Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil

Chapter 186

The Assai family’s underground training ground covered a very vast area, divided into a gravity room, mecha room, and a sparing room, health room and other zones. The complete facilities were not inferior to the military’s fitness center. After walking around the training ground and taking in the high-end equipment, you can gain a thorough understanding of the Assai family’s strong financial resources. However, after the outbreak of the war, having such huge wealth was not enviable, if they weren’t strong enough to guard it, it would be snatched away.

The Old Marshal glanced at Jeram and Lady Assai, realizing that Orr’s situation was quite similar to the Empire’s. But the current Orr didn’t have to fear any scheming, so he could only hope that in the future, under his protection, the Empire could once again stand at the top of Asaph Galaxy.

“What are we testing first?” Zhao Xuan led the group to the health center and took off his robe, revealing his sturdy and powerful body. The original Orr’s body looked great, but now, he looked like a carefully chiseled sculpture by God, each bulging muscle concealing destructive force. There was no need to test, just by standing next to him, your intuition would warn you about the danger.

Jeram watched his big brother, whose temperament and bodily features had completely transformed, then he seemed to finally comprehend something. His face paled, his heart shuddered, inwardly telling himself that that was impossible, how could that idiot Orr become the legendary super race? He didn’t have enough brain power, how could he evolve?

But soon, reality crushed his self-consolation. Orr barely touched the spiritual power tester before the machine started groaning in protest, then it exploded. Fortunately, everyone was wearing protective gear, so no one was hurt. This was already the most high-end spiritual power tester, but it still couldn’t bear Orr’s power, like the ocean, his boundless strength went far beyond the military’s expectations. They even had enough reason to suspect that he only needed to use his invisible spiritual power to strike and kill.

The Marshal and company finally experienced how formidable the super race could be. After a moment of silence, they let Orr continue the tests, unsurprisingly, the other equipment couldn’t bear his overwhelming power either, and when the tests were completed, the ground was littered with broken machine parts, and a burning smell permeated the air. How was this a test, this was destruction, the medical experts, who couldn’t even obtain a definite value for data, all exclaimed in their hearts: Strong, unprecedentedly strong! Only the vast universe can possibly stand a chance of accommodating the super race’s berserk power.

Lady Assai gripped her son’s arm to keep from fainting, forcing herself to maintain a calm tone, she asked, “So does this mean Orr has evolved? What level is he? 3S?”

“How can he be 3S?” The Marshal scoffed, under Lady Assai’s desperate gaze, he slowly said, “He’s one of the super race, the first successful evolution of the super race. Orr, the Empire needs your protection in order to maintain peace.”

“Of course, it’s the duty of every soldier to defend the Empire.” Zhao Xuan’s blunt, righteous answer.

The Marshal and company were very pleased, but Jeram and his mother were on the verge of collapse. He really was one of the super race, which meant that in the whole Empire, no, in the whole Asaph Galaxy, no one had the ability to kill Orr, unless he himself didn’t want to live. His appearance changed, his personality changed, what if his nature changed? Did he notice their previous scheming? Will he retaliate? The mother and son felt even more anxious, regretting that they couldn’t travel back in time and stop Kane’s ridiculous plan.

As the saying went, brute force can overpower technique, when a person was powerful enough to reach an unimaginable level, other people simply couldn’t afford to think about ​​resistance. If they’d known about Orr’s successful evolution before, how could they scheme against him? If they could flatter him and cling to him, the power, wealth, status, and prestige that would eventually come to them would be grander than the entire Assai family’s assets. They had no doubt, Orr would become the most powerful person in Asaph Galaxy, his strength would get him there.

“The test is over?” Zhou Yun Sheng reclined on the doorframe, his arms crossed, his casual attitude was a sharp contrast to Jeram and Lady Assai’s shock, and the Marshal and company’s excitement.

“We’re done. Baby, you didn’t even come down to see your husband looking brave and heroic, I’m so let down.” Zhao Xuan strode past and wrapped his arms around his shoulders, searching out a kiss.

