Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home

Chapter 27 Massage Your Way Into the Cultivation World

Chapter 27 Massage Your Way Into the Cultivation World

The love and adoration Li Yundong felt for this girl was beyond words. She captivated his mind, bewitched his soul, and aroused his body. Heck, he wanted to become a better man for her.

He was in love.

Li Yundong hadn't been able to take his eyes off Su Chan since the moment he made his resolve earlier. Not that he even wanted to look away. In fact, he was pretty sure that he'd never grow tired of looking at her. Li Yundong kept studying her face and noticed her knitted brows. She looked really conflicted, and she was biting her lip as well. Something was bothering her.

I wonder what's on her mind... Li Yundong thought, staring at her. Shit... Did the massage wear her out? Did she get hurt while giving the massage?

Then, an idea struck him.

"Su Chan," he said, getting her attention. When she looked up at him, he went on, "Why don't I give you a massage too?"

The conflicted look vanished from Su Chan's face, though her frown deepened due to confusion.

"But I don't need a massage..." she said.

The gears inside Li Yundong's head turned as he tried to come up with an excuse. When he finally did, he laughed and said, "Well, your massage techniques are awesome! You should teach me!"

Su Chan perked up slightly. Until now, Li Yundong had never expressed interest in learning anything from her before.

Su Chan thought for a moment, then nodded.

"Okay. I guess I can teach you," she said, then sat up straighter when another thought came to her. "But... you don't know anything about Qi control yet!"

Li Yundong gave her a quizzical look.

"You need to know Qi control to give a massage? I mean, I thought you just need to know, like" —Li Yundong lifted his hands and did some weird pinching gesture— "the hand movements, the positions of the acupoints and stuff?"

"Pfft... HAHAHA! That's the lowest level of massage you can give!" Su Chan said, then laughed a few more times before continuing her explanation. "According to the Canon of the Yellow Thearch, massages are meant to be therapeutic, not just to make people feel good. They are used to treat joint and muscle pain, even numbness. But that's only possible if the masseur understands how Qi flows inside the body. The masseur also has to use their own Qi to guide and regulate their patient's Qi flow. That's why Qi control is so important. Without it, the masseur wouldn't be able to deliver the massage's full benefits to their patients. There are so many benefits though, like making it easier to get pass the Lianqi phase of Cultivation..." (T/N: Lianqi is the 2nd phase of Cultivation)

"Cultivation? Lianqi? Wow... That's deep..." Li Yundong said.

The smile on Su Chan's face faded instantly. Phew... Nearly gave myself away just now...

Time to change the subject. Su Chan showed Li Yundong a few hand gestures and said, "Do you remember the first massage I gave you?"

Li Yundong nodded. "Of course I remember," he said in awe. "You really could put all masseurs in the world out of business if you wanted to."

"The technique I used last time is called Three-Pronged Flower Gathering," Su Chan said, then stood up.

She pressed down on a few spots on Li Yundong's head, then showed him the hand gesture.

Li Yundong mimicked the gesture, then smiled at Su Chan.

"Can I try it?" he said excitedly.

Su Chan smacked Li Yundong's hands away.

"That's way too soon!" Su Chan said in annoyance. "Just close your eyes and try to feel your own Qi flow."

Li Yundong laughed.

"Geez, you make it sound like I'm learning Qigong or something."

Still, he did as he was told and closed his eyes. Alright! Qi flow... Qi flow... He had absolutely no idea what he was supposed to feel for. The only thing he felt was his own heartbeat.

"Feel anything?" Su Chan asked after a minute.

Li Yundong opened his eyes and shook his head.

"Tsk!" Su Chan said, pressing her palm over Li Yundong's eyes. "Close your eyes. Now feel it again!"

She placed her free hand below Li Yundong's navel, then allowed her Yin Qi to flow out of her palm. The idea was to stimulate Li Yundong's Yang Qi with her Yin Qi.

Li Yundong felt a ball of heat rising from his lower abdomen to his sternum the moment Su Chan touched him. And, apparently, he wasn't the only one who felt it. His junior down there felt it too and was now rising to attention.

"Yeah... I think I feel it..." Li Yundong said wryly.

Eventually, Su Chan caught a glimpse of the tent-like monolith in Li Yundong's crotch. She blushed and quickly looked away, but it was already too late — her heart was already pounding rapidly inside her ribcage.

Isn't it a little hot in here? she thought, taking a deep breath.

"You felt that Qi? Good. Now, think about getting it to flow to your hand," she said, trying to keep her voice steady.

