Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 141 Make A Break For It!

Minus could not understand why Cross Haven had come to this area. Hadn't they already come to an agreement before the start of the sixth wave? Is it possible that they intended to go back on their word?

Minus had a visible frown on his face as he thought about the next course of action he should take. While it was true that the bosses were up for grab by any top guild, bringing a force of more than one hundred players into another top guild's sector could be seen as an aggressive action.

Even Minus himself who had hundreds of players under his command had only chosen twenty-three players to fight with him against the Brooding Behemoth Basbus. The others were needed in order to maintain a certain level of order within the area as the wave of monsters was still ongoing.

It was common knowledge that Cross Haven had the least amount of members out of all of the top guilds. However, they made up for the lack of quantity with quality.

Although many top guilds could practically throw one hundred players at something, Cross Haven could not do the same so easily. The fact that they did meant that Cross Haven wanted to accomplish a task that they felt the number of players required in order to do so was at least one hundred. But, the most suspicious thing was how fast and undetected Cross Haven was.

"Locate their general, Zhang Jie, and tell him that the captain of Blue Oasis Minus hopes that we can simply exchange friendly words with one another so that there are no misunderstandings." Minus ordered the scout.

The scout immediately left to carry out his orders. If Cross Haven did indeed have bad intentions, then he had to stall by any means necessary until his reinforcements arrived.

He only needed to buy another minute or so until they arrived within his sector, according to the previous report from the scout. However, he felt that if one part of the report was off, then there was a chance there were other things missing or incorrect.

"Census, go and tell the standby squad that they have new orders. Inform them to relocate the main force to cut off any form of retreat. They must do this as discreetly as possible. We do not need to openly provoke Cross Haven just yet." Minus said to seemingly no one in particular.

However, a few seconds later a faint voice sounded out before going silent once more. The owner of that voice was Census, a new member of Blue Oasis that Minus personally requested be assigned to him. The nature of his class was quite mysterious and although it was not suited for fighting boss monsters, it was a terrifying class to face as a player.

"It seems that we'll have to try and speed things up a bit." Minus muttered to himself. He would need all the help he could get now that Zhang Jie was on his way towards the Brooding Behemoth Basbus. If he really did arrive with more than one hundred players, it would be troublesome to secure the rare event boss.

Just as Minus was about to call off the four players who were supposed to look for an opportunity to dispose of Guan Yu so that they could increase their overall damage output, he was confused more than anything.

When Minus scanned the battlefield near Guan Yu, he noticed that there were only three out of the four players present. A frown appeared on his face when he failed to find the fourth member. He started to wonder if that guy was slacking off somewhere, but no matter where he searched he was unable to find a single trace.

However, when Minus closely observed Guan Yu's battle with the other three members, his expression turned gloomy as realization started to sink in. The three members of his Blue Oasis guild were struggling to hold their own ground against one player! It was possible that the fourth player was not slacking off anywhere, but rather he had already been eliminated by Guan Yu.

Minus would not care as much if they were just normal members, but those four were members who were all extremely loyal to him. Therefore, when they suffered losses, he also suffered losses. He could not help but stare coldly at Guan Yu.

"I've underestimated him. I thought he would just be a loudmouth with no skill to back it up, but he's able to hold his own against those four." Minus said to himself. Now he was forced to make a decision. He could enter into the fight against Guan Yu and take care of him himself, or he could continue to leave it to those three to deal with.

For Minus, the answer was obvious. He felt that the three players could come out victorious against Guan Yu if they pushed themselves. Besides, he was not able to take a chance and start a direct battle with some nobody player with Zhang Jie nearby.

Minus gloves released a powerful burst of flames as he launched an even more aggressive assault against the Brooding Behemoth Basbus. He wanted Zhang Jie to personally witness his strength when he arrived on the scene.

Meanwhile, Guan Yu slashed outward in a full circular motion as he knocked back all three players who surrounded him. Or at least, he was supposed to, but the three players all managed to retreat successfully. "These guys are so annoying!" Guan Yu could not help but frown and be slightly frustrated.

Ever since he eliminated the first player in one swing, the other three players took on a really passive playstyle. They would strike only when they were absolutely able to.

During the period of time when Guan Yu attacked, they would either immediately retreat, or focus entirely on defensive measures. If he pressed on with his attack on one specific player, then the other two would charge in and take advantage.

Guan Yu hated to admit it, but the teamwork of these three players was not half bad!

