Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 138 Just A Wild Dog


The Brooding Behemoth Basbus moved at a very slow pace towards Amaharpe. It released a loud sound that resembled that of a war elephant's cry, except it was much deeper and it caused the nearby players to feel small tremors.

As Izroth and his party headed in the direction of the Brooding Behemoth Basbus, they noticed that although many of the parties shifted near the boss from their previous positions, none of them had yet to make a move against the boss monster.

This was due to the declaration by Minus. There was no one there at the moment who would take such a huge risk. However, Izroth and his party did not have the luxury of simply walking away or standing back. If boss monsters truly did drop a Returning Shard, then this may possibly be their only chance to obtain one.

It was doubtful that a boss would always spawn in this specific area. If the boss spawned too far away from them, then they had absolutely no way of knowing. After all, they did not have an information network set in place like the top guilds and most of the bigger guilds did.

Besides, this person wanted to use the influence of his guild to pressure everyone else into not making a move. Of course, there were plenty of people who wanted to take action, but they were unwilling to be the first to do so.

"Do not forget that we are not only fighting against this boss but also competing against the players who are not willing to just sit back and let us take everything." Zi Yi reminded everyone.

Valentine furrowed his brows as he studied the Brooding Behemoth Basbus closely. "How are we supposed to deal with a rare event boss with over one million HP by ourselves? Everyone else seems unwilling to take even a single step forward."

"Isn't it simple? All we have to do is keep attacking until it's defeated!" Guan Yu said as if all their problems had been solved.

Zi Yi shook her head, "Trust me, someone will take action soon. It's impossible for everyone to simply leave this boss up for grabs, not to even mention those top guilds. Our biggest problem will not be actually fighting the boss, but rather, the true challenge will come when we have to secure the kill. Everyone present is waiting for the chaos to start before they make a move."

It did not take long for Izroth's party to reach the Brooding Behemoth Basbus and engage it in battle. Everyone who watched them do so was shocked. Not only did they completely ignore Minus' words, but they actually believed that just six of them were enough to face that event boss! One had to know that even normal rare bosses were extremely difficult to defeat with six players.

"Do they have some sort of death wish?" One of the players spectating said with a frown on his face.

"If so, why not just save time and jump off a cliff? At least that way they would not have offended a top guild like Blue Oasis." Another one of the spectating players said as he shook his head.

Izroth glanced over in the direction of Minus who was looking at them with an observant expression on his face. However, it was not to see how they performed or how powerful they were, but instead, it was an expression that was simply waiting for them to be brushed aside. He was waiting for them to humiliate themselves.

Sadly for Minus, Izroth and his party were not in the habit of self-humiliation.

"Captain, that's the party I spoke of earlier! The players who appeared out of nowhere inside of our sector." The scout who reported Izroth and his party to Minus earlier spoke out.

Minus narrowed his eyes when he heard those words. He had never seen a single one of those players in any guild or organization before, therefore, they were most likely some nobodies. Even if all six of them had impressive strength, Minus was a captain of Blue Oasis in direct command of hundreds of players. Never mind all of Blue Oasis, just a small party led by him would suffice in dealing with six random players.

However, there was something that was bothering Minus. "If it really is them, then I should have been informed first..." he muttered to himself.

"Captain?" The scout tried to get Minus' attention once he realized that his focus seemed to be elsewhere.

"It doesn't make much of a difference. Even if they are somewhat skilled, they won't last long enough to become an actual threat." Minus responded.

"But sir, shouldn't we move to engage before the other top g-" The scout was about to voice his objections, however, he quickly went silent when Minus gave him a death glare.

"Since when are you qualified to question my orders?! From that alone, I could have you removed from the guild! You will be silent and we will wait as I have ordered." Minus said in a strict and commanding tone of voice.

"Y-yes! Please forgive me for speaking out of line!" The scout quickly apologized. He had worked hard to get into Blue Oasis. The last thing he wanted was to be kicked out!

However, he found it strange that his captain sat back and let that party have their way. What was the purpose of such a thing? Did it not simply give the other top guilds more time to arrive on the scene?

Swoosh! Swoosh!



Izroth struck out twice in quick succession in order to test out the defenses of the Brooding Behemoth Basbus. The result was that its physical defense was quite sturdy, however, it was not nearly as tough as Izroth believed that it would be.

As the other members of the parties began their assault, they also noticed that the Brooding Behemoth, despite its massive size, seemed to lack any kind of formidable defense. Also, it was incredibly slow and was easy to hit.

"This thing is so slow and soft!" Halls couldn't help but let those words escape from his mouth.

Even though it had a large amount of HP, it was severely lacking in the other departments for a rare boss. But, after remembering how things went with the Silverline Entity getting stronger as the battle went on, none of them let their guard down.

