Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability

Chapter 343 - Pulling a Shoot to Help It Grow

Chapter 343: Pulling a Shoot to Help It Grow

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They would be able to cook for An Jiuyue after a few more lessons.

“Good. Behave well.”

An Jiuyue stood up and led the children toward An Yilu.

The youngest twins could not speak or walk yet, but An Yilu could already walk very quickly after some practice.

There was no stopping him, and he liked chasing a few rabbits in the courtyard.

“Bunny, bunny… Mother!”

While An Jiuyue was talking to the older two, An Yilu, who had been chasing after a rabbit, ran over and hugged her calf.

An Jiuyue was stunned. She felt her body, and even her breathing, stop.

She finally lowered her head stiffly after some time and looked at An Yilu, who was still hugging her calf. She bent down and picked up the child.

“Lu’er, what did you call me? Say that again?”

The child had called her “mother” indistinctly in the past. This was the first time he said it so clearly.

“Mother, Mother, kiss me.”

The child called out to her softly in her arms as he planted a kiss on her face.

Qian Yirong looked at An Yilu with a smile and said, “Mother, Lu’er can speak now. Brother and I were just discussing whether we should teach him to read in a few days.”

“Yeah! Mother, let’s start teaching him tomorrow, okay?” Qian Yizheng nodded excitedly.

An Jiuyue remained silent.

She felt like her head was burning and needed some peace and quiet.

Aren’t you being too anxious? He just started talking! Even if they’re pulling a shoot to help it grow, they’re acting as if this young shoot is ready to bear fruit! How is that even possible?

Most importantly, you two are still children! You can’t even recognize all the words, but you want to be a teacher and teach others? Why are you so ambitious?

“Lu’er is still young. He can still play for the next year. After a year, you can teach him to read. You’ll have learned more words by then and won’t make mistakes when teaching Lu’er, right?” she suggested earnestly to her sons.

The two boys thought for a moment and agreed. They exchanged looks and understood each other through their eyes.

“Okay, we’ll wait another year.”

Everything their mother said was right. They would teach him a year later.

However, this would not stop them from reading and memorizing words every day next to Lu’er in the meantime, right?

They believed Lu’er would be as intelligent as them and would start reading with them soon.

Qian Jiyun knew An Jiuyue had entered her space, so he dragged his sister along and chatted for a while.

He only allowed Qian Yiyun to return to the carriage when he sensed that An Jiuyue had reappeared in the carriage.

After more than 20 days of traveling, they finally arrived outside the capital.

“Qian Jiyun! Qian Jiyun, it’s all your fault!”

The closer they got to the capital, the more uneasy Prince Lei Ting became. He was even more afraid since he had been sitting in the prisoner’s cart covered with a black cloth every day.

His heart burned with hatred for Qian Jiyun. He would not have ended up like this if Qian Jiyun had not caused so much trouble.

If not for Qian Jiyun, he would have been sitting in the 18 Stockaded Villages while Shen Yan and the others called him Master.

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