Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 114 Adaptation Cape

〈System Alert: You have been awarded 32,095 EXP〉

Loot Drop:

-x2 «Liquid of Silverline»

-x1 «Chaos Fragment»

-x3 «Concentrated Chaos Core»

-1 «Silverline Halo»

-1 «Adaptation Cape»

'The bosses of the Chaotic Dogma Realm sure are generous when it comes to the amount of experience they grant.'

Izroth looked through the loot that dropped from the Silverline Entity and the first two things to grab his attention were the two rare item drops. However, he ran into an unexpected surprise while checking through the loot, and that was a Chaos Fragment!

'Is it possible that Chaos Fragments only drop from boss monsters within the Chaotic Dogma Realm? Or is there simply a greater chance for it to drop?'

Whatever the fact was, there was now a Chaos Fragment at his disposal that would allow him to unlock the mystery behind the Sealed Chaos Essence that he picked up from the Earth Devouring Groundbull.

However, first thing was first, he had to divide the loot that dropped from the Silverline Entity.

'Oh? An interesting item. Too bad that it does not suit me.'

The item Izroth referred to was the Silverline Halo. It was a rare headpiece suited to magic users. However, even if he could equip the item, Izroth already possessed the Crystal Sea Head Ornament. Therefore, he would not have been greedy and rolled for it.

Name: Silverline Halo(Rare)

Level: 25

Type: Unknown

Requirements: None

HP: 300

MP: 500

MAG: 100

Silverline's Imprint(Passive): Copies and stores one active magic type skill that can be used instantly without the need for any cast time. The user is capable of storing a skill that they cast or a magic skill used within 20 meters of their location. The stronger the magic skill, the more MP it cost to store the skill successfully. This skill cannot copy the skill «Release» or a skill that exceeds this item's capabilities.

Release(Active): Instantly cast the stored skill.

Cooldown: 1 hour

While the skills attached to the Silverline Halo had a nearly infinite number of uses, it only allowed magic type skills to be stored. Izroth's current magic stat was zero and he did not plan on deviating from his original path. Also, the stats it provided were obviously for magic using classes.

Although, he would have been a little tempted if it could store any skill. After all, if he could store away one of his Baneful Swords, then it would make for a deadly item. However, this item would go to either Luna or Valentine.

"What a great item!" Guan Yu said with a bit of excitement within his voice. Even though he could not use it, the effects of the rare item were something he found incredibly powerful if used correctly.

"Too bad it only allows for magic skills to be stored inside of it." Zi Yi shook her head in disappointment.

"Luna and Valentine are the only two who magic casters. Therefore, the two of you will roll to decide who obtains this Silverline Halo." Izroth said.

Even though Izroth had known Luna for a longer period of time, Valentine had contributed to the fight as well. Therefore, he would be fair and allow the chance for both of them to acquire the rare item.

Valentine nodded as he smiled and said, "Sorry, Luna. But my luck when it comes to rolls is just too good." Valentine was fairly confident that he would win the Silverline Halo. He would always win the roll for good items in all of the other parties he was in, so this should not be any different.

Luna only gave a small smile as a response. She would like to acquire the Silverline Halo, however, she would not be disheartened if she was unable to do so.

Valentine used the party interface to roll a number from 1-100. It appeared on everyone's screen and they could see the numbers constantly shuffling.


The system made a small sound when the rolling process finished. When everyone saw what number Valentine rolled, they were shocked. His luck was something alright, but it was definitely not good!

"Ahahahaha!" Halls and Guan Yu could not help but burst out into a loud fit of laughter.

"Indeed! Your luck knows no bounds!" Halls said as he continued his laughter.

"Aye, his luck is just too good brother! Enough to reach the apex! Ahahaha!" Guan Yu followed up.

Valentine had a defeated and gloomy look on his face. Usually, his luck was indeed very good! But for some reason, the number he rolled this time did not reflect that.

'Some people are just born under an unlucky star.'

First, Valentine picked the worst wooden door, and now he actually rolled a 1 for a rare piece of equipment!

Zi Yi had a slight smirk on her face, "Next time, you should not brag about your luck and maybe you'll have better fortune."

"Ugh..." Valentine groaned.

Luna rolled and received a perfect 100, the complete opposite of Valentine's roll. It appeared that Luna was the lucky one!

Izroth handed the Silverline Halo over to Luna, "It now belongs to you."

"Just a little luck is all." Luna said as she graciously accepted the item from Izroth and immediately equipped it. A silver halo formed above her head and emitted a very faint yet strong aura. Its appearance suited Luna who was a healer quite well.

The next rare item was one that everyone present was capable of using. However, the two who could use it the most were Izroth, and Zi Yi. Unlike all the other pieces of equipment, the Adaptation Cape did not have a type listed; not even as Unknown.

Name: Adaptation Cape(Rare)

Level: 25

Requirements: None

Adapt(Passive): Increases the user's highest base stat by 100 points.

Silverline's Life Essence Magic(Passive): Grants the user +3% «Lifesteal».

'A lifesteal item?'

Izroth was pleasantly surprised by the lifesteal passive listed on the Adaptation Cape. He had not come across any items which provided lifesteal within RML as of yet. He understood that although such items existed, they were incredibly difficult to obtain. Even without its Adapt passive, the lifesteal alone would make this item worthy of its rare item grade.

