Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 12 Dungeon: Goblin's Paradise

Izroth was pondering his next move when he received an alert from the system.

Ding! You have received a quest!

Ding! Since you are not in a party, the quest rank has been increased!

Ding! Do you wish to accept the quest?

Quest Name: The Mysterious Goblin

Recommended Level: 10

Recommended Party Size: 4-6 players

Quest Rank: S

Quest Objective: In the depths of this strange cave there is a mysterious goblin up to something. Whatever it is, it can only bring about a disaster. Find and eliminate this mysterious goblin and put a stop to its plans.

Time Limit: None

0/1 Eliminate the 'Mysterious Goblin'

Reward: ???

Izroth felt as though this quest would not be so simple. Anything having to do with being 'S Rank' could never be simple. Besides, the recommended level was 10 with 4-6 players! What that meant is that this 'Mysterious Goblin' was most likely incredibly strong!

But this did not mean that Izroth would simply give up on the quest just because it was hard. It just meant that he had to use more caution than usual. How could be afraid of a challenge? He welcomed challenges, especially difficult ones.

"I accept"

Ding! The quest 'The Mysterious Goblin' is now active in your quest logs!

Izroth navigated to his quest logs and indeed the quest was there just as the system had said. It was the first quest he had received in this game, so he wanted to make sure that there were no complications.

After obtaining the quest, Izroth naturally turned his attention back to the large area in front of him. The closest group was about 10 meters away from Izroth, and they seemed to be chatting with each other in that strange language that just sounded like a bunch of inaudible noise.

"3 monsters in total..." Izroth observed the closest group of creatures to him. They looked exactly like the 'Goblin Scout' he killed not too long ago. The only difference was that their skin was a slightly lighter shade of green and instead of a knife they held pickaxes in their hands.

Name: Goblin Worker (Normal)

Level: 10

HP: 400/400

ATK: 70

DEF: 10

AGI: 20

MAG: 0


Play Dead(Passive): If a goblin is near low HP it will try to play dead. If it remains untouched and launches a successful attack, it will deal 200% of its attack as damage that ignores defense!

These creatures were incredibly weak! They had lower stats than the 'Goblin Scout' he had faced earlier and their agility was laughable. Maybe this would be a lot easier than he believed, that thought slowly started forming in his mind. But nevertheless, he would not let his guard down just in case something unexpected occurred.

"It seems like all the monsters here have that annoying skill" Izroth was referring to the 'Play Dead' skill. With this many of them, he would have to be sure that he eliminated them thoroughly, or else he would regret it and risk taking damage that could have been avoided.

Izroth slowly began to move closer to the group of goblins nearest to him. 9 meters... 8 meters... 7 meters... When Izroth got to around 5 meters away, the goblins became aware of his presence and looked directly at him.

"5 meters seems to be the range of their perception" Izroth had discovered something from the monsters he previously faced. They would not attack unless he was close enough as though they had a limited level of perception.

One of the 'Goblin Worker' monsters made that strange creaking noise, before running at Izroth with a pickaxe in its hands trying to swing it at him. The two other 'Goblin Worker' monsters were not too far behind the first one. It seems like he aggroed all of them at one time!

Izroth did not panic and had a peaceful look on his face as though he was unaffected by his current predicament. But was it really a predicament to him? His agility was currently at 85, that was more than four times that of these goblins! In his eyes, they might as well be moving in slow motion.


Izroth skillfully evaded the first incoming attack before drawing his sword, "First Baneful Sword: Destruction".

Izroth in an unwavering manner swung his 'Nameless Sword' aiming it precisely at the 'Goblin Worker' neck who attacked him first. Although it was a bit harder to strike the neck of these creatures, it was one of the more consistent vital points that had a high chance of causing a critical hit.

Critical Hit!

-710 HP!

0/400 HP Remaining! (Goblin Worker 1)

It was a swift death for the first 'Goblin Worker'. Izroth smiled at the amount of damage he dealt. Ever since he used his stat points, his damage had soared to another level! He was much more deadly than before and would make quick work of these monsters.

Ding! Congratulations, you have defeated 'Goblin Worker'!

Ding! You have been awarded 150 Experience!

Loot Drop:

-5 bronze coins

Izroth was a bit disappointed by the small amount of EXP and poor loot these monsters gave, but he understood that because of how weak and numerous these creatures were it was understandable. But if he eliminated all of them and they gave the same amount of experience, he could easily get a large amount of EXP because of quantity, not quality!

Not too long after the first 'Goblin Worker' had been slain, the other two charged at Izroth in a wild manner aiming to impale him with their pickaxes!

Creeeeeeeeeek! Creeeeeeeeek! Swoosh!

Izroth thought about how troublesome it was to deal with multiple enemies at once. It would not be much of an issue if he had some sort of skill that could damage numerous enemies. He would definitely think deeper into that matter later on, but for now, he must deal with what's in front of him.

Izroth abruptly stepped back just as the pickaxes were about to land on him!



Both of the attacks from the 'Goblin Worker' monsters missed! Not missing this window of opportunity, Izroth repositioned himself slightly by shifting his right foot and pushing off his left foot launching towards the 'Goblin Worker' on his left side. A cold blade flashed right across that 'Goblin Worker' midsection. It had absolutely no way to follow Izroth's movements!