Zhou Yun Sheng pushed his face away and smiled, “I don’t have to come look, I’ve personally experienced your power many times already. If the test is over let’s head up, I want to speak to the Marshal about your case.” He pinched his lover’s bulging chest muscles, seeing his eyes darken, and his breath quicken, a cunning light slid over his peach eyes.

Zhao Xuan loved his playful refusal look, he couldn’t help but pull him in for a fierce kiss.

The Marshal naturally wanted to quickly settle Orr’s murder case, but it wasn’t good to disturb the two’s lovey dovey-ness. Overly-sentimental couples were not few in number, but it really was rare to find one this thoroughly gone. The previously handsome and aggressive looking Orr transformed into an octopus in one second, anxious to superglue himself to Joe’s body. Kissing endlessly, pausing for Joe to breathe then kissing him again, like Joe’s lips were the most delicious thing in the world, even if he ate them for a lifetime, it wouldn’t be enough.

Seeing Orr pick the boy up, looking like he was ready the return to their room and continue the battle, the Marshal felt apprehensive, and courageously shouted, “Mr. Zhou, because Phoebe Celayan was a famous figure in Asaph Galaxy, the outside world is currently harshly slandering Orr’s reputation. This matter shouldn’t be delayed, it’s better to resolve it as soon as possible.”

“I think so to. My love, let me down, we have business to attend to first.” Zhou Yun Sheng pushed his fingers through his lover’s hair.

“As far as I’m concerned, eating you is my business, everything else is fluff.” Zhao Xuan put his sweetheart down and muttered into his ear while nibbling it, but he still patiently invited the Marshal and the four Admirals into the study for a long talk. As soon as the group walked away, Jeram and his mother helped each other sit down, their expressions distressed.

They knew the military’s plan, without a doubt, in order to pacify Orr, they would erase the murder case, even if Nan Qing’s fans protested, it would be useless. Orr was currently the pillar of the Empire, whoever went against him would become the enemy of the Empire. Their previous schemes would all go to waste, and Orr might catch on and destroy them. The two called Kane to tell him the news about Orr’s evolution, the other end was silent for a few minutes before saying grimily, “Don’t do anything against Orr again, just try to win him over. Viper’s gang and the prison officer has already been dealt with, and the military board hasn’t started an investigation. As long as we act the same, Orr won’t notice anything.”

The two repeatedly questioned, and learned that Viper and company were killed before the military board could interrogate them, so they finally calmed down.

Zhou Yun Sheng and the Marshal talked for over an hour, after sending the visitors off, he found Jeram and his mother still sitting in the living room, so he walked over.

“You have five minutes to pack up and leave.” He glanced at his watch.

“What?!” Lady Assai shrieked. Who is this man acting as? The owner of Assai estate?

“If I remember correctly, Old Assai specified in his will that you two have to immediately move out of the Assai estate after his death. I’m about to become Orr Assai’s legal mate, if you refuse to follow the will, I have the right to expel you.”

“You want to expel us? Don’t joke! I worked so hard to raise Orr, how could I not have the right to live here? Orr, look at what’s going on, you’re not even married yet and this man is already bullying me and Ram. When your father passed away, you were only 10 years old, if I hadn’t taken care of you and helped you look after the estate, would you even be alive today?” Lady Assai wiped at her overflowing tears.

Zhao Xuan slowly walked out from the kitchen, a cigar dangling from his mouth and a glass of milk in his hand. He handed the boy the glass of milk, warning him that it was hot, then looked at Lady Assai, scoffing, “If my father’s subordinates hadn’t secretly protected me, I’m positive I would’ve been murdered by you in my sleep. You couldn’t openly kill me, so you shipped me off to the barracks when I was 12, and every time I came back, you’d persuade me to select the most dangerous missions, saying that I’ll become a great hero like my father.” He spit out a puff of smoke, and said in an even more mocking tone, “Now look, you wanted me to die an early death like my father, but I really became a hero like him. I worked hard to be promoted to a General before I turned 25, all thanks to your ‘encouragement’.”

Lady Assai almost didn’t dare listen any further. She hadn’t expected Orr’s IQ to also evolve, finally seeing past her previous scheming.

“Big brother, what nonsense are you spouting, mom did what was best for you, how can you say she wanted you to die early?” Jeram complained in a wronged tone.