Li Yundong closed his eyes again and tried to do as Su Chan said. He tried, really tried. But no matter what he did, the ball of heat remained inside his chest.

"I tried," he said in resignation. "But it's useless. I can't get it to move."

Su Chan went silent in thought.

Master once said that there are nine phases in the art of Cultivation... The first three phases, Sutai, Lianqi, and Ningshen, are the most basic and can be reached by everyone in the world...

However, she knew that Li Yundong had already gotten through the Sutai phase thanks to the Renyuan Jindan. It would've taken years, or even decades, for a normal human to complete the Sutai phase! That alone proved just how powerful the Renyuan Jindan was.

At the moment, the Qi inside Li Yundong's body was thriving. Theoretically, if he was willing to begin his training, then he could breeze past the Lianqi phase and enter the third phase, Ningshen.

And with Li Yundong's aspirations and fiery spirit from earlier, getting past the Ningshen phase wouldn't pose much difficulty as well.

Once he did, he would enter the fourth phase of Cultivation, the Zhuji phase!

However, completing the Zhuji phase is a mountainous challenge in and of itself. Only those who complete the Zhuji phase can become a true Cultivator with the potential to transcend mortality and become a Shenxian. Throughout the course of history, many people had stumbled in the Zhuji phase and become forever trapped in the confines of their mortality.

Can Li Yundong overcome the Zhuji phase? Su Chan wondered, staring at Li Yundong intently. He had the Renyuan Jindan inside him, surely that was an advantage? If he does, what kind of things can he achieve?

When he didn't get an answer from Su Chan after a while, Li Yundong opened his eyes.

"What's wrong?" he asked worriedly.

Su Chan was instantly pulled out of her thoughts.

"Don't try to use your muscles to move the Qi. It doesn't work that way," Su Chan said. "Just focus your awareness onto your fingertips. Your Qi will flow naturally according to your awareness."

"Wow, that impressive?" Li Yundong asked, sounding impressed.

He closed his eyes half-skeptically, then tried focusing his awareness onto his fingertips. However, the ball of heat remained inside his chest after a while. He opened his eyes dejectedly.

"Still nothing," he said.

"That’s because your mind is too cluttered," Su Chan explained patiently. "Empty your mind. Imagine that you're the only thing that exists in this world. Nothing else exists, not even me."

Li Yundong laughed.

"Yeah right. With a beauty like you sitting here, smelling so great, I won't be able to ignore your presence even if I close my eyes."

Su Chan frowned with displeasure.

"Do you even want to learn?" she snapped.

Li Yundong quickly schooled his features and said, "Yes, Ma'am!"

Li Yundong shut his eyes and tried again. Okay... Fingertips... Fingertips... Finger— He felt a breath right beside her ear, then he heard Su Chan's gentle voice: "Breathe in deep, and don't think about anything else."

Li Yundong did as he was told, then something happened. It was that same feeling again, the one he felt during the massage earlier, like he was soaking in a hot spring, all cozy and warm. Damn... this feeling.... It's so...... He didn't even have the words for it.

Alright then... Fingertips... Fingertips... Holy sh—

Li Yundong's eyes shot open and he looked at Su Chan excited.

"I felt it! Haha! I felt it!" he yelled. "That's amazing! There was this warm... energy... thingy at my fingertips—"


"Ow! Hey! Why'd you hit me?" He held his forehead, where Su Chan had unceremoniously slapped him.

"Close your eyes!" Su Chan chided, then snorted. "You're acting so smug over a small achievement like this? Pathetic! Keep feeling! Keep going until you can will your Qi to flow to any part of your body!"

Li Yundong chuckled sheepishly and closed his eyes again.

Haha! This is so much fun!! Woo-hoo!! Feet... Ears... Left bicep... Right bicep... Where else... Right knee... Yes!!!

It was like he had just gotten a new toy.

Amused, Su Chan watched the joyous look on Li Yundong face, then checked the Qi flow in his body to make sure that he was doing everything right. After a while, she decided to interrupt his fun.

"Enough, enough. As long as you know how to direct your Qi, then that's good enough."

Li Yundong's eyes blinked open.

"Su Chan, you've had this kind of training before?"

Su Chan beamed with pride.

"Of course!"

"How long did it take you to be able to control your Qi naturally?" Li Yundong asked.

Su Chan thought for a moment.

"About five days?" she said proudly.

Li Yundong laughed out loud.

"Hah! Yet I did it in just five minutes! I must be a genius!"

Su Chan's face fell. But that's only because you stole my Renyuan Jindan!!! Argh!!! Otherwise, you wouldn't even be able to do it even if you trained for five years!! Hmph!!

