Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here

Chapter 507 - Reality (5)

Chapter 507 Reality (5)

Then, there was Qin Qiu’s voice, “He is very outstanding. I guarantee that he is a good young man with an all-around development of morality, intelligence, body, beauty, and hard work. Give him another chance.”

Bai Changyan said coldly, “A good boy actually did such a thing to my daughter, and even Weiwei said that she wanted to cancel her engagement.”

Bai Weiwei heard her father’s voice.

This underwear really couldn’t be taken off.

She was just about to put on her clothes again when it suddenly became dark before her eyes.

“Broken system, what happened to me?”

System: “What kind of misunderstanding do you have about your trash constitution?”

Running and jumping despite basically living on liquid food and glucose for three days.

It was hypoglycemia1.

Bai Weiwei thought she would knock on the tiles of the bathroom floor when she fell.

But she was wrapped in a warm embrace.

“Weiwei, are you…”

She fainted without hearing this sentence.

When she lost consciousness, the system launched the newbie gift pack.

Then it dragged her onto the next plane.

The system looked back to see Ye Yuxuan holding Bai Weiwei as he asked, “Are you her, the person who’s always been appearing in my dreams?”

The system exhaustedly sighed, and then turned around without the slightest bit of hesitation to follow Bai Weiwei into the next plane.

Qin Qiu was still trying to persuade Bai Changyan.

“My family’s Yuxuan is handsome and has a high quality work ethic, and although he has a good family background, he never bullies others.”

“My family’s Yuxuan is a little bit shy. He never sleeps around, and he’s still a virgin for such a long time now.”

“My family’s Yuxuan is actually very clean, very loyal, and very pure. He’s a 3-chun man2.”

“My family’s Yuxuan, ah…”

Bai Changyan felt like there were ten thousand flies flying around him.

Qin Qiu was still blabbering praises about his family’s child.

The two people just walked past the women’s bathroom door when they saw that the door was open, and accidentally glanced inside.

Then they saw…

Ye Yuxuan hugging Bai Weiwei.

One was bowing his head affectionately, and the other one’s clothes were disheveled.

Oh, his forehead…

Bai Changyan was stupefied, and he took two steps forward.

Finally, he saw that the person in Ye Yuxuan’s embrace was his daughter.

Even more frightening was that his daughter’s clothes were undone, exposing a large portion of her fair white shoulder.


It was like five strikes of lightning from the sky.

Bai Changyan’s brain was blank. Ye Yuxuan, this pervert, took his daughter inside the women’s bathroom.

Afterwards, he took off his daughter’s clothes.

What the hell was he doing?

“Beast! Let go of my daughter! I’ll fight you!”

With a solemn face, Father Bai rushed into the women’s bathroom.

After a quick glance, Qin Qiu immediately held Bai Changyan back.

“Uncle Bai, whatever you want to say can be said calmly, there is no need to be angry. Be careful of your high blood pressure.”

When Ye Yuxuan saw someone coming over, he immediately turned his back.

He blocked everyone’s line of sight and then carefully dressed Bai Weiwei.

He fastened her clothes button by button.

His manner was focused and gentle.

And at the doorway, Qin Qiu was holding on to Bai Changyan.

“Let go of me! Little beast! I’m going to kill him!”

Qin Qiu desperately begged for forgiveness, “No, this is a misunderstanding. It must be a misunderstanding.”

Father Bai: “Damn3 your misunderstanding! I’m going to take you all down with me4!”

Ye Yuxuan ignored the others’ intense conflict.

When he buttoned her clothes back, his fingers accidentally slid over her fair skin.

The delicate sensation made him feel as though he was shocked.

Coupled with the impact just earlier, he felt that his nose was somewhat warm.

Ye Yuxuan reached out to touch his nose, and unexpectedly his nose was bleeding.

And Father Bai finally looked up and saw in the mirror that Ye Yuxuan, this pervert, even had an abnormal nose bleed for his daughter.

He was so stirred up that he suddenly couldn’t breathe.

Qin Qiu sensed that something was wrong so he raised his head.

Bai Changyan was overly agitated that he fainted.

Qin Qiu turned pale with fright. F*ck! What if Bai Changyan died due to anger?

It’d be strange if Bai Weiwei didn’t kill their whole family in the future.

He carried Bai Changyan straightaway, “Ye Yuxuan, this is your father-in-law. Hurry up and help me save him.”

Ye Yuxuan carried Bai Weiwei and indifferently walked past him.

He passed by Qin Qiu, and the look in his eyes was dreadful.

“En5, quickly go save him.”

After he said that, he took Bai Weiwei and left.

Qin Qiu: “…”

Is he your father-in-law or my father-in-law ah?

Ye Yuxuan, you bastard! You deserve to be lonely for life!

1: 低血糖: Fancy word for low blood sugar.↩

2: 三纯男人: A pun because all of the characteristics start with 纯-chun as in 纯洁-chunjie(very clean; as in untouched guy), 纯情-chunqing(very loyal) and 纯白-chunbai(very pure), so he’s the three “chun” guy.↩

3: 我去 (wo qu): Makes the expression of surprise, anger, depression, or whatever situation you feel the emotion must be shouted off your chest.↩

4: 同归于尽: To die in such a way that somebody (or something) else also perishes / to take somebody down with oneself / to end in mutual destruction.↩

5: 嗯: nonverbal grunt as interjection; interjection indicating approval, appreciation or agreement.

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