Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here

Chapter 56

 Chapter 56

The Emperor on Top, Imperial Concubine Underneath (10)

He stared at her. He didn’t know what to think about her peach blossom lips, but when they were half opened, and the color was just.

It was so beautiful, but it seemed so unreal.

Like it would disappear at any time.

Sheng Siyu looked at her red face, he somehow, as if being tempted, bent down and gently kiss her lips.

Her sweet breath rushed out, Sheng Siyu was very stiff, just like a boy who was going through puberty and had never touched a woman. He didn’t know how to deal with this feeling.

He tried to stick out his tongue and opened her undefended lips wanting to get inside.

The head eunuch’s voice came from outside, “Your Majesty, it’s dawn.”

Sheng Siyu’s was stopped mid-action making it almost awkward to leave Bai Weiwei, but he turned around and didn’t dare to look at her. The atmosphere became messy.

He stabilized his breathing and said coldly: “I know, bring people to serve.”

After that, the sword in his hand sliced his finger, and a few drops of red blood fell on the quilt, acting as proof of Bai Weiwei’s first night.

Hearing the sound of the palace eunuchs coming in to serve, he almost pulled the curtain off the bed to cover Bai Weiwei’s naked body.

When the palace maids and inner court eunuchs finished their service, Sheng Siyu glanced at the bed and saw Bai Weiwei who was fully dressed laying bed sleeping.

After everyone retired, the head eunuch came over.

Sheng Siyu seemed to have made the some decision. He told the head eunuch who was his most trusted aid, “Its her.”

The head eunuch bowed down and his face flashed with a little surprise.

“Your Majesty, are you sure?”

Sheng Siyu closed his eyes with some exhaustion, “I need her to let me become an incapable ruler in order to help get rid of the four great clans.”

The four great clans were the main families who controlled the domestic royal government.

It was no secret that this dynasty was being run by the minister, moreover it wasn’t for a year or two, but more like a couple generations.

This led to the Emperor fighting the four great clans for hundreds of years, yet the Emperor’s rights were getting fewer and fewer.

When Sheng Siyu got into power, he did it without relying on the strength of these four families.

The woman in his harem, the most powerful Imperial Consort, was the only daughter from the four great clans’ Su family.

If it weren’t for the fact that she didn’t have a child yet, she would have most likely been a the Empress by now.

Sheng Siyu knews that he could fight against these powers, he could win too, but it would take decades, and it was estimated his country would have been destroyed by the strife.

It was better to take a different approach and straightforwardly confiscate the families property and execute the clans outright.

However, the reputation of the four great clans in this country were not bad. If there was no reason to exterminate the households then it would cause turmoil.

So he needed to create a target that everyone hatred to use as a scapegoat.

When the four great clans were killed, the target would be killed and the civilians anger would subside.

What targets could influence an Emperor?

Of course, it was a sorcerer who infiltrated the country and made the Emperor lose his will completely.

Sheng Siyu dull eyes watched the deeply sleeping Bai Weiwei. He pressed down his agitated innermost feelings and said firmly, “For her, her beauty is enough, she is naive and ignorant as well making her easy to manipulate, a very good chess piece”

The head eunuch pondered for a while, then respectfully said, “Your Majesty has great insight, this is indeed the best way. But Bai Daying had no reason to go against the four great clans, thi…”

Sheng Siyu interrupted his words impatiently, “Then making one! I am sure the Imperial Consort is dissatisfied with her. She will use her family’s background to spread bad rumors or something, all we have to do is stand by and wait for the results to be harvested.”

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