Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home

Chapter 33 Blind to Your Greatness

Chapter 33 Blind to Your Greatness

Beautiful women are drawn to brave, charismatic men. They are attracted to warriors, leaders, and even alpha males sometimes. This fact has been repeatedly observed throughout the course of human history with scores of anthropological evidence supporting it.

To a learned Cultivator, these observations are pretty much self-evident.

One of the most fundamental principles in Chinese philosophy is the Yin-Yang Principle, which states that objects of Yin and Yang natures (Zhi Yin and Zhi Yang objects) attract and complement each other to create harmony. This principle alone explains why men and women are attracted to each other. But why are beautiful women more attracted to powerful men? Well, the strength of a woman's Yin Qi is associated with her physical beauty, and the same holds for men; the stronger his Yang Qi, the more prominent his masculine attributes become. Men and women are attracted to each other, true. But the strength of that attraction depends on the strength of each "pole." The attraction between a woman and a man with a stronger Yang Qi is greater than the attraction between the same woman and another man with a weaker Yang Qi. Imagine placing the south pole of a bar magnet near the north pole of another bar magnet. The magnets attract, sure. But if one replaces the second magnet with a stronger one, the force of attraction between them will be stronger.

Thus, the more beautiful a woman is, the more she will feel drawn to a strong man, and vice versa.

The workings of these theoretical principles could be observed in full force within Tiannan University's grand hall. Having been exposed to Li Yundong's Chun Yang, the girls below the stage experienced a feeling of disgust and repulsion the moment they turned their eyes back to the stage and saw Zhuang Hui's handsome but effeminate dance partner. In the same way, the effeminate guy was so affected by Su Chan's presence that he nearly forgot all of his dance moves. Zhuang Hui didn't fare any better herself either. She'd been missing dance steps here and there ever since the moment she noticed Li Yundong.

Below the stage, Li Yundong poke the straw into the milk tea takeaway cup and handed the drink to Su Chan. Su Chan accepted the cup and took a huge gulp through the straw.

"What are they doing?" asked Su Chan after she'd swallowed a mouthful of her drink.

Li Yundong laughed and wiped away the stains on the corner of her lips.

"They're dancing," Li Yundong said. "Can't you tell?"

Su Chan's eyes suddenly grew wide with shock.

"What! I thought they were performing a shamanistic ritual!"

Su Chan's voice was, unfortunately, loud enough to be heard by everyone in the hall.




Zhuang Hui was now lying down on her sides with her left hand holding her right wrist. When Zhuang Hui heard Su Chan's comment, she made a misstep, causing her to lose her footing. In her attempt to save her silicone breast implants, she landed on her right wrist and sprained it.

Feng Na threw her head back in laughter, though her laughs were barely audible amidst the clamor of the audience.

"Woohoo! Nice fall, nice fall!" Feng Na shouted. "Why didn't it squash her fake boobs?!"

"Hey! That's my line!" Cheng Cheng yelled, but she was too late since Feng Na was already charging towards the stage.

"Oh, dear, dear!" Feng Na approached Zhuang Hui on the stage, feigning a concerned expression. "Are you okay? Where does it hurt?"

Then, Feng Na noticed the way Zhuang Hui was cradling her right wrist against her artificial melons. "Ah, you hurt your wrist, I see. Is it broken? Tsk, tsk! You should've been more careful!" Feng Na put her hands in front of her chest and sighed. "Now all your hard work has gone to waste..."

Zhuang Hui's cheeks looked like a ripe tomato at that moment. Tears stung her eyes, though she was too mortified to even make a comeback.

One of the professors stood up from the audience seating and pointed angrily at Su Chan, whose back was facing him.

"Where are you from, young lady!" the professor yelled. "How dare you cause trouble here? Step outside! Now! We don't welcome people like you here!"

Su Chan turned around to face the professor.

"It's not like I wanted to," Su Chan said with a pout.

This professor was well-known for being a wolf in sheep's clothing. On the outside, he appeared prim and proper like a saint. But those who'd been acquainted with him long enough knew who he truly was — a morally corrupt scumbag. When Su Chan turned around to face him, he was so stunned by her beauty that he choked on his own spit. Clearing his throat a few times, he said, "Ah... Is that so? Then... I guess this is some kind of misunderstanding."

Li Yundong, as well as the other professors, were all staring at him with raised brows. Su Chan, ever the clueless girl, was still giving Professor Scumbag her puppy dog eyes.

Professor Scumbag harrumphed again. "Just keep your voice down," he said in a gentle voice.

Contemptuous snorts could be heard from the audience seating, especially from the front row, where the other professors were seated. Li Yundong, whose hearing had been enhanced by the Jindan, heard one of the female professor's whispering to her colleague: "Despicable old pervert!"