“You still think I’m the same Orr Assai you can fool so easily?” Zhao Xuan took the time to help his sweetheart wipe the milk stains from the corner of his mouth, then said in a heavy voice, “I received some interesting news while in prison, someone paid 300 million star coins to buy my life. I have the names of those people recorded in my mind. If you don’t get lost, I can just kill you now.” He didn’t want to kill indiscriminately, it would affect his reputation, no one wanted the most powerful person in the Empire to be a tyrant, so it’s best to use legal means.

As soon as he found Nan Qing, he would make all those who once persecuted Orr pay the price.

Jeram could no longer quibble, he pulled his still dazed mother away and desperately fled the Assai estate. They understood, from now on the Assai family would no longer be their shelter, on the contrary, at some unknown time, Orr would deliver a fatal blow to them. Death was scary, but waiting for death was even more terrifying, not to mention, they’d provoked the most powerful man in the whole Asaph Galaxy.

“Pfft, finally gone. Poor pathetic Orr, if I count it, he should’ve been murdered no less than 10 times in his lifetime, it’s a miracle he lived long enough to be swallowed by the Queen.” Zhou Yun Sheng chugged the rest of his milk in one breath, then sighed in pity for that stupidly honest man. He never got to see the true colors of that mother and son before he died, he didn’t know how much the family he loved so much despised him, or how much malice his supposedly closest friends had for him. His life truly was a downright tragedy.

“When he left this world, he felt he’d lived a very happy life, that’s probably the best outcome for him.” Zhao Xuan sucked on his cigar, and blew the smoke into the boy’s mouth, seeing him sputter and cough, he laughed and picked him up, carrying him back to the room.


Once the military board intervened, the murder case quickly took a turn for the better. The Investigation Division continuously found new evidence, like proof that an outsider had interfered with the murder scene, and that Orr had residual drugs in his body when he lost consciousness, he absolutely couldn’t have committed the crime. The military board and the police department were currently trying to track down the third person, and clear up Orr’s reputation online. Nan Qing had a huge fan base, they were saddened by their idol’s death, so they were naturally dissatisfied with the results of the military board and the police department.

Some people were convinced of Orr’s innocence, the Empire’s hero wasn’t a murderer, but even more people were convinced of his guilt, and that the military was covering for him. The shouts of condemnation against Orr were endless, as long as the case wasn’t solved, his reputation as a murderer couldn’t be removed. The Assai family’s reputation was affected, but that was only among the civilians, to the upper class, the Assai family became the most influential family in the Empire almost overnight.

Kane Celayan first incited the masses to condemn Orr, then came out to make a statement, saying that he absolutely believed in Orr’s high moral character and uprightness, he’d loved Nan Qing, he wasn’t a murderer. When the victim’s brother stood up to testify, more people were convinced, but some still harbored hostility for Orr. Kane was attempting to show his goodwill to Orr in this way, he was well aware that Orr’s rise to power was unstoppable, and there was no advantages to making the Celayan family his enemy. On the contrary, if he could win him over, his future prospects would be boundless.

He now really regretted setting up that game. If his brother was still ‘alive’, he could’ve taken advantage of Orr’s obsession for him and arrange a successful marriage between the Assai family and Celayan family. With the Assai family’s support, the Celayan family would’ve leapt into becoming one of the top families in the Empire. But he’d missed his big break, so now he could only hope that Orr was still a simpleton, and failed to see the truth like before.

But soon after, he learned from Jeram that Orr knew about everything, so his goodwill act wouldn’t work anymore, plus, as soon as Orr found evidence, he would retaliate. After getting the news, Kane was restless for several nights, his health quickly deteriorated. The other families who’d joined forces to persecute Orr were equally worried, and racked their brains day and night to think of a solution. If push came to shove, they could hire someone to assassinate Orr again. Orr was just one man, it’s not like he’s strong enough to overpower an army, right? Without seeing it for themselves, they refused to believe that the super race could be so fearsome.

But reality soon showed them that plotting to ​​kill Orr was a foolish idea.


