Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 50 - Hurry Up and Surrender

Chapter 50: Hurry Up and Surrender

Xu Bailu returned with mixed feelings to the courtyard where she lived with her two disciples.

The power of the Deity Realm far exceeded her imagination.

Compared to the Wind and Rain Summoning Divine Power from before, the “Fixed Body Art” she had just felt was even more real.

She had never experienced the feeling of her body being completely out of her control and being unable to move.

“The Deity Realm. There really is a Deity Realm in this world. The Divine Treasures Realm is not a fantasy!” Xu Bailu’s eyes lit up as she made up her mind. “If others can reach it, why can’t I, Xu Bailu, do it?

“Originally, after stepping into the Profound Gate Realm and becoming a Grandmaster, my will was already a little lax. This won’t do. After I return to the sect this time, I’ll enter seclusion and break through to the Xiantian realm!

“In my lifetime, I, Xu Bailu, will definitely reach the Deity Realm!”

… .

Qian Cang was panicking.

Especially after seeing Juhe County City in front of him, he felt even more flustered.

As Liu Litao’s trusted aide and the special envoy sent to Juhe County to investigate the situation, he should not have such a mentality.

However, the information described in the military news report was too ridiculous.

Whether it was real or fake, it still made Qian Cang tremble in fear.

With just the power of a small county city, they had defeated and even captured a 50,000-strong army!

How was this possible?

“The Prefect said to first verify the results of the battle before probing the truth about Juhe County.” Qian Cang rode on his horse and slowed down. He thought to himself, “The strength of Juhe County will be the decider on whether they want to pluck the peaches?”

Although Liu Litao did not explain his final goal, he had clearly told him to only investigate the news and not make any decisions. After investigating, he had to return to Lu County immediately to report.

Moreover, it was specially stated that as long as it did not endanger his lives, he should try his best not to get into a conflict with the people from Juhe County.

It was obvious that he wanted to see what kind of person they were dealing with.

“I hope this result is fake.” Qian Cang hoped in his heart.

As long as the results were fake, he would be fine.

But if that exaggerated battle results were true, he would definitely not have a good ending.

If the battle results of Juhe County were to be robbed by the Prefect in the end, that county magistrate of Juhe County would probably not let him off.

After all, the county magistrate of Juhe County had defeated an army of 50,000 soldiers. Even if he did not dare to directly resist Liu Litao, as the governor, how could he not be able to control a small aide like him?

At that time, it was hard to say if the governor would protect him. What if he directly pushed him out to kill him to appease the county magistrate?

However, if the strength of Juhe County was extremely strong and they really defeated the 50,000-strong army with their own strength, if he reported the situation truthfully, it would be equivalent to telling the governor that he could not pluck this peach…

Although he could not be blamed for this, it would probably make the governor unhappy. His future would probably be ruined.

No matter what, he would most likely offend one side.

Both sides were not human…

“If the results of the battle are true… Although the governor has shown me great kindness and even let me use one of his two precious horses for the time being, I can’t just admit defeat like this.”

Qian Cang looked at the approaching city gate. The more he thought about it, the more frustrated he became.

Suddenly, he had an idea and his eyes lit up. “If Juhe County is really powerful enough to defeat the 50,000-strong Yan Bandit army, then I can just join this county magistrate.”

As Liu Litao’s aide, he knew the military situation of Lu County City very well. Even if he used all his strength, it was impossible for him to resist the army of 50,000 Yan Bandits.

If Juhe County really relied on their own strength to defeat the 50,000-strong Yan Bandits, their strength would definitely be enough to crush Lu County.

In this chaotic world, the strong were respected.

It was obvious that his future would be better if he followed this person.

“Governor, I’m sorry.” Qian Cang felt guilty in his heart and thought to himself, “After all, who doesn’t want to live in this chaotic world? I had no choice!

“Of course, I still hope that the results are fake. Then we can pretend that nothing happened. Sigh…”

… .

Liu Litao was very concerned about the matters of Juhe County, so Qian Cang’s horse was the second fastest in the Prefect’s residence.

