Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 172 Zi Yi's Unwavering Silver Tongue

After returning to Amaharpe from the Chaotic Dogma Realm, Zi Yi decided to log off and take a small break. When he logged back on, she was a little depressed by the fact that she was left in the dark about being able to gain access to the Amaharpe Palace Library.

She went to claim her rewards from the event center and was filled with excitement when she discovered one of the rewards; a title! Not just any title, but it was a title called Defender of Amaharpe that granted her access to the Amaharpe Palace and its library.

It was one of the rewards for placing first in the party portion of the event Protectors of Amaharpe. Izroth did not receive this title because it was the same as his Protectors of Amaharpe, except there was one key difference. Those with the Defender of Amaharpe title were not allowed to own any property within Amaharpe.

Zi Yi was inside of the Amaharpe Palace Library drowning herself in the seemingly endless sea of new knowledge when she received a message from Izroth. If it were anyone else she would have ignored it, however, Zi Yi knew that if it were not for Izroth she would not have been able to reach this place.

The other thing that made her curious was the fact she was familiar with the coordinates Izroth sent to her. They were the same coordinates that matched the temporary base of Sleeping Gardenia, the guild that her elder sister was in charge of. Izroth did not include too many details in the message he sent her.

Zi Yi understood how stubborn and relentless her elder sister could be sometimes in order to get her way and so she rushed over.

Mariposa eyes lit up when she saw Zi Yi. Just as she was about to get up and head over towards her, she was suddenly nudged by Valkyria.

"Guild leader." Valkyria said in a stern tone of voice as she gave Mariposa a meaningful looking as if reminding her of the high level of importance this potential partnership had for their guild, as well as, her position in the guild.

Mariposa slightly pouted as she controlled herself and reluctantly stayed seated.

Valkyria inwardly sighed when she noticed Mariposa's mood seemed to turn a bit sour as she sat there looking like a child who was just unjustly scolded. However, it was her duty as the commander of the Lotus Guard to put the interest of the guild before everything.

While Zi Yi was their guild leader's younger sister, in the end, she was not an official member of Sleeping Gardenia.

Just as Valkyria was about to inform Zi Yi that they were in the middle of official business, she heard a voice sound out across from her.

"I requested that she join us here. I hope it will not be too much trouble." Izroth said with a carefree expression on his face.

Mariposa, He Huian, and Valkyria had slightly confused expressions written on their faces. He was the one who called Zi Yi here?

There were three reasons that Izroth asked Zi Yi to join him at this meeting. The first reason was that he felt that something like this would suit someone like Zi Yi. Next was the fact that Mariposa had a soft spot for her younger sister which meant that having her present may result in him receiving the best possible deal.

The final reason was more of a test for Zi Yi. Izroth wanted to know how she would deal with those close to her when they were on opposite sides. In truth, Izroth knew what Zi Yi was likely to do, but he still had to be absolutely certain.

"In that case, Zi Yi is more than welcomed to join us." Valkyria said as she made a small gesture for Zi Yi to come and sit with them.

During her walk over, Izroth had already begun to send her information and details regarding the current set of events, as well as, what he hoped to accomplish. Given Zi Yi's ability to read fast and retain information, she had no trouble understanding what was going on.

However, she was quite surprised that Izroth chose her of all people to represent him. Wasn't he afraid that she would secretly side with her elder sister? Of course, she would never do such a thing due to her set of morals, but Izroth was still taking a chance by making such a major request of her.

Zi Yi owned Izroth not just for her being able to access the library in Amaharpe's Palace, but also choosing to save her from an existence wipe over claiming legendary equipment. Zi Yi decided that she would definitely find a way to repay Izroth, and this was her chance to do so.

Zi Yi took a seat at the table next to Izroth. She had a serious expression on her face as she swept her gaze across the three people in front of her. Just because they had a history together did not mean that she planned on going easy.

Mariposa was startled when she saw how serious Zi Yi was taking this situation. While a part of her was a little saddened, the other part of her was proud that her little sister had chosen to follow her own separate path.

Mariposa straightened herself out and set her gaze upon Zi Yi. Since her little sister seemed earnest about this matter, then she would not disrespect her by going easy on her.

Zi Yi glanced over at Izroth who gave her a slight nod in return. She then turned her attention towards Mariposa.

"I have to say, you all seem to be taking this lightly and are not actually sincere at all. Offering 100,000 gold coins for a recipe that has the potential to make tens or even hundreds of millions of gold coins? Not to mention, you did not even offer any kind of equity. At best, that offer can be considered a practical joke. Do you take Izroth for a fool?" Zi Yi said sternly.

She then continued, "And you, how could you come up with such unreasonable terms? While I'll admit that 25 gold coins per pill for 600 pills is a more than fair offer, it's the other two things I have an issue with. We both know that Izroth is bound to be a top tier Apothecary within RML."

