Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 119 A Cornered Beast Is The Most Dangerous Kind

Luna did not expect to run into a Shadahi within the Chaotic Dogma Realm. Well, it was not exactly a Shadahi, but the two definitely had a certain connection to one another.

At the moment, Qi Jiguang and his party were facing off against Silent Step and his group. Qi Jiguang was a fighter-type class. He was extremely agile while his strikes were precise and quick. That, paired with his footwork, made him a deadly player to face in one on one combat.

However, Silent Step was no pushover, especially now that he was transformed. Qi Jiguang was personally fighting against Silent Step Silent Step.

"My name is Qi Jiguang, remember it!" Qi Jiguang said as his fist soared through the air leaving behind dozens of afterimages. Even though the afterimages were not solid, they released a small contained explosion which forced Silent Step to retreat.

"There's no need to learn the name of a man marked for death!" Silent Step said. He was incredibly frustrated and hated to admit it, but this Qi Jiguang's skill level was nothing to scoff at. It was like fighting against someone with years of training and experience in combat.

"Gah!" One of the players who were a part of Silent Step's group screamed out as a bolt of blue lightning flashed by and struck their body. The player struck by the blue lightning was not yet fully healed up since their last encounter and could only take so much damage. His body instantly began to dissipate before he vanished and experienced an existence wipe.

"You!" Silent Step tossed out a wave of throwing knives towards the player who just killed one of his party members. The players he gathered were not just some low-tier trash within Fatal Touch, but individuals he chose due to their specific skill set and experience. Now, he had lost a total of three members!

To make things worse, even if they were to defeat Qi Jiguang and his team, Silent Step was not confident about dealing with the members of Heaven's Law if they were to regroup, even with his trump card. This mission was bound to be a failure and it was the fault of two people.

The first was Aegis for interfering in the fight against Mariposa and the members of Sleeping Gardenia. The second was Qi Jiguang who found out about his plans and waited for the opportunity to strike first when they were weakened.

It was obvious that Qi Jiguang was unwilling to risk the death of his members in mutual destruction. Therefore, instead of immediately taking action, he first sat back and analyzed the situation. For some reason, this infuriated Silent Step the more he thought about it. He was supposed to be the one doing the attacking, not the other way around.

"How skilled..." Luna was surprised. She experienced firsthand how strong a Shadahi was. If that player managed to gain the power of a Shadahi, on top of being a player skilled enough to enter into the Chaotic Dogma Realm, then the player fighting against him must be a monster for still having the upper hand.

"Ahhhh!" Another one of Silent Step's party members met with their demise under a blade. Now, there was only Silent Step and one other player that remained within his group.

Silent Step's facial expression darkened. He could no longer afford the luxury of saving the trump card given to him. Silent Step swiped outward with his dagger and forced Qi Jiguang to retreat.

"Originally, I was going to save this for the members of Heaven's Law. However, you've forced my hand! Everyone here can just die!" Silent Step's expression became hideous and filled with rage. It may have been due to the Shadahi transformation, but he looked like a true demon at that moment.

Luna suddenly felt shivers run down her spine. It was as if something was warning her to get away from this place as fast as possible! She had been so distracted by the Shadahi transformation and the fight, that she had forgotten her original objective to escape from this place at the first chance she got.

"I have to escape." That was the only thought that drifted across Luna's mind at that moment. But, what she did not know was that it was actually the skill Soul Sense that forewarned her of the forthcoming danger.

Luna no longer cared about being discovered at this point. Right now when everyone else was distracted was her best chance to leave this place. Luna immediately ran away from the area of fighting.

Qi Jiguang had a foreboding feeling as Silent Step had a perfectly shaped black cube within his hand. This cube had purple magic symbols of unknown origins carved into it. If Valentine were there, even he would be unable to understand the symbols with his Eyes of Magic.

"Retreat!" Qi Jiguang shouted, however, just a few seconds after he yelled out, a wave of darkness filled the entire surrounding atmosphere.


After running for around ten seconds Luna heard what sounded similar to a chorus of buddhist chants. However, the chants were disoriented and carried with it a dreadful kind of energy.

Luna felt as if a hand was reaching out from the darkness and wanted to pull her in to devour her. She knew that she would be unable to outrun whatever it was that was coming for her. Therefore, she could only brace herself.

Luna stopped running and clasped her hands together. She then began to mutter a kind of mantra as a faint yellow light could be seen forming in the space between her hands. "State..." That was the last word Luna said before the wave caught up to her and engulfed her into a world of darkness.

If one were spectating from above, they would see a giant pitch black dome structure that spanned at least 100 meters. At the top of the dome was a skull that appeared to be laughing at the misfortune of those within its clutch.

A few moments later, the black dome disappeared and all that remained was a state of deathly silence.


Izroth halted his steps and furrowed his brows as he felt a sudden sense of danger. However, it only lasted for a brief period of time before vanishing altogether.