He traveled through the night and covered 300 kilometers in half a day.

After Qian Cang entered the city, he couldn’t ask about the situation directly, so he wanted to find a place with more people to listen to the discussions of others.

After finding the basic clues, he would talk to him and get information from him.

This way, he would not appear very deliberate.

However, he quickly realized that everyone seemed to be gathering towards the south of the city.

This made Qian Cang very curious. He could not help but stop an ordinary-looking skinny youth and ask, “Little brother, where are we going?”

The young man was Zhao Goudan. He scratched his head and said in confusion, “You actually don’t know? Yesterday, the County Lord summoned the wind and rain on the city gate to destroy the Yan dogs. Now, he wants to behead the leader of the Yan dogs, Wang Shun, in public!”

With that, he shook off Qian Cang and hurriedly followed the crowd.

Zhao Goudan had a blood feud with Wang Shun. His father, mother, siblings, and sister had all died at Wang Shun’s hands. He did not want to miss the scene of Wang Shun being beheaded.

“Hiss!” Qian Cang couldn’t help but gasp, and his heart instantly became extremely flustered. “Wang Shun, the traitor An Bei’s General Wang Shun, King Yan’s younger brother? No, I have to go over and take a look.”

He hurriedly followed and blended into the crowd. Soon, they arrived at the south of the city.

Wang Shun was chained onto a table on a high platform.

Although he had not been beheaded yet, he was already on the verge of death.

After all, he has been tied up here since yesterday. Countless commoners came over to throw rotten eggs and vegetables at his head.

If not for the soldiers stopping them, he would have been smashed to death with a rock.

“It’s really Wang Shun! This, this, what should I do?” Qian Cang looked at the dying prisoner on the high platform and was shocked. He had seen Wang Shun’s portrait and recognized him at a glance.

Along the way, he had already learned about the battle situation yesterday from the discussions of the surrounding citizens.

It was not luck that there was no confrontation between the two armies.

It was actually the new county magistrate of Juhe County who had splashed a bowl of water from the city wall. In an instant, it attracted a violent storm. Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled as he used the power of heaven and earth to defeat the Yan Bandit army.

Every citizen spoke with certainty. They had seen it with their own eyes.

And it happened just yesterday.

Qian Cang doubted his life when he heard that.

This was too ridiculous!

I thought you were an earth-shattering general. I didn’t expect you to be an Immortal?!

Just as he was wondering…

Suddenly, he felt someone pat his shoulder.

Qian Cang turned around and saw a young man dressed as the head of the constables standing behind him. “Who are you, sir?”

Monk Hui Shi’s face was like iron and stone. He said expressionlessly, “Come with me. The County Lord wants to see you.”

“…” Qian Cang was instantly dumbfounded. He had been exposed just like that?

“There’s no need to be surprised,” Monk Hui Shi said calmly. “Your bastard Prefect didn’t just send you here to gather information. There’s another one ahead of you. However, he has already submitted to our County Lord and even sold you out.”

“…” Qian Cang was dumbfounded.

Damn it, he was still hesitating about whether to surrender, but someone had already taken action??

Why didn’t he care about the favor of the Prefect at all?!

“Let’s go. Do you still need me to invite you?” Monk Huishi said with an unfriendly expression.

“No, no need. I can walk by myself, I can walk by myself.” Qian Cang immediately nodded and followed.

At this moment, a loud shout suddenly came from the platform behind him.

“Yellow-haired brat, if you dare to kill me, you will die a horrible death! When my brother attacks this city in the future, he will definitely bury the entire city with me!”

As soon as he finished speaking—

The executioner’s Ghost Head Saber had already slashed down, cutting off Wang Shun’s head like tofu.

In an instant, the citizens erupted into cheers.

Qian Cang could not help but turn around to take a look. He saw the blood soaring high into the sky like a waterfall, scaring him so much that his entire body trembled and his footsteps quickened.

“I have to surrender, I have to surrender! The Prefect’s life is nothing compared to mine!”

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