After a small discussion, Luna decided to forfeit her roll for the item. She felt it would be unfair to everyone else if she rolled and managed to obtain both rare items. If Izroth had chosen not to include her she would have understood. But, she had made her own decision which everyone respected.

Everyone, except Luna, rolled in order to acquire the Adaptation Cape.

〈System Alert: Player Halls has rolled 35.〉

〈System Alert: Player Zi Yi has rolled 76.〉

〈System Alert: Player Guan Yu has rolled 14.〉

〈System Alert: Player Valentine has rolled 99.〉

"I guess he was telling the truth after all!" Halls was surprised that Valentine was able to roll a 99 after his previous bad luck of rolling a 1.

Zi Yi sighed helplessly, "It seems like this item will go to the magic freak." She had hoped to get her hands on the Adaptation Cape, however, it seemed that lady luck was not on her side today.

"I told you, my luck with rolls is quite good." Valentine said in a cheerful tone with his gloomy mood no longer present.

The last person to roll was Izroth. Though the chances of him beating out Valentine roll were extremely low and no one really expected him to roll for 100. Well, Halls and Luna did have a strange feeling about something. They felt as though Valentine was going to learn the hard way that Izroth's fortune was not something so easily overcome.

〈System Alert: Player Izroth has rolled 100.〉

Valentine stood there silently staring at the number 100 as if it were taunting him. He did not know whether to laugh or cry at rolling a 99 just to lose in the end.

Halls shook his head and went over to pat Valentine on his shoulder. "Don't feel too bad. When it comes to luck, my brother is invincible."

Guan Yu laughed and said, "Aye, it seems like the only person who can match that invincible luck is big sis Luna! Ahahaha!"

Izroth gave a carefree smile before he equipped the Adaptation Cape. At first, the cape was without color. However, just a few seconds later it began to transform and match the color of his armor. Since Izroth's highest base stat was his attack, it was increased by 100 points thanks to the effect of the Adaptation Cape.

"You look even mightier than before, brother!" Halls said giving a thumbs up.

Izroth inwardly shook his head as he picked up the remaining items. Since he and Luna had already acquired two rare items, neither of them bothered competing over the Concentrated Chaos Cores. One of the items went to Halls, another to Valentine, and the last to Zi Yi.

Although they were not as valuable as a rare item, they would still fetch a good price due to being a reagent that was not readily available. Those tops guilds would love to get their hands on something like that.

When Izroth saw one of the last two items, the Liquid of Silverline, he immediately became interested in it.

'This is... Yes, that just might work.'

From the moment Izroth read the usage of the Liquid of Silverline, he knew that he had to acquire it. Of course, he would not just take it as he believed in fairness, but he would make an offer to everyone.

"For this Liquid of Silverline, I hope to obtain this for personal matters. I will not force you to give it to me for free, as I am willing to pay a fair price for it. Of course, if you still wish to roll then I will not discourage you to do so." Izroth said.

Everyone was a bit stunned that Izroth personally requested an item drop. They did not know its exact usage, but if Izroth wanted it then it must have been for a good reason.

"I don't have a profession so it doesn't really matter much to me." Guan Yu was the first to respond.

"I am quite interested in the item, however, as long as the exchange is fair I have no problems. After all, I simply wanted it for knowledge purposes, not anything else." Valentine said.

Everyone else also felt that Izroth deserved to be given face. If he said he needed it, then they would not compete with him for it. Most people in Izroth's position as the party leader who contributed so much would not even bother asking and just take it. They respected Izroth for being impartial and fair in his distribution of the loot.

Izroth nodded, "When I'm successful, I will reimburse all of you as promised." Even though most of them were willing to just give it to him, Izroth did not want to take advantage of their kindness. He would repay them properly when he got the chance.

Izroth grabbed the last item which he had been most interested in, the Chaos Fragment.

"This last item is something all of us can-" Just as Izroth was ready to speak about the matter regarding the Chaos Fragment, Valentine interrupted him and spoke in a hastened manner.

"Something's happening!" Valentine shouted. He seemed startled by something, but no one knew what that was.

"Hm?" Izroth looked over towards Valentine. He understood that there must have been a good reason for Valentine suddenly cutting him off. After all, Valentine was a lot of things, but he was not disrespectful.

Zi Yi looked around and noticed that there was nothing strange anywhere close by. "What's happening? I don't see anything."

"The black specks that I mentioned earlier are changing!" Valentine said, however, before anyone else could ask about it, black bolts of lightning suddenly struck down from the sky and hit everyone present. Everything occurred within the fraction of a second and no one had any time to react.


The spot that Izroth and his party stood in just a few moments ago was now just another empty space within the Chaotic Dogma Realm. Every last one of them had mysteriously vanished.


'What just happened?'

One second Izroth was with his party, but the next moment he had suddenly appeared in an unfamiliar location. None of his party members were near him as they had been just moments ago. He stood there with the Chaos Fragment still within his hand. Izroth set the Chaos Fragment into his inventory for now and decided to deal with it later.

"It's you!" A voice filled with shock sounded out a few meters from behind Izroth.

It was a voice that sounded quite familiar and carried a certain level of elegance to it. But it also currently had a hint of frustration drifting about in it as though the speaker was stressed out about something.

'It's her.'

When Izroth turned around, he saw the woman he met in front of the gates of the Amaharpe palace. It was Zi Yi's elder sister, Mariposa. However, she did not appear to be in the best state right now.

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