As expected, the Federation really joined with other forces and launched an attack on the Empire, looking forward to carving up the Empire’s wealth after victory. The dense mass of space warships surrounded the imperial capital, the shadow of death shrouding all. After the Queen’s rebellion, the Empire was once again facing the danger of subjugation. The citizens didn’t have extra energy to care about which celebrity was killed, mourning their idols, the Empire’s hero becoming a murderer, and other such trivialities. Right now, they only worried about whether or not they could live to see the next sunrise.

The Queen swallowed four of the Empire’s five 3S warriors, only the Marshal was lucky enough to survive. But he was already 278 years old, no longer able to even pilot an ultra-mech. But the Federation and its allies had seven 3S warriors in total, all entering the battlefield in ultra-mechs, their combat effectiveness was comparable to seven warships, enough to crush the imperial capital planet into dust.

The citizens repeatedly analyzed the situation, and came to a desperate conclusion- the Empire’s defeat in this battle was indisputable. Except for surrender, cession, indemnity, and going from an independent state to joining the colony, there was no second way to turn. The people were swallowed by pessimism, and they kept praying, hoping that God would send an angel to save them.

Then a miracle really occurred, a silver black ultra-mech leapt out from among the Imperial Legion, and with only one heavy blow, it tore apart one of the Federation’s 3S warriors’ mech, and crushed the cockpit, then, it took out a giant laser sword, and with speed faster than the naked eye could keep up with, it weaved through the bombardment of particle cannons, and sliced through three other ultra-mechs. The booms of explosions constantly resounded, less than fifteen minutes after the war started, the Federation and its allies consecutively lost four 3S warriors, it was simply a nightmare.

Before the army could wake up from their nightmare, the silver black mech attacked a warship’s energy compartment, turning it into scrap, then it sliced off the head of another ultra-mech that tried to block its path, as usual, pulling out the mech’s cockpit and crushing it. In the blink of an eye, another 3S level warrior fell under his hands.

“Retreat, quickly retreat! He’s coming, we can’t let him reach the command ship! Retreat immediately!” The Federation commander shouted madly.

“Who is that? What level is he?”

“This is awful! How can he kill five 3S warriors in half an hour? Don’t tell me…is he one of the super race? When did a super race show up in the Empire?”

“Who cares, just fucking retreat! Now!” The commander was about to have a mental breakdown. Because of the gap between his orders, the silver black mech successfully crushed another ultra-mech, and of the Federation army’s seven 3S warriors, only one remained. If that person died, the Federation would be torn apart.

The last 3S warrior already clearly understood how terrible the enemy was, he immediately fled at his fastest possible speed, concealing himself within an asteroid belt. Fortunately, the silver black mech didn’t pursue him, it floated among the crushed starry sea for a while before flying back to the imperial capital planet. The Federation forces arrived majestically and fled in disgrace, the Imperial Legion collected the six crushed corpses and filmed them for the Empire’s people, then sent the video signal to the president of the Federal Republic.

These people were once the strongest in Asaph Galaxy, no one thought they would die so easily, their faces frozen in horror, like they’d seen the most terrifying monster in the universe. The Federation’s president was angry enough to have a heart attack, he demanded the identity of the silver black mech’s driver.

The Empire’s citizens were even more curious than the president to know who rescued them from the abyss of despair. That man was too formidable, the image of him wielding a gigantic sword, sweeping it across the universe stunned them, making them want to bow down in worship, their blood racing. Why was Orr the Empire’s hero? He wasn’t worthy! To be able to kill six 3S warriors in one fell swoop, that man absolutely had to be one of the legendary super race! That man was the pillar of the Empire!

When the silver black mech slowly landed, the people watched it in real-time through the military’s broadcast, holding their breaths as they stared at the cockpit. Some kneeled in front of their displays, ready to scream. The cockpit opened, and a handsome man stepped out, with his long legs, he casually jumped the forty-eight meters from the cockpit to the ground. He landed firmly and stood up straight, the huge impact forming a circle of spider-web like cracks on the ground. The neatly arranged mecha forces immediately opened up a passageway, raising their bulky metal arms in salute.

