Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 124 Going Separate Ways

Izroth, as well as, Luna walked and chatted as they headed to meet up with Zi Yi, Mariposa, and the others.

At the moment, Izroth and Luna were exchanging details about what happened after the Chaotic Shift occurred.

One of the topics that caught Izroth's attention was the item Luna described to him which was supposedly the reason behind the large spatial anomaly, as well as, the dome formed around them.

"Did you manage to get a good look at the item he used?" Izroth asked.

Luna shook her head, "All I can say for sure is that it reminded me of the same pressure we faced when we came across that one boss within the Shadahi Realm. However, it was much more unrestrained and ferocious. I felt that if I let that attack strike me head on, I would slip away into an endless abyss of eternal darkness."

'First a Shadahi transformation and now someone who has gotten their hands on such a powerful item...'

With this, Izroth had confirmed his previous suspicions that something definitely did not add up. If it were just the Shadahi transformation then it could be brushed off as the Shadahi influencing players. However, such a powerful item actually found its way into the hands of a player that entered into the Chaotic Dogma Realm.

Was what awaited them at the end of this place really worth the Shadahi using such drastic measures to keep them from it? This only made Izroth want to reach the end even more so than before.

Izroth felt a bit at fault for the predicament Luna was put in because of Silent Step. Just by Silent Step having ties with the Shadahi, it was more than enough of a reason to eliminate him. After all, with the stunt Izroth pulled inside of the Shadahi Realm, as well as, his reputation with them, they would always be enemies.

'Next time, I will not be so lenient.'

Izroth realized early on that this world was not the same as that of the Seven Realms. However, there were certain aspects that seemed to carry over. One of those aspects was that sparing those who would eventually give you trouble was not a good idea.

While Izroth originally had no personal issues with Silent Step, after attacking one of his party members, it had become personal.

After talking for a while, the two finally arrived back at the location that Zi Yi, Mariposa, and the others waited at.

Zi Yi let out a sigh of relief when she saw that Luna was alright. Of course, she was not worried in the slightest about anything happening to Izroth with his terrifying speed.

"You didn't come across any trouble, did you?" Zi Yi asked.

Luna gave a simple smile and responded, "Just a small matter." She then properly greeted Mariposa and the others from Sleeping Gardenia. After doing so, she gave a brief summary of the events that transpired once she was transported away by the Chaotic Shift.

Mariposa and the other members of Sleeping Gardenia had a darkened expression on their faces when they heard mention of Silent Step. That was now a name of taboo for them and the mere mention of it turned their stomachs.

"Hmph! It's just like that despicable dog to resort to such underhanded methods when things do not go his way." Mariposa said with a hint of contempt carried within her tone of voice.

"The members of Fatal Touch are so unruly because their leader is the same way!" Zi Yi despised people like Silent Step. When they could not get what they wanted, they would try to use force in order to take it.

After a while of talking to one another, an important question then came up which was asked by Zi Yi.

"So, what now?" Zi Yi looked towards Izroth and then at Mariposa.

"That depends," Mariposa turned to face Izroth with an inquiring look on her face, "Can you locate the other members of your party with the same method you used to find Luna?"

While Mariposa and her party were not in the best state, they were still elite members of a top guild and could take care of themselves. After all, if they continued to travel with Izroth and his party then they would only end up interfering with each other's gains. Therefore, Mariposa decided that it would be best to part ways if Izroth was sure of his method.

Although he was unable to fully confirm his theory, Izroth was confident that he was correct. If not for that large spatial anomaly and Silent Step using that powerful item which influenced the surrounding space, he was sure that Luna's spatial signature would have been in the position he previously predicted.

Since she was somewhere nearby, that was enough for Izroth to have, at the very least, some sort of proof that he was not on the wrong track. However, he could not just toss Mariposa and the other members of Sleeping Gardenia away after he received their help.

Izroth would always repay kindness with kindness! Even though he did not have much to give at the moment, there was one thing that they may not yet have.

"I believe that we will be able to find the other members of our party without much issue. I won't trouble you any longer, but I insist that you let me thank you for your assistance, even if you did help us because of Zi Yi." Izroth said as he removed three Five Cycles Pills from his inventory and handed them to Mariposa to divide with her remaining party members.

"This is a small token of my thanks." Izroth said.

Mariposa was just getting ready to reject Izroth's kind offer, but when she saw the grade and effects of the pills handed to her, those words of rejection were quickly swallowed down. These were grade three pills! Who in all of RML was able to casually take out grade three pills at this point in time? The answer was no one!

Well, not quite no one. According to her knowledge, there was just one player within RML who was capable of crafting a grade three pill. However, nothing was known about the identity of that unknown Apothecary, at least until now.