Li Yundong sneered inwardly and ignored Professor Scumbag, turning towards the stage instead. Li Yundong was unaware of the antagonistic relationship between Feng Na and Zhuang Hui, so he thought Feng Na's concern for Zhuang Hui was genuine. He turned away from the stage and looked at Su Chan.

"Tsk! See? This is what happens the moment you open your mouth," Li Yundong said. "Someone got hurt. So what are you gonna do about it?"

Su Chan puffed out her cheeks.

"Fine, I'll fix her injuries," she said, leaping onto the stage effortlessly.

Su Chan stopped beside Zhuang Hui and tried to grab Zhuang Hui's right arm.

Zhuang Hui yanked her arm away. "Leave me alone!" she snapped, then wiped her tears.

Su Chan gave Li Yundong a helpless look.

Li Yundong sighed and leaped onto the stage. The effortless way he moved induced a wave of sighs among the female students.

Li Yundong smiled at Zhuang Hui amicably.

"Please don't be mad. I assure you that she didn't mean anything by her comment," he said. "But I highly recommend letting her check out your injuries. She's very good."

Zhuang Hui's heart nearly stopped the moment Li Yundong smiled at her, and the pain on her wrist was now completely forgotten. She stared into Li Yundong's eyes and nodded stupidly.

So handsome...

Su Chan held Zhuang Hui's palm with her right hand and Zhuang Hui's forearm with her left. Su Chan poked Zhuang Hui's wrist from different angles.

"Heh. This isn't a big deal at all," Su Chan said, raising Zhuang Hui's wrist to eye level. "Her wrist joint is slightly dislocated, that's all." Su Chan jerked Zhuang Hui's wrist at an odd angle.


"Ah!!!" Zhuang Hui screamed.

Su Chan released Zhuang Hui's hand and beamed at Li Yundong.

"She's fine now! Hehe!"

Zhuang Hui rolled her wrist around tentatively. "Hey! It doesn't hurt anymore!" she yelled in surprise.

The female background dancers gathered around Zhuang Hui. Seeing that Zhuang Hui's wrist was fixed, they stared at Su Chan in reverence. But, of course, their gazes soon strayed to Li Yundong.

Instead of thanking Su Chan for fixing her wrist, Zhuang Hui decided to use this opportunity to flirt with the hottie in front of her. After all, why shouldn't she at least try? She knew she was quite attractive with her huge eyes and her beautiful eyebrows, which were shaped like willow leaves. Besides, she was also aware of her secret weapon — her sultry smile.

"Hey, handsome," she said, batting her lashes. "What's your name? I don't think I've seen you here before."

What a slut, Feng Na thought. Flirting with men wherever she goes! Shameless bitch! Feng Na sneaked a glance at the object of Zhuang Hui's flirting. Well... he is handsome... But why does he look so familiar... Wait a minute! That chick! That's the same chick who's been following... Oh. My. God! Is he Li Yundong??

Li Yundong returned Zhuang Hui's smile.

"Hi. I'm Li Yundong. Nice to meet you."

Zhuang Hui's eyes went wide in an instant and her jaw went slack. She looked as though she'd just seen a ghost.

"Y- y- you're Li Yundong?"

Li Yundong grinned. "In the flesh!"

"But that's impossible!" Zhuang Hui yelled. "Li Yundong is chubby! And you're..."

Li Yundong frowned.

"Well, what can I say? People change," Li Yundong said coldly.

Stupid, stupid, stupid! Why did I have to say that? Now he's being cold to me, Zhuang Hui thought.

Li Yundong turned away from Zhuang Hui. He was done with this shallow girl. "Hey, senior," he said to Feng Na, "have you taken care of my little problem yet?"

Director Qian's reprimanding tone sounded before Feng Na could reply.

"Li Yundong!! What are you doing up there? Get off the stage. You're interrupting the rehearsals!"

Everyone turned and saw Director Qian, in all his balding glory, scowling at them from below the stage. Li Yundong sighed inwardly. Speak of the devil...

Director Qian was dead set on expelling Li Yundong, not for the sake of the university but for his own sake! He had to expel that kid to save his own skin! Li Yundong was a ticking time bomb, that much he knew. It was just a matter of time before Li Yundong told someone about the fact that he had put the moves on an underage girl! When that happened... Well, his entire career would be over. Even if he didn't get fired from the university for sexual misconduct, this scandal would loom over him forever, like a persistent dark cloud that overshadowed his glory.

Director Qian ran a hand through his comb-over as though the gesture could bolster his authority, which, unbeknownst to him, was about to be substantially reduced.

