Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 27 - Flying Dawn Sword's Secret Manual

Chapter 27: Flying Dawn Sword’s Secret Manual

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The government personnels blocked the door and rushed into the house to search.

Cui Heng had just come out of the guest room.

He was not surprised to see the government personnels storming around to search.

Last night, after the wedding banquet ended, Cui Heng went to look for Old Master Li to find out more about this world.

The name of this country was the Great Jin, and it had existed for more than 200 years.

It was the eleventh year of Emperor Shaokang.

There were governors who ruled a region and there were county governors who rebelled. The world was plagued with military disasters and the people were in dire straits.

The disciples of the various martial arts sects had come out of seclusion, either to punish evil or assist one side.

Wang Tong, the prefect of Yanshan County, who is in Fengzhou with Lu County, revolted five years ago.

This Wang Tong was good at courting the hearts of the masses. Along the way, he obtained the support of the large martial arts sects, Lotus Flower Monastery and Grand Prosperity Monastery. His expansion speed was extremely fast.

By now, he already had 400,000 soldiers.

According to the information Old Master Li obtained from past merchants, Wang Tong would soon march towards Lu County.

And the Juhe County city by the riverside was definitely the first place to attack.

Only then would he be able to control the water route and transport the troops and rations. He could then attack the next county city until he completely occupied the entire Fengzhou.

This information allowed Cui Heng to roughly understand the situation of this world.

It was clearly an ancient Chinese world with Wuxia elements. It was at the end of the dynasty, an era where heroes fought for supremacy.

He just didn’t know if it was the level of the Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Chant or the level of the Sui and Tai Romance.

In any case, it made no difference to Cui Heng.

From what he knew, there was probably no power in this world that could threaten him.

As long as he wanted to, he could easily flatten the entire Great Jin.

However, Cui Heng did not intend to kill everyone and suppress the world.

That would do him no good.

This would add obstacles to his comprehension of the seven emotions and six desires of the human world.

However, he still had to take care of the Li family’s situation this time.

After all, he had just asked Old Master Li many questions.

Furthermore, it was obvious that the Li family had been plotted against from the start.

When Cui Heng woke up last night, he realized that someone had deliberately left Monkey Three’s body outside the Li family’s house.

The government personnels had already begun to gather at dawn.

Everything was prepared.

The reason why he did not stop them was because he wanted to treat the root of the problem.

It wasn’t just treating the symptoms.

As for how to manage it.

It was actually very simple.

In the Li family’s residence.

Dozens of government personnels entered one after another. Then, they spread out and charged into one house after another at an extremely fast speed, rummaging through the drawers and rooms.

“Master, masters, what are you doing?”

The Patriarch of the Li family ran over, trembling. He found the head bailiff and begged, “We definitely didn’t kill Monkey Three!”

As he spoke, he stuffed silver into the bailiff’s hands.

The local government enforcers were greedy for money. Under most circumstances, the best solution was to stuff money into their mouths.

“How dare you!” The leader of the constables roared and grabbed Old Master Li’s hand, sneering. “Old thing, how dare you! You dare to openly bribe an official? Arrest him!”


A few government personnels immediately ran over and pulled out ropes from their waists to tie up Old Master Li.

“You, you?!”

Old Master Li’s face turned ashen as he looked at the leading bailiff in disbelief.

He did not expect such an outcome. Now, he finally understood that his family had been set up!

But why?

He had done good deeds all his life, and 70% of the money he earned every year was used to help poor families. He had never made enemies with others. Who would scheme against his family?!

“Father!” Li Cheng also ran out. Seeing that his father had been caught, he quickly went over to plead for leniency. “Sir, Sir, my father is old, it’s not appropriate to tie him up!”

“There is no room for mercy in the law! He openly bribed an official, so he deserves to be punished!” The head bailiff sneered and ignored Li Cheng. His gaze kept sweeping across the other enforcers, as if he was very concerned about the results of the search.

“How could this be? How could this be?” Li Cheng sat down on the ground in disappointment. This was supposed to be a joyous occasion, but why was there suddenly a family destruction? “Who is it? Who is it that wants to harm my Li family?”

“Not good, not good!” At this moment, a maid from the Li family ran over and said to Li Cheng, “Young Master, not good! Madam, she ran away!”

“What?!” Li Cheng felt as if he had been struck by lightning. He was stunned and stammered, “Madam… how could she? This is impossible!”

When Old Master Li heard the news, he immediately lost his balance. His eyes rolled back and he almost fainted. Fortunately, he suddenly felt a warm sensation flow through his body and did not faint.

“Looks like your wife is a murderer. She must have fled out of guilt for her crimes!” The leading officer sneered. “Your family are most likely accomplices! Capture everyone here and bring them back to the court to meet the county magistrate!”

“Wait!” At this moment, Cui Heng walked over and stopped the government enforcers who were about to arrest people.

“You’re that top-notch expert from the Li family’s banquet?” The head bailiff saw that Cui Heng was not afraid at all, and still maintained his high and mighty demeanor. “Did you say ‘wait’ just now because you wanted to stop me from investigating the case?”

“Of course not.” Cui Heng smiled and said, “I just wanted to tell you something.”

“Speak!” The head bailiff said coldly.

“Monkey Three was killed by me, it has nothing to do with anyone else.” Cui Heng was still smiling.

“What?” The head government enforcer was stunned. Then, he grinned. “Haha, good! Interesting. Since you dare to surrender yourself, I’ll let them off. Untie them!”

Only then did they let Old Master Li and Li Cheng free from the rope.

Both of them looked at Cui Heng with deep gratitude.

Even though they didn’t know why Cui Heng stood up to plead guilty, this undoubtedly saved the entire Li Family’s life.

“It’s time to tie me up.” Cui Heng stretched out his hands.

“How bold!” The head bailiff sneered, “I want to see what kind of tricks you, a first-rate expert of the martial arts world, have up your sleeves! Tie him up and bring him back to the county office!”

The government enforcers came and left quickly, leaving behind a Li family mansion that had been turned upside down.

Old Master Li and Li Cheng stared blankly at Cui Heng’s retreating figure. After a long silence, they knelt on the ground and kowtowed respectfully.

“Thank you, benefactor!”

Xiangxi Town wasn’t far from Juhe County City, so it only took an hour to travel on the waterway.

After the lead government official brought his men back to the county office, he had Cui Heng thrown into prison and locked up with a group of death-row prisoners.

Then, he went to meet the county magistrate of Juhe County.

However, before he went to see the county magistrate, the head bailiff grabbed his hair and pulled it off his head, revealing his true appearance.

This was a young monk who appeared to be in his twenties. His eyes were as calm as water, and there was no trace of the violent and angry look from before.

He changed into a monk robe and went to the backyard of the court.

At this moment, the county magistrate was fishing with his back facing the young monk. He said indifferently, “Have you found the ‘Flying Dawn Sword’s Secret Manual’ of the Li family?”

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