Mariposa's mind immediately entered into a guild leader mode and she quickly sent a friend request to Izroth.

"Since you are such a dear friend of Zi Yi's, you should not consider yourself a stranger if you ever need anything in the future." Mariposa said with a smile on her face. Though behind that blossoming smile was someone with larger plans in mind.

If what Mariposa believed about Izroth to be true, then she would try her best to maintain a harmonious relationship with him. After all, there were only gains to made and no losses to be suffered.

Izroth was a bit surprised by the sudden friend request, however, he saw no reason to turn her down. Besides, he understood what intentions Mariposa held and he would not necessarily be against what she probably had in mind. Though, that was something to consider at a later date.

"I shall remember your words then." Izroth said with a carefree expression on his face.

Mariposa also sent a friend request to Luna as well. Luna appeared to be on friendly terms with her little sister, who did not make friends easily. Therefore, a friend of her little sister was a friend of hers.

Zi Yi had a doubtful expression on her face that also held a shadow of worry. "Are you sure you'll be alright with so few people and no healer?"

Mariposa smiled and hugged Zi Yi as she said in a teasing voice, "What this? Is my adorable little sister worried about me?"

Zi Yi scoffed as she squirmed her way out of Mariposa hug. "You- Hmph! Fine, just go and get lost or something!" Zi Yi frowned.

Mariposa raised one hand over her mouth and giggled. She could tell that Zi Yi was actually worried about her but did not want to just come out and say it. However, it still made her really happy that her little sister felt that way.

"Do not worry. We are still strong members of the top guild Sleeping Gardenia. Even if we do not manage to reach the end, we are confident of holding our own until the very end. Besides, even if you are my little sister, as a guild leader, I cannot afford to share any loot with you." Mariposa said in a playful manner.

"Who wants your loot?! We can find our own just fine!" Zi Yi stomped her foot.

Luna, who observed the two from the side, could not help but give a small giggle. Usually, Zi Yi behaved in a mature and straight forward manner, however, she was like a helpless little girl before her elder sister. Luna, who was an only child, was slightly envious of the two's close relationship.

After teasing Zi Yi for a bit longer, Mariposa and the other members of Sleeping Gardenia began their departure. She stopped and waved once more before going on her way.

The only players who remained were Izroth, Luna, and Zi Yi. Now that Mariposa and her group had left them, they would have to rely on Izroth's methods to locate Halls, Guan Yu, and Valentine in order to be a complete party once again.

Izroth stepped forward and led the way towards the next location that one of the other party members should have been transported to by the Chaotic Shift.

Zi Yi was curious as to what method Izroth used to locate the position of the other members. She could not help but ask, "How exactly did you discover such a method? I still do not understand how the Chaotic Shift could be seen as anything other than random."

Luna was similarly curious as to how Izroth managed to locate her.

"At first, I too, believed that the Chaotic Shifts transported us to random locations. However, after discussing things with Mariposa and a certain individual, I was able to speculate otherwise." Izroth said.

He then continued, "The Chaotic Dogma Realm is all about chaos, that much is undeniable. But, just as much as it's about chaos, it is also equally about order. For every chaotic event that occurs in this place, there is an orderly event that eventually balances it out or provides a means of escape. This Chaotic Shift is no different from any of those other situations."

"If I am correct, the next member we run into should be straight that way." Izroth said as he pointed further east.

"Why that way?" Zi Yi was still unclear about Izroth's methods.

Izroth gave a carefree smile as he answered, "Because it is a place that we have been before."

Zi Yi wanted to ask another question, but she had a feeling that Izroth would not answer her. However, something suddenly dawned on her after she heard Izroth's last statement.

Luna, on the other hand, slightly furrowed her brows as if she were contemplating Izroth's words.

If it were anyone else they would believe Izroth was just speaking complete nonsense and had no idea what he was doing. That was due to the fact that they had never once been in the direction Izroth pointed in ever since they stepped foot into the Chaotic Dogma Realm!

Therefore, how could it be a place they have visited once before?

However, they understood that Izroth would not lead them on a fruitless journey. So even though they still had many questions, they followed Izroth along to the next location.


Meanwhile, somewhere currently within the Chaotic Dogma Realm.

Guan Yu scratched his head with a frustrated look on his face. The reason for his frustration was that he was utterly lost! One moment, he was with everyone and the next he was by himself in an unfamiliar area.

"Why can't I find anyone?" Guan Yu had been searching the surrounding area, however, no matter how much he called out or looked there was no one who was nearby.

Guan Yu set his gaze upon the tall tower in the distance. That was the location they agreed to head to next. Since there were no clues around here, the only course of action he could take was to head in the direction of the tower.

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