"Providing him with resources and asking for a priority position on new pills, as well as, a 30% market value buy price is not a bad offer, but you did not even bother collecting information on how difficult the pill is to craft."

"In the end, Izroth is currently the number one Apothecary within RML and any guild would be more than happy to make any accommodations to have a connection with him. The question is, what can you offer that stops us from getting up and walking out of this place right this instant?" Zi Yi spoke in a single breath and left everyone at the table speechless.

Was this truly the same Zi Yi they knew? This was a side of her that they were unaware of. However, it made perfect sense considering who her elder sister was.

"Alright, I apologize if my offer did not seem sincere. The last thing that we want to do is cause any misunderstandings." Mariposa said in a calm and steady voice.

"What did you have in mind?" Mariposa asked as she clasped her hands together in a thoughtful way.

"We can give you the pill recipe and the exclusive rights to sell it. In return, we want one million gold coins and 10% of all profit made from selling any Five Cycles Pills." Zi Yi said in an unhurried manner.

"Ridiculous!" He Huian and Valkyria both jumped to their feet. They were outraged that Zi Yi would even consider that a fair deal. One million gold coins? That was nearly one billion RMB with the current exchange rate! Not only that, but she also went on to ask for 10% of all profit made from selling the pills.

Just a few moments ago she said that their offer wasn't sincere, then what would this be considered as?

'Oh? Just as I thought, she does have a talent for this.'

Izroth did not plan on interfering and just sat there quietly letting Zi Yi handle things. When he was speaking with them, no one appeared to be on edge and they all hid their intentions quite well. But in just a few moments, Zi Yi had already got a reaction out of them.

"You accused us of taking Izroth for a fool, do you now take us for fools?" Mariposa said with a grave expression on her face. Even if she wanted to take out one million gold coins it would not be possible with their current guild budget.

Zi Yi never seriously considered selling the pill recipe in the first place. She only made that offer as a way of showing her stance on the matter. Her intentions were read loud and clear.

"Then since that's off the table, let's focus on an actual deal. Sleeping Gardenia will pay 80,000 gold coins up front for the right of first priority purchasing of the Five Cycles Pill and any new pills that Izroth creates for the first three days of its official release date." Zi Yi said.

She then continued, "Sleeping Gardenia will then be the major provider of resources for Izroth and Izroth will come to Sleeping Gardenia first for all resource needs that exceed the amount of 100 units. Any pills sold to Sleeping Gardenia that they provide the proper resources for will be sold at 30% of its market value."

"In return, Izroth promises to craft a minimum of 200 Five Cycles Pills daily and refrain from selling them in the auction house and directly to other guilds. Izroth will also give 10% of all earnings made from using resources for pill creation provided by Sleeping Gardenia." Zi Yi

"You are being too ruthless, my adorable little sister." Mariposa said as she narrowed her eyes.

"Surely you know that we cannot accept such unfair terms." He Huian said as she furrowed her brows. They would be getting the short end of the stick in a deal like that! Even if Izroth was a grade three Apothecary, maybe the Five Cycles Pill would be the only pill he could create for a while.

If they were locked into a long term agreement and he did not provide any additional pills, then their original investment of 80,000 gold coins would be a complete waste!

"He Huian makes a fair point. Izroth, surely you do not agree with what Zi Yi is asking of us?" Valkyria asked as she looked over towards Izroth who had been silent this entire time.

"Zi Yi's words are my own." Izroth responded without hesitation.

Valkyria frowned, "We want to come to a proper agreement, but what you're asking for is a little too much Zi Yi." Valkyria shook her head as she sat back down.

"Is that what you truly believe? Then, I will have to trouble you to excuse everyone but the people at this table from the room. What we're about to share with you, it is important that it remains a secret at all cost." Zi Yi said as her determination did not falter.

"Everyone here can be trusted. Why would you-" Just as Valkyria was about to voice her displeasure, she was interrupted by Mariposa.

"It's fine. Everyone, please leave the building until we finish our discussion." Mariposa ordered.

Although the members of Sleeping Gardenia was disappointed that they could not listen in on the rest of the conversation, they would not disobey a direct order from their guild leader.

A few moments later, there were only five individuals remaining inside of the room. Izroth, Zi Yi, Mariposa, He Huian, and Valkyria.

After the last person left the room, Zi Yi finally spoke, "What you are about to see does not leave this room. Agreed?"

Of course, everyone had no problem with that request and agreed without issue.

"Izroth." Zi Yi gave a small nod as Izroth removed an item from his inventory.

When that item left his inventory, everyone had a look of disbelief on their face.

"How is this possible?" Mariposa eyes widened in shock as she did not dare to believe what was before her very eyes.

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