Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here

Chapter 74

 Chapter 74

The Emperor on Top, Imperial Concubine Underneath (28)

System: This lazy host now has a good working attitude. It makes me a little touched.

Bai Weiwei was excited, “A branch quest could be exchanged for Stunning appearance. Then would my reward for this branch quest be youthfulness? If so I want to slash those four great clans and have Sheng Siyu sit firmly on the throne to be the emperor of this dynasty.”

Bai Weiwei moved the system who became silent for a while, and finally couldn’t help it and shouted, “Yeah!”

Bai Weiwei pretended to be weak in bed for two days.

Sheng Siyu that beast really did not dare to fight with her.

She didn’t know if it was an illusion, but she always thought Sheng Siyu was like a boy who had just opened a fresh chicken. Seeing his eyes was similar to her looking at a bowl of braised pork.

However, Sheng Siyu was also busy, because he had killed the Chen family. Yet, even so there was no official statement, that was because she head all the officials had already been killed in the upper levels.

Faint, indiscriminate killing of innocents.

As so to blame his muddle headed, tyrannical regime on enchantress imperial concubine.

It was necessary to hand over the enchantress to the Chen family to give a death by 1000 cuts to give an explanation of the hundred of ‘innocent’ people dead.

She heard this morning that the remaining other three clan’s officials had been squatting outside the palace, saying that they would die there if the matter wasn’t handled properly or something.

Sheng Siyu now only had three options.

One was to hand her over, saying that she was the enchantress who enchanted the Emperor. Give her up as payment for the destruction of the Chen family, give them the title of a loyal family, and then cut some privileges to the rest of the living three to let the matter be tossed aside.

The second was to not admit it, and then one by one promote and love the enchantress concubine and have the other three clan’s people get upset and have them kill till blood flows like a river. The court would certainly be turbulent. At that time, Sheng Siyu would take the sin and say that he was guilty and pampered a snake-like venomous woman, killing so many loyal ministers and whatnot. Then she gets sent to be publicly executed with a ‘katcha,’ no wait a katcha wasn’t good enough. It was more like death by 3,600 knives. Then when she is gone he could be supreme ruler again.

The second option was definitely the way Sheng Siyu was going.

Bai Weiwei felt that Sheng Siyu could not change this route. After all, he was kingly.

And the third, hehehe, was to have Sheng Siyu not kill her, then raise a rebellion to go after the enchantress’ head. When the time comes, the people would not be happy, and even if Sheng Siyu could keep the throne, it would also hurt his reputation. If it was worse then he would be attacked by outsiders who were eyeing the country.

Sheng Siyu has a pit in his brain and couldn’t pick that option, ah.

Sheng Siyu would rush to deal with those chores.

Bai Weiwei had already lived in his residence, and all the servants and eunuchs were basically around to serve her.

As soon as she looked up, someone would pour tea.

lower back pain? Lu Lei or Hong Xiu would give her a small fist massage.

This was an evil feudal society.

Bai Weiwei enjoyed the intimate service others gave her while sighing.

Meanwhile the Imperial consort was out to kill when she saw Bai Weiwei lying on the chaise lounge without any edicate while a palace maid feed her grapes.

Her eyes went red, and with murderous anger she screamed at the guards she brought, “Tie up that sl*t and beat her to death.”

Bai Weiwei’s face was unchanged, and her momentum was fierce, “How dare you try to move me?!”

None of the palace eunuchs dared to move.

The Imperial consort was powerful and had a long lasting arrogance in the palace.

She screamed, “The person who can kill this dirty sl*t will be rewarded two thousand gold and have their rank be raised 3 levels, they will become rich and prosperous.”

Bai Weiwei: “Good hearted system, can I kill myself?”

System: “I am so good hearted, can I kill you?”

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