He walked through the mechs, looking so small in comparison, but his powerful momentum made these steel giants all bow their heads in acknowledgement. Apparently sensing them recording him, he turned around, and glanced towards the direction of the drone recorder. The public got a clear look of his sculpture-like, handsome features, and they all gasped in surprise. Although his appearance had changed subtlety, they absolutely wouldn’t mistake him, that person was Orr Assai, the Orr Assai who they’d denounced, accused, and cursed.

He was their superhero? No, he was the Empire’s Superhero! He always had been!

All the condemnation, accusing, verbal abuse was replaced by admiration and worship. The people had felt that the military was covering for Orr before, but now, they felt that the military had always been seeing things clearly. How could Orr possibly be a murderer? Of course, some people secretly thought: even if he really did kill Nan Qing, so what? He saved the billions of people of the Empire, that was enough to offset one negligible crime.

Kane wasn’t called in to participate in this war, and the other families that joined him in framing Orr were also excluded from this mission. Obviously, Orr intended to slowly expel them from the power center, but even knowing that, they were unable to resist. Put out a hit? As soon as they posted that message on the black market, they would definitely become the laughingstocks of Asaph Galaxy’s underworld. Which man would dare try to kill Orr? Who would claim to have the strength to kill him? There might be a glimmer of hope in their dreams.

After Nan Qing underwent cosmetic surgery, the result was identical to his expectations. He hid on a remote, backward minor planet, where there were only beastmen, and various plants and animals to keep him company. No internet, no suspension cars, no entertainment, and no bustling metropolis. As time passed, he became more and more intolerable of the primitive people’s tedious lives. He bribed a human smuggler to stow him away on a ship, and travelled to the Federation’s sphere of influence. After passing from ship to ship, he finally arrived on the Federation’s capital planet. He was now more beautiful than ever, so no matter where he went, he always had a long line of admirers chasing after him. And since he was well versed in the art of seduction, he even hooked up with one of the most powerful 3S warriors of the Federation a couple of times.

That man fell in love with him at first sight, and after knowing each other for only ten days, he bought him a ring and proposed to him. Nan Qing was very egoistical, he’d always thought that only the most powerful person was a match for him, after considering for a few days, he gladly agreed. There was no more than 10 3S level people in the Asaph Galaxy, and this man was one of the youngest and the most attractive. With him, his future would be limitless, so he thought that he’d never be able to find another person more worthy than him.

At first, he felt guilty about framing Orr, but now, he was glad he did it. If he hadn’t framed Orr, how could he find the courage to do cosmetic surgery? How could he get the opportunity to marry one of the most powerful people in the galaxy? Everything was fate’s plan! However, his celebratory mood lasted only two weeks before he received the grievous news of his fiancé’s death. He was killed in battle, how is that possible!?

Nan Qing found a video online, and watched as his fiancé was beheaded by a sliver black mech. When the mech landed, and Orr’s matchlessly handsome, arrogant and overbearing face was exposed, he almost couldn’t contain his scream. He immediately covered his mouth, and asked in a quivering voice, “Who is he?” Orr’s eyes weren’t pure black like a bottomless abyss, his facial features weren’t so sexy and charming.

“His name is Orr Assai, the first successful evolution of the super race, his combat strength is comparable to a whole fleet of warships. The Federation has already fallen into internal strife, we’re following the General’s orders to take you to safety should something happen to him. These are your documentations and belongings, please look over them.” Two soldiers handed over a space capsule, and transported the dazed Nan Qing to an airship.

Nan Qing couldn’t help but feel grateful for his fiancé’s thoughtfulness. He was so powerful, yet he was always prepared to sacrifice himself for his state, he’d even arranged an escape route for his betrothed, this was probably the result of what they called ‘intuition’. But still, Nan Qing didn’t want to be sent back to another remote minor planet, he wanted to return to the Empire, back to Orr’s side. That man was so obsessed with him, he surely must’ve been unable to escape his charm.

The strongest person in Asaph Galaxy, as long as Nan Qing thought of this title, his blood couldn’t help but race. This time, he must capture Orr, and firmly occupy the position by his side.



Playful refusal- it said he loved his ‘wanting to refuse but also wanting to continue’ look, I hope this conveys that.

Just replace ‘super race’ with ‘super saiyan’ and this becomes an episode of DBZ lol

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