Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability

Chapter 461 - 461 Could Not Escape Even if He Wanted To

461 Could Not Escape Even if He Wanted To

Eldest Brother Yan shook off Gong Cheng’s hand.

“You should have the courage to take responsibility for your mistakes. Huayan Peak is a good place to train. I hope you won’t cause trouble everywhere when you come back next time.”

He turned around and spoke earnestly to Gong Cheng.

Gong Cheng was speechless.

When did I cause trouble? Can’t Eldest Brother and the others tell? An Jiuyue is not worthy of Second Brother at all! I want to chase her away for his sake!

However, he knew better than to say that again. He did not even dare to express it.

Otherwise, he would not know how long he would have to stay at Huayan Peak. With his brother’s ruthlessness, he might not be able to come down for the rest of his life.

Gong Cheng was soon brought to the courtyard next to Qiongzhi Courtyard to stay. He was surrounded by specialized personnel and could not escape, even if he wanted to.

But, of course, he did not dare escape either.

Eldest Brother Yan and Third Brother Fu could not stay in the Prince Zhan Yun Residence for long. The former was the Third Prince, while the latter was the eldest son of the Minister of War, Lord Fu, and had military power.

The old emperor would be terrified if word got out about their relationship with Qian Jiyun.

They exchanged greetings with An Jiuyue and left after a brief introduction. They even gave Gong Cheng some advice before leaving.

The meaning behind their words could not be any clearer. They wanted Gong Cheng to behave and stop causing problems.

In Qiongzhi Courtyard, An Jiuyue stared at Qian Jiyun and sneered.

“Um… Jiuyue, let me explain…”

As she stared at him, Qian Jiyun felt even more guilty. He had no idea how to explain Qian Yizheng and Qian Yirong to her.

“Explain yourself. I’m listening,” An Jiuyue said with a fake smile.

Qian Jiyun was quiet.

He really did not know how to explain it, but he could not stay quiet.

“Zheng’er and Rong’er inexplicably showed up at my residence back then. I sent people to investigate for a long time, but they couldn’t find out who brought them here.”

He felt speechless when he recalled what had happened back then.

Because An Jiuyue’s mother had died saving him, the time between his engagement to An Jiuyue and their marriage was short.

A few days after the engagement, just as he was about to welcome the new bride, two new children appeared in his room at his residence.

Many people saw the two children and speculated that he had abandoned the woman who had given birth to his children to marry An Jiuyue.

He was still young. He did not know what to do with the two children. He could not just abandon them, right?

He then sent someone to investigate, but they could not find where they came from. Hence, he took them in as his sons and decided to raise them since they were already with him.

A large household like theirs could not possibly fail to raise two children, right?

“I really treat Zheng’er and Rong’er as my children. I spent a long time looking for them after learning that Old Madam had abandoned them, but I couldn’t find them in the end.

“Jiuyue, believe me. I really—”

“Stop!” An Jiuyue raised her hand to interrupt him.

These were not the answers she wanted to hear.

“Let me ask you, where did you get the children?” she asked bluntly.

“I don’t know,” Qian Jiyun replied.

He truly had no idea. If he did, he would have returned the two children long ago. Why would he raise them as his children in his residence?

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