Although it may not be in the same manner of copying as the Silverline Entity, this was definitely not all that the Brooding Behemoth Basbus was capable of.

Thirty seconds passed... One minute... Two minutes!

"Hey, isn't that party kind of amazing?" One of the nearby players said with a hint of amazement in his voice.

In fact, this was the same thought going on through a large majority of the player's present minds. Who was this party? How could they be so amazing and yet no one knew who they were?

"That one player with the lightning sword is incredible! What class is that?" A player said with excitement present in his voice.

"It looks like some kind of class upgrade for the warrior or rogue. It's hard to tell from just his equipment alone." Another one of the players responded.

However, if they knew that the player they were talking about was actually that so-called trash class Combat Master, they would be completely dumbfounded.

Minus' facial expression darkened. He had been observing the fight this entire time and it was clear to him that this was not just some random pushover party. This was definitely a party full of top players! However, the question remained as to what guild or organization did they belong to? It was impossible for a group of such highly skilled players to be completely unknown.

"Wait... It's them!" The player who spoke was only around five meters away from Minus. Therefore, when Minus heard them speak, he tuned in to listen.

"I knew I remembered seeing him somewhere before! Since his equipment is so different I didn't notice it at first, but now I'm absolutely sure of it!" The player who spoke name was Parrot Dice.

"Eh? You know them? Speak, who are they?!" One of Parrot Dice's friends was eager to find out the identity of these mysterious players.

"Heh, a lot of people may not know this, but back when the first world boss was cleared there was a problem between a few players in Opal Town. That guy with the lightning sword was the target of some serious accusations. However, it turned out that the players making those false accusations were actually the despicable ones." Parrot Dice said.

He then continued, "So do you know what that guy did? He fought against them, one versus three. Can you guess who won?"

Parrot Dice's friend frowned, "It had to be the three players, right? If it was back in Opal Town, then it should be near impossible for someone to face three players at once."

Parrot Dice laughed, "Not at all! In fact, that guy instantly defeated the three of them in a single breath! I remembered that he earned my respect that day. Even when he stood before a captain of Blue Oasis, he did not yield. Just like he's doing right now! That guy was definitely a member of the party who defeated the first world boss. It's a name I won't forget, Izroth!"

"Izroth...?" Minus furrowed his brows as he thought about that name. He had definitely heard it mentioned somewhere... Ah, that was it! It was that guy Niflheim had mentioned he ran into within Opal Town. However, if he remembered correctly, that Izroth guy had been incredibly quiet and inactivate lately. What was he doing here stirring up trouble all of a sudden?

First world boss clear? So what! The first world boss was the weakest world boss possible.

"Well, now that I know they weren't sent by..." Minus muttered the rest of the words to himself as his eyes flashed with a look of coldness to them.

"Alright, they've had their fun long enough! Everyone, get into position to engage on my orders!" Minus said loud enough for those twenty-three members who accompanied him to hear clearly.

Finally, their captain was getting ready to take action! At the rate things were going, they were going to be bored to death standing here and doing nothing as they watched someone else try to snatch away the prize before their eyes.

The scout who voiced his opinion earlier also had a relieved look on his face. It should take another five minutes for their reinforcements to arrive in order to further secure the boss. As for the neighboring top guilds, it should take them around ten minutes to reach this location.

The members of Blue Oasis began to move into position to confront the Brooding Behemoth Basbus.

"You six over there fighting, I am Captain Minus of the guild Blue Oasis! Since you are obviously set on fighting against this boss, then I won't stop you. However, accidents on the battlefield happen quite often, so I insist you tread carefully or retreat immediately!" Minus said with a clear tone of provocation.

It was obvious to anyone listening at that moment that Minus was threatening them! Accidents on the battlefield were just another way for him to say that they would end up being eliminated if they continued to get in the way.

When Izroth and his party heard those words, their facial expressions immediately darkened. He was actually threatening them in front of so many people!

If there was one thing Izroth did not like, it was being threatened and looked down upon as if he was at the mercy of someone's whim.

"What captain of Blue Oasis? Who would let a wild dog who only knows how to bark be a captain of his own farts let alone a guild?" Guan Yu said with a voice full of disdain.

Halls could not help but burst into a fit of laughter when he heard Guan Yu speak. There were also many other players who joined in on the laughter, however, they quickly controlled themselves when they saw that cold look on Minus' face.

"Do you have the guts to repeat those words?" Minus' gaze was now focused on Guan Yu.

"I thought dogs were supposed to have good hearing!" Guan Yu was relentless with his words. Not only was he threatened, but this person dared to threaten his brothers and fellow party members. He did not care if they were a top guild or whatever power card they wanted to pull, Guan Yu did not plan on giving any face to someone who used threats.

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