Su Chan made a face at Li Yundong, then glared at him.

"What are you so happy about!" she snapped. "Now that you know how to control your Qi, try out the massage technique I showed you!"

Li Yundong jumped at her sudden outburst.

Damn... How come she's angry all of a sudden? he thought. Is it something I said? F*ck! Really gotta keep my stupid mouth shut!"

By the time he was done berating himself, Su Chan was already sitting cross-legged on the carpet. Li Yundong rose and went to stand behind Su Chan. Then he positioned his fingers above Su Chan's head based on the Three-Pronged Flower Gathering technique she had shown him earlier, making sure that his fingers were correctly placed on Su Chan's Baihui, Shenting, and Taiyang.

He was just about to ask Su Chan if his hand positioning was correct, but then his words got caught in his throat when he saw just how absolutely perfect she looked. The way she was sitting cross-legged on his carpet accentuated her curves, highlighting the contrast between her narrow waist and her wide hips as a result of her round bubble butt. Glancing down from his position behind her, Li Yundong's attention was immediately drawn to her neck, which was long and slender with a milky complexion. Tendrils of soft hair spread along the column of her neck. When a breeze wafted in from the balcony, those elegant tendrils swayed, ticking the skin on her neck, his heart, and his desire. Sitting there, basking in the afternoon sunlight, Su Chan looked like a beautiful statue sculpted out of alabaster.

A sculpture of perfection.

"What's the matter? Why are you spacing out?" Su Chan's voice snapped Li Yundong out of his Su-Chan-induced daze.

Li Yundong met Su Chan's confused eyes and said, "You're beautiful."

Su Chan smiled at him sweetly, the annoyance she felt earlier vanishing as pleasure bloomed inside her chest. When she turned her head to face the front, her eyes were sparkling with adoration.

Surprisingly, despite being in the presence of Su Chan's otherworldly beauty, Li Yundong didn't experience any lustful thoughts while he gave Su Chan the massage. He worked his fingers gently, fearing that she might break into pieces at the slightest increase of pressure.

"Concentrate. Move your Qi to your fingertips," Su Chan ordered with her eyes closed.

Li Yundong closed his eyes and repeated the exercise he'd done earlier.

Li Yundong was still a virgin, so his Yuanyang was pure and, with the Jindan's enhancements, highly rare.

When such powerful Yuanyang was focused on Su Chan's Baihui, Shenting, and Taiyang, the result was a stimulation so strong that every ounce of her Yin Qi was drawn out of her body!

Su Chan's body shuddered with pleasure and her cheeks flushed instantly.

Granted, Li Yundong didn't experience a sensation as powerful as Su Chan at that moment, but the Yin Qi radiating from Su Chan's body was enough to bring a slight numbing sensation to his fingertips. Then, her Yin Qi entered his body through his fingertips, circling around his system gently like tendrils of hair tickling everywhere they touched.

Something sparked inside Li Yundong, throwing his heart into turmoil. His awareness drifted away from his fingertips to somewhere else and, when he could no longer maintain the control of his Qi, he slowly opened his eyes. That was the exact moment he saw it — Su Chan's look of pleasure.

The flush on her beautiful face was so deep that her face was practically glowing despite the sunlight streaming into the living room through the balcony. Her eyes were closed, but he could tell from the rippling motions of her eyelids that they were rolling around in their sockets. Her lips were slightly parted as they quivered, enticing him with each tremble. Then, when a small moan escaped her lips, something inside Li Yundong's head exploded.

He stepped around so that he was facing her, then leaned in to capture her lips with his own.

Su Chan's body went taut the moment she felt the warm pressure on her lips. Her eyes opened into tiny slits, revealing the lust contained in them.

"Mmph!" Su Chan went limp, her body falling backwards. The moment her back hit the carpet, she felt the hardness poking at her inner thigh.

"Ah!" Her eyes shot open, then she shoved Li Yundong off her body with her full strength.

"No... don't... we can't..." she said.

Li Yundong sat there on the carpet, looking at her apologetically.

"I- I- I'm sorry!" he stammered. "I just... I lost control! P- Please don't be mad. I- I- I'll never do it again! I swear!"

Su Chan stared at Li Yundong blankly, her face flushed, her breaths heavy and labored. After a while, she leaped to her feet and dash towards the bedroom.



Su Chan buried her head under the blankets.

Li Yundong sat there in a stupor, staring at the door of the bedroom. Then, he reached up and touched his lips, where the taste of Su Chan's lips still lingered.

What have I done? What have I f*cking done?

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