-110 HP!

290/400 HP Remaining! (Goblin Worker 2)

Izroth did not stop there as he used the momentum provided by his first attack, lowered his body slightly, and spun around fully slicing into the 'Goblin Worker' a second time before it could even register the first attack! It was almost like a phantom following right after the first sword attack!

-350 HP!

0/400 HP Remaining! (Goblin Worker 2)

Ding! Congratulations, you have defeated 'Goblin Worker'!

Ding! You have been awarded 150 Experience!

Loot Drop:

-5 bronze coins

That 'Goblin Worker' cried out loudly in a fit of regret and rage as though it was throwing a tantrum before finally falling over. It had been eliminated!

The last remaining 'Goblin Worker' attacked from the right side of Izroth as he was busy assaulting the other 'Goblin Worker'!

Izroth kicked off his right foot to put some distance between him and the 'Goblin Worker'.

-25 HP!

475/500 HP Remaining(Izroth)

Izroth almost successfully avoided the attack from the right 'Goblin Worker' completely, but still managed to get barely grazed by the 'Goblin Worker'. The move he just tried felt a bit weird in the sense that even though he wanted to strike with the next attack faster, there was some invisible force slowing him down purposely which threw off his reaction time for dodging.

Ding! Congratulations, player Izroth has created a new skill! Please name the skill!

Izroth was startled by the sudden system alert, what did the system mean by he created a new skill? When did he do that? He honestly had no idea and thought that maybe something was wrong with the system.

As Izroth was thinking about the message he just received from the system, the 'Goblin Worker' did not halt their assault. It was obvious that they would not stop until one of the sides perished.

Izroth pushed the alert into the back of his mind for now and decided to finish the fight in front of him first.


Izroth easily evaded the incoming assault from the 'Goblin Worker' while accurately slashing with his sword towards the 'Goblin Worker' eyes!

Critical Hit!

-230 HP!

170/400 HP Remaining! (Goblin Worker 3)

Battle Alert: 'Goblin Worker' has been blinded for 5 seconds by player Izroth!

"You can do this as well?" Izroth was pleasantly surprised. He had expected for a critical hit to be possible, but he did not think that the system would register blindness as well! Even though the blinding was only temporary, it was possible to change the entire flow of a battle within that amount of time! With a chance like this handed to him, why would he not take full advantage of it?

Izroth mercilessly launched a full-out assault against the 'Goblin Worker', and it could only use one of its hands to cover its eyes because of the pain while swinging its pickaxe around only relying on luck to hit its target.

There was no chance for this 'Goblin Worker' to survive under the ruthless attacks of Izroth during its moment of being blinded. It quickly met a similar fate as the two 'Goblin Worker' monsters before it. It had died.

Ding! Congratulations, you have defeated 'Goblin Worker'!

Ding! You have been awarded 150 Experience!

Loot Drop:

-5 bronze coins

That entire fight had only taken Izroth around 20-30 seconds to complete.

Izroth returned his sword to its sheath before finally taking the time to look at the system alert he received during the battle.

"What skill did I create and when did I create it?" mumbled Izroth to himself trying to think about when he ever took the time out to create another skill. But he did not have to wait for long before he heard a system alert go off.

Ding! The skill was created by player Izroth during his battle a few moments ago. Replaying skill...

The system then went on to playback the moment when Izroth attacked the second 'Goblin Worker' twice in quick succession.

As Izroth saw the moment he came to a sudden realization, that was why his attack felt so slow at that moment and hit for more damage than usual for a regular attack. It turned out that he had created a skill unknowingly at that moment!

Izroth could not help but laugh a bit when he thought about how people said that the Combat Master class was trash and unplayable. Was this unplayable? Was this trash? The ability to endlessly grow, that was the strength of the Combat Master class!

"Name the skill Phantom Strike"

Generating skill... Complete!

Skill Name: Phantom Strike

Skill Creator: Izroth

Skill Level: 1/3

Skill Rank: B

Active: A two-strike sword skill that deals 100% of the user attack as damage on the first strike and 150% of the user attack as damage on the second strike.

Description: One sword closely follows the other, like a phantom striking unexpectedly. If you try to follow this sword with your eyes, you may be able to avoid the first strike, but the second will not miss.

Cooldown: 1 minute

Izroth had actually created a B rank skill during his last battle without even trying to do so! Even though it was only a B rank skill, that did not mean it was useless. In fact, even though Izroth had A rank and S rank skills, he knew that just like in cultivation, even lower level heavenly laws had a purpose.

After reading over and learning his new skill, Izroth had a small grin on his face as he stared at all of the 'Goblin Worker' enemies before him. There were 30 of them in small groups or standing alone by themselves.

"3 down... 30 to go" it did not take long before Izroth started to sweep through all the groups of 'Goblin Worker' monsters scattered around. There were some 'Goblin Scout' monsters in some of the groups, however, he quickly eliminated them before they had a chance to use that 'Scout Call' skill and call for more help.

"The benefits are not bad at all" Izroth said to himself. Not only did he get a nice amount of EXP and coins, but he also gained an unexpected bonus!

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