charging in to apprehend him.

"Hide." Alpha One said as he himself moved into position. At the same time, Marian struggled to get out of his chair and hide his large body underneath his desk.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Everything went silent when everyone heard the sound of knocking on the door.

Alpha One made a few hand signals as one of the members of his squad terminated the lights in the room making it pitch black. A few moments later, the sound of night vision goggles turning on filled the room and a cluster of red dots appeared on the door.


Moments ago just as Jin reached the Dragon Den...

Jin inwardly frowned as he noticed that the guards positioned on the outside started to make their way inside of the building. In less than one minute, there were no longer any guards remaining on the outside of the Dragon Den. It was as if something had caused them to hurry inside without a moment to waste.

'Could they be on guard after finding out what happened to their other bases?'

Jin was unsure, but there was only one way to find out. He quickly made his way towards the Dragon Den while remaining undetected. He noticed that all the previously unprotected glass windows were now covered in a strong titanium alloy.

'A bit troublesome.'

Jin leaped up into the air and as he was about to fall, he swiftly moved his hand to punch through the concrete part of the building catching himself. He then pulled upward with his monstrous strength, removing his hand from the hole and causing his body to be slingshotted up. He repeated this method until he was halfway up the building.

'This should do.'

As he hung from the building wall with his left hand, Jin began to gather energy into his right hand. The energy converged onto a single point as it released a sharp and oppressive aura. With a small wave of his hand, a small cut appeared on the titanium alloy that protected the glass window next to him.

However, a few moments later, the small cut grew in size and completely split the titanium open! If anyone had witnessed that, they would be frightened out of their minds. Someone was actually capable of breaking through titanium using their bare hands?!

Jin used the opening he created to enter into the building, however, he instantly felt that something was off. For a building of this size that should have a large number of employees, everything was too quiet. Not only that, but the lights on this floor were out and replaced by a light red hue. It gave off an eerie feeling.

As he walked down the hallway and turned around a corner, he felt a presence coming from the opposite direction up ahead.

Jin narrowed his eyes and suddenly jumped to the side.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh! Bang!

Three large metal throwing spikes around 30cm in size pierced into the ground where Jin stood in just moments ago.

"Oh? You actually dodged that? Interesting, no one like you was mentioned in the plan. Are you a member of that Dragon Pebble gang? Or maybe the Orion Corporation? Well, that doesn't matter. I suppose it's my lucky day, I was just becoming bored." A voice sounded from somewhere on the other end of the hall.

'A third party?'

After hearing that person's words, Jin determined that the person before him was not connected to the Dragon Stone gang nor the Orion Corporation. Therefore, a third party must currently be present here and had launched an assault against this place before he even arrived on the scene!

What were the chances that someone would attack this place on the same day as him?

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