Izroth observed Mariposa and her party's expressions and none of them appeared to have sensed whatever it was that he just did. He then continued walking forward after he was unable to find anything further from his observation.

'Is this a feeling given by the Soul Sense skill?'

Since the feeling had disappeared and Izroth had no idea where it came from, he could only increase his level of awareness. After all, one never knew what to expect within the Chaotic Dogma Realm.

Mariposa suddenly stopped walking as she tapped her staff lightly against the ground. "Hm..." There was a look of uncertainty written on her face. "There is definitely some type of spatial signature here, however, it's warped in various locations. It's like something or someone was playing with the surrounding space in this area."

'Playing with space?'

"Do they lead into any specific direction?" Izroth asked.

"Most of the warped signatures are within that direction." Mariposa pointed off towards a direction slightly west of the tall tower they were headed for. "But it's very strange. If I didn't know any better, I'd say it looks as if someone is fighting while on the move."

"Oh? How did you come to that conclusion?" Izroth questioned. If that was the case, then there was a chance that he knew the person who was transported to this area.

"Well, the warped spatial signatures aren't big enough for someone to have transported through. I would say it's only large enough for some type of small object. There's a considerable amount of these warped signatures in different locations. It's almost as if someone punctured through... Space..." Mariposa words drifted off.

Mariposa turned to look at Izroth, however, what she saw was only a flickering silhouette. The real Izroth had already sped off towards the direction Mariposa pointed in after he listened to most of her explanation. It was then Mariposa confirmed her suspicions.

The person who was most likely caught up in a fight was her younger sister, Zi Yi!

"Let's go, we're following him!" Mariposa gave the order as she and her party followed after Izroth. Mariposa was secretly shocked at how fast Izroth was capable of traveling.

"What kind of skill lets someone move so fast...?" One of Mariposa's party members could not help but be astonished. As they followed after Izroth, every time they believed that they had caught up to him, it would turn out to only be a flickering afterimage. It was obvious that Izroth had left them in the dust!


Zi Yi was currently locked in a battle against a monster with the snake-like body that resembled a basilisk. It was large and spanned over twenty meters in length.

When Zi Yi was transported, she immediately felt on an overwhelming sense of danger. She acted quickly and jumped as if she were evading an attack and less than a fraction of a second later, a large snake-like tail had slammed into where she stood and crushed the ground.

If it were not for the skill Soul Sense, then she may not have been so lucky as to survive that surprise attack.

Right now, she was facing off against this fierce and relentless creature before her.

Name: Aah'Ro'Geka Basilisk(Elite)

Level: 26

HP: 33,750 (45%)

The Aah'Ro'Geka Basilisk had scales that were various shades of green and a terrifying pair of snake eyes. The two most dangerous qualities of this creature were its speed and stealth.

Although it was large in size, its speed was still incredible and its movements were not at all easy to follow. There had been plenty of times when Zi Yi was on the brink of death during this fight. Using its ability to hide, it would often launch ambushes from unexpected places.


Zi Yi scanned her surroundings while moving nonstop. She was using the metallic-like tree branches to move around and attack whenever there was an opening. Other than that, she spent most of the time focused on evading the creature's attacks. After all, she was not a tank like Halls and could not just take attacks head-on.

The monster released a low hissing sound as it rapidly closed in on Zi Yi.

Zi Yi immediately kicked off the tree branch she was on and shot an arrow towards the direction of the hissing.


Her arrow pierced through something solid. Zi Yi had believed that she was successful with yet another attack against the Aah'Ro'Geka Basilisk. However, her eyes widened in surprise when she realized that her attack did not hit the monster, but instead pierced into some kind of molted skin!


The monster launched its large body into the air with its jaws wide open. Its fangs were ready to sink into Zi Yi.

Zi Yi was still in mid-air and was unable to escape! She had already used both of her lifesaving skills. She could not predict that the monster would use such a sly method of distraction and then attack immediately after it worked.

Zi Yi moved her bow in front of her body to brace for the attack. However, that attack did not come. Her body started to slowly be enveloped into a crystal as it soon covered her entire body.

At first, she assumed that it was some sort of skill the monster used against her, but when the Aah'Ro'Geka Basilisk tried to chomp down on her, it was unable to deal any damage!

"What's going on?" Zi Yi was startled as she tried to figure out what was going on.

"You seem like you can use a hand." A familiar voice sounded out into Zi Yi's ears. It had a certain carefree tone to it that could not be mistaken for anyone else she knew!

Since the monster was no longer able to damage Zi Yi, it did not continue to attack her. Instead, it turned its attention towards the newcomer. Of course, this newcomer was Izroth.

Zi Yi let out a sigh of relief as she responded, "By all means, lend a hand." She was glad to finally run into a familiar face after such an intense battle.

Izroth unsheathed his Blade of Lightning as the Aah'Ro'Geka Basilisk rushed towards him.

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