Zhou Qin walked up to Director Qian and said, "Director Qian, may I speak to you about an important matter?"

Director Qian turned around and gave Zhou Qin a bright smile. "Oh, it's you, Zhou Qin," he said cheerily. "What is it? Do tell."

"I heard you're trying to have Li Yundong expelled?" Zhou Qin said without preamble.

Director Qian's smile faltered. "How did you know?"

Zhou Qin smiled. "Then will you change your mind about his expulsion as a favor to me, sir?"

Argh!!! What's so great about this Li Yundong!! Why are so many beautiful women throwing themselves at him! Zhou Qin! Zhou Qin, the Ice Queen, had voluntarily stood up for him! This is the third time already!! Could it be that she has fallen for Li Yundong?

A dark glower formed on Director Qian's face as he wallowed in his own angry thoughts.

Zhou Qin frowned slightly at Director Qian's lack of response. She'd been expecting this old geezer to agree to her request straight out, yet here he was, making a show of his "authority."

A minute later, Zhou Qin couldn't stand the silence any more. "Pardon me for asking this sir," Zhou Qin said. "But has there been a falling out between you and Li Yundong? You seem to dislike him a lot."

"Not at all!" Director Qian answered quickly. "What kind of man do you think I am? Do you actually think I am the type of person who would settle a personal score through professional means?" Director Qian gave Zhou Qin an affronted look. "No! The reason I want him gone is because of all the trouble he's caused in just a matter of days! And look at him! Bringing a girl who isn't a student here on campus? That is outrageous and bad for the university's reputation!"

Zhou Qin's lips curved into a smile, though there wasn't a single ounce of warmth in that smile.

"Even so, shouldn't you at least wait until after the exchange visit before you expel him, sir? We still need him to take Zhao Yujian's place in the Taekwondo Club's performance during the exchange visit," Zhou Qin said.

Director Qian didn't comment, but he appeared to be considering Zhou Qin's words.

Seconds later, Zhou Qin decided to try again.

"Sir, surely a person of your prestige could be the bigger person and spare him some leniency..." Zhou Qin said, injecting a hint of flirtation into her tone.

Well, that comment had clearly caught Director Qian's attention, since he was now giving Zhou Qin a subtle once-over. All of a sudden, he smiled.

"Fine! Since you asked me so nicely, I'll do it as a favor to you. I won't expel him until after the exchange visit!" Director Qian's smile vanished and was replaced with a stern expression. "But I will make one thing clear now. I will get rid of that troublemaker sooner or later!"

Director Qian turned around and walked away from the stage, leaving a fuming Zhou Qin in his wake.

Zhou Qin's immense self-control allowed her to maintain her poise under any circumstances. Nobody could tell from her expression or body language just how angry she was at that moment.

Beside Zhou Qin, Ding Nan snorted. "Who does he think he is?" she mocked. "Did you see the way he was undressing you with his eyes just now?"

Zhou Qin curled her lips slightly in annoyance. However, instead of commenting, Zhou Qin's eyes began to seek out Feng Na. Eventually, she found Feng Na on the stage, staring back at her expectantly. Zhou Qin gave Feng Na a nod.

Feng Na's face instantly lit up, then she nodded back at Zhou Qin.

Overwhelmed by frustration and anger, Zhou Qin turned around to leave. She needed some time alone.

A few steps later, she heard Ding Nan's voice from behind her.

"The next performance is up. You're not gonna stay and watch?"

Zhou Qin frowned and kept walking. "No," she said.

"But aren't you even a little bit curious about Li Yundong's performance?"

Zhou Qin halted her steps.

"I mean, he must have some pretty good stuff if Feng Na was willing to go through so much just to get him to agree, right?" Ding Nan said.

Zhou Qin turned around, then crossed her arms in front of her chest. She frowned slightly and said, "Fine. One minute."

Ding Nan smiled. What a hypocrite...

Onstage, Feng Na smacked Li Yundong's shoulder forcefully. "Well, looks like you're in luck," she said. "Your problem has been dealt with. Now it's time for you to keep your end of the deal!"

Li Yundong turned to Su Chan. "Be a good girl, okay? Wait for me below the stage."

Su Chan nodded obediently, then leaped off the stage. She took another gulp from her milk tea.

"Good luck!!" she yelled, waving back at Li Yundong.

When Li Yundong grinned at Su Chan, his face glowed with the intensity of a thousand suns. All the girls there were practically swooning when they saw it.

Li Yundong turned back to Feng Na. "Well? What do I have to do?"

"Simple," Feng Na said. "First is the mock combat. Basically, you and one of our club members will fight each other with each of you pulling your punches. After that, you have to do a special demonstration."

Li Yundong nodded confidently. "No problem!"

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