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Chapter 879 The Third Target

Chapter 879 The Third Target

After leaving the military base, Liam immediately headed over to the coordinates mentioned on the map.

He had encountered two of these vampire lords until now, and both of them were completely different in terms of both their skills and abilities.

Jonathan Hofstadter was an impatient sleaze bag who demonstrated the ability to summon some sort of creature made of blood. He also used the blood sword in his hands just like a normal sword, not using any of its abilities.

However, the second vampire lord, the 'big one,' was very different.

Not only was he strong and powerful in terms of stats, but even with just that much stat boost, he was able to utilize the blood sword much better, combined with some sort of regeneration ability and burst-type skill.

Either this one wasn't able to summon another blood creature, or perhaps all the vampire lords possessed different types of skills altogether. Liam did not have any other information about these vampire lords, so this was the conclusion he could arrive at.

However, there was also one other thing. It was better to take out these vampire lords as quickly as possible to avoid any of them becoming stronger than they were at the moment.

The next one's location was a bit far away, but with Luna's speed, it did not take long for the two of them to arrive at the spot. Though when they got there, nothing was really visible.

Just like every other place on the earth at the moment, this one as well was completely submerged in the wilderness, unable to make out anything.

With the strength of the plants and the trees, even the most sturdy buildings were unable to hold out. Several buildings had cracked and collapsed because of the monstrous roots piercing into them and the branches strangling them from top to bottom.

In the midst of this rampant wilderness, there was a single ruined building in the distance that stood apart from everything else.

"That must be it," Liam concluded, but he did not set off just yet. He had a feeling that this fight was also not going to be easy. He needed to make some preparations beforehand.

He summoned the wyverns first and then instructed Luna and the wyverns to act only when he said so. Otherwise, he asked them to remain hidden.

Weirdly, the entire place seemed to be unusually deserted. There were no vampire grunts strolling around like in the other bases. Not even the mutant beasts were roaming around in the vicinity.

Liam observed everything for a few seconds and then made his move. His figure nimbly navigated through the dense cluster of brambles and branches and arrived at the ruined building in a second.

Though from the outside, it looked as if the entire building had collapsed, that was not really the case. He looked around to see that the basement of the building was somewhat intact.

On a second glance, he noticed that only the basement was intact. The floors above it had been broken apart with no floor or ceiling, just a big gaping hole that ended in the basement.

Liam jumped down from the height and landed on the ground. The vampire lord was somewhere here. He only needed to find out where.

In front of him, there was a hallway. He went further in through this huge hallway that was interspersed with rocks and collapsed walls that formed heaps of uneven bricks on the path.

The rooms on either side of this hallway were totally destroyed, but at the end of the hallway, the floor was further broken apart, revealing yet another gaping hole.

"Is he inside this?" Liam once again jumped down and prepared to search, but he unexpectedly landed face to face with the same person, a pair of bright crimson eyes staring at him in surprise.

The vampire lord was standing right in front of him!

As the two of them stood staring at each other, neither expecting the other to be present then and there, Liam was the first one to react. He drew his sword and slashed down at the vampire lord.

However, the advantage he had was for naught as, just like before, his attack did not land on the man in front of him. Instead, a blood sphere materialized out of thin air, protecting the vampire lord just like with the others.

Liam grunted in annoyance and immediately retreated a few paces back. Using this chance, he then started creating fireballs one after the other. These spun around him like miniature suns waiting to explode on command.

But Liam did not mobilize them just yet because he already knew what was coming next.


The next second, just like he expected, the blood sphere started thinning down, and instead, a blood-red sword appeared in the vampire lord's hand.

This guy was tall and lean and did not particularly seem like the type who was going to rely on his muscles to fight. So Liam felt like his powers would definitely not be similar to the previous one.

Then what was this guy capable of doing?

As if answering his question, the vampire lord murmured something under his breath, clutching the blood-red sword tightly. Was he activating a spell?

Naturally, Liam was not planning to let him finish whatever he was doing.

As soon as the last of the spherical blood barrier dropped, fully transforming into the blood sword, he started unleashing the fireballs he had prepared one after the other.



Eight fireballs flew forward, hitting the vampire lord directly. The guy managed to dodge two and blocked two more with the blood-red sword, but he couldn't avoid getting hit by the rest.

The four massive fiery magic blasts hit him, and he took the full brunt of the damage with nowhere to go.

And Liam did not stop with that.

He could see that the opponent was faltering and was heavily injured by the previous attack, so he dashed forward to finish the deed.


He swung the black dragon sword down on the vampire lord, aiming to tear him apart into two.

His mana was roiling within, buffing his strength, power, and agility, and the attack as well was perfect and well-placed. The vampire lord did not even have the chance to block or evade it as the black dragon sword roared alive and descended down on him.

However, Liam did not look happy.

A frown formed on his face as he saw that the sword, which should have by now split the vampire lord into two halves, was stuck mid-air, only a scratch barely registering on the guy's shoulder.

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