Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability

Chapter 1465 - Chapter 1465: Thank You

Chapter 1465: Thank You

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Shang Ningshen took a deep breath, his face flushed red due to the pain.

He cursed Yan Nuo in his heart. Yan Nuo was clearly doing this on purpose. He did not want him to have an easy time.

He had only stared at An Jiuyue for a while. Even if he had ulterior motives, he could not do anything detrimental to them in this situation.

“I… I… thank you… I’ll definitely… repay… your kindness in the future!” He gritted his teeth and glared at Yan Nuo with bloodshot eyes.

“Ha!” Yan Nuo laughed happily.

Would he still be afraid of Shang Ningshen? He was basically crippled now. What could he do to him?

“Why are you so polite, Second Young Master Shang? We’re all from Huayan Peak. We should help each other.”

With that, he slapped Shang Ningshen’s wound a few times. Shang Ningshen gritted his teeth in pain, and his face turned purple.

He stared at the blood on his hand with contempt. After shaking his hand many times, he reached out and wiped it on a bloodless corner of Shang Ningshen’s shirt.

“You…” Shang Ningshen was furious.

Yan Nuo was too infuriating. He knew he would not have an easy time in the hands of these people.

He took a deep breath and looked up at Qian Jiyun. “Qian Jiyun, what are you trying to do?”

“I’m saving your life! Why? Were you not counting on me to save you? Or did I disrupt your plans?”

Qian Jiyun squatted down and met Shang Ningshen’s gaze. He looked at the disheveled person in front of him with a smile.

“Do you want to bet your life, Second Young Master Shang? Your life shouldn’t be worth much, right?”


Shang Ningshen closed his eyes, his entire body trembling. He did not know if it was because he was angry or in pain.

He never wanted to gamble with his life. Why would he complain that he had lived too long if he didn’t have to?

It was all because of that b*stard, the Emperor of Daqing Kingdom. He was ready to kill him once they stopped getting along. What could he do?

Couldn’t these people see that he had been fleeing?

He endured it and felt that his wounds no longer hurt as much. Taking a deep breath, he tried his best to look into Qian Jiyun’s eyes calmly.

“You’re overthinking it. I won’t risk my life to put the people of the two countries in danger. Of course, if Prince Zhan Yun can return Shang Ningluo to me, I believe Shang Kingdom and Daqing Kingdom will maintain friendly relations.”

His goal on this trip was to get Qian Jiyun to hand over Shang Ningluo through the Emperor of Daqing Kingdom. Unfortunately, his plan did not succeed.

He did not expect the Emperor to be so weak that he could not even deal with Qian Jiyun, a subject.

They had not even started fighting, but the Emperor was already far behind Qian Jiyun.

“So this is why you sent assassins to kidnap me? Because of Shang Ningluo? You want to trade me for her?” An Jiuyue interrupted.

Shang Ningshen’s eyes flickered.

He had not expected to be unable to do anything to An Jiuyue despite sending so many people. The guards in the Prince Zhan Yun Residence had already retreated, leaving only an empty shell.

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