However, I Throw Rocks and his two teammates were exhausted. Not so much physically but rather mentally from dealing with Guan Yu. Not only were his attacks powerful, but they were also incredibly fast and difficult to face head-on. To make matters worse, he was a plate user and they were all branched from the rogue class.

Although they were still faster than Guan Yu agility wise, he made up for it with his reaction speed which was frightening to deal with. Ever time they tried to pull away from the battle, Guan Yu would stick to them like glue.

"We can't continue on this way." I Throw Rocks said with a gloomy expression on his face. His two other teammates also had gloomy expressions on their faces. They were in an even worse state than I Throw Rocks.

"Why'd that idiot have to go and let his guard down and make this more difficult for all of us?" One of I Throw Rocks' party members said.

"Who knew that some nobody player would be so strong?" The other member of his party said. At first, since Izroth and the rest of the party did interfere in the battle, they believed that Guan Yu was most likely disposable and so they grew even more convinced of an easy victory.

"He's still far from invincible. Our attacks are having an effect on him. As long as we don't rush things, we should be able to force him into retreating or eliminate him." I Throw Rocks said. But, there was still another problem. The longer Guan Yu battled, the stronger and fiercer his attacks became.

"You're speaking as if I'm not right here!" Guan Yu charged towards I Throw Rocks in an enraged manner and unleashed a mighty swing with his guandao.

I Throw Rocks instantly began his retreat as the other two took advantage of the weak points revealed during Guan Yu's attack and launched assaults from two different angles. This had been their strategy for dealing with Guan Yu.

However, I Throw Rocks suddenly had a bad feeling when he noticed that Guan Yu's enraged expression had turned into one with a slight grin on his face. He was baiting them! "Don't-" I Throw Rocks trusted his gut feelings and wanted to warn them to fall back, but it was too late.

Guan Yu's guandao that was being originally aimed at I Throw Rocks, had changed its trajectory course and was now headed towards one of the two players.

That player was startled when there was suddenly a large sharp piece of metal right in his face. He did not even have time to defend himself let alone dodge as the guandao swept cleanly across his neck.

«Critical Hit»


Skill Name: Mirroring Attack

Skill Level: 2/4

Skill Rank: A

Requirements: Level 22 Spear Enforcer, Guandao Equipped

Mana Cost: 125

Active: The user's attack is mirrored in the opposite direction dealing 150% of the user's attack as damage with the main strike and 225% of the user's attack damage as the mirrored strike. If the attack is focused on a single target, then the mirrored strike will appear behind the target of the main strike and deal 25% less damage.

Cooldown: 4 Minutes 45 Seconds


Since Guan Yu's true target was the player he knew would try to attack him from behind, his main strike was aimed at I Throw Rocks, while his mirrored strike would hit his true target. Although he did not manage to take both of them out at the same time, he still managed to eliminate one of them.

I Throw Rocks and the remaining player both fell back to a safe distance with darkened expressions. He had been hiding such an attack this entire time! Even though he survived, I Throw Rocks still lost more than 40% of his HP from that one strike. If he had not been careful and been struck in a vital point, then he could have very well been put into an even worse state.

This was not worth it! If they continued the battle with just the two of them, then the outcome would be obvious. It pained them to admit it, but they were no match for the player before them.

I Throw Rocks gave a meaningful look to his teammate as he responded with a slight nod.

"I admit, we have indeed underestimated you. If you let us go on our way, you have my word that you will not see us again." I Throw Rocks said.

Guan Yu blinked a few times with a confused look on his face. Let them go on their way? Would they have let him go on his way if the situation were reversed? The answer was obviously no! They would have eliminated him without hesitation and so it was only right that he returned the favor.

"The moment you-" Just when the first bit of words left Guan Yu's mouth, I Throw Rocks immediately moved at full speed making his way towards the northern direction of the battlefield. His other teammate also moved at full speed, but he headed towards the south direction of the battlefield.

Those two actually decided to take their chances and make a break for it in opposite directions!

Guan Yu decided to chase after the player who went south, however, he halted his steps when he observed over one hundred players speeding towards his direction. Leading that group of players was a male who wore silver plated armor and had a magnificent spear placed upon his back.

"It's him!" When Guan Yu saw that person, he was shocked and had completely forgotten all about I Throw Rocks and that other player.

Izroth had noticed the large force of players closing in on their current position. When he saw the cautious and guarded look on Minus' face along with their arrival, Izroth immediately knew that Minus did not take too kindly to their appearance.

'Could it be one of the neighboring top guilds?'

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