Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here

Chapter 504 - Reality (2)

Chapter 504: Reality (2)

Not even his own soul.

Ning Yishu also understood this principle, but he didn’t want to wake up and accept this truth.

The old turtle snorted, “If you are so sure that her soul can be revived, why don’t you dare to make the Ninghun1 array? The Ninghun array can tell you if her soul is still there.”

This was common sense in the field of cultivation that everyone knew, even at the Foundation Establishment stage.

But Ning Yishu was afraid to do it.

He reached out and tenaciously hugged Bai Weiwei’s body. His eyes were bloodshot.

He didn’t dare……

The old turtle smiled coldly. “You still can’t even make a soul gathering array2. I’ll make one for you.”

After that, a simple soul gathering array appeared under Ning Yishu’s body.

The array circled several times, and suddenly went dark.

Ning Yishu stared stupidly at the soul gathering array and did not respond. A body without a soul would not set off the array.

Seeing that Ning Yishu did not respond, the old turtle snorted indifferently.

“Don’t deceive yourself. Killing someone like you, it’ll only dirty my hands.”

Then his fingers picked a flower, and the flower’s exuberant white light, in a blink of the eye, transformed into a myriad of flower swords.

The swords suddenly plunged into Ning Yishu’s body.

Ning Yishu held Bai Weiwei indifferently as the swords fell, but he did not dodge the attack.

The old turtle watched his swords blast the slag off the cliff.

He smiled coldly, “Just a mere ant3.”

After that, he was about to leave.

In the light of the sword, a long, heartbreaking howl broke, and a terrible golden aura shattered all their attacks.

Ning Yishu held Bai Weiwei and stood in the middle of the surging golden aura.

His eyes were soaked with a golden light, completely crazy.

Spiritual energy caused the heaven and earth to shake.

“I want you all to die.”

With just a short simple sentence, the heavenly soul shook the foundation of the entire plane, and all the living creatures in front of him were turned into dust.

Ning Yishu killed everyone, but he didn’t have the slightest bit of reaction.

He carefully carried Bai Weiwei back, “Shifu, I bet you are lost. If you can’t come back, I’ll go to you.”

He would look for her.

Two hundred years passed.

He searched the entire cultivation world.

But there was no trace of her soul.

He was bewildered for over a hundred years, and he suddenly wondered if an Immortal Ascension stage cultivator could find her.

So he started to cultivate, and when he was tired, he would lean next to the ice coffin that protected her body and fall asleep.

After four hundred years, he broke through the Body Fusing stage and reached the Mahayana stage.

Three hundred years passed by again, and he began to cross into Immortal Ascension stage.

Fearing that the lightning tribulation would destroy Bai Weiwei’s body, he carried the entire ice coffin with him.

So the lightning tribulation all slammed into his body, but not even a trace of it could touch his ice coffin.

When he successfully ascended and set foot on the path to immortality, he suddenly saw the imprint of her soul.

That was on the other side of the wall.

No one could break through the other plane, and Ning Yishu abandoned his chance of ascension almost instantly.

He rushed into the path of that plane.

“Shifu …”

The power of violent repulsion melted his body.

He became a skeleton, and his skeleton also melted.

He was left with just his soul.

And Bai Weiwei’s faint soul imprint finally became more and more obvious.

Ning Yishu cried and laughed as his soul gradually shattered.

In the end, he was left with just a fragment of his soul. This unreconciled obsession was the purest unadulterated love.

He broke through the plane wall that no one could break through, and finally rushed into her world.

This pure unwillingness and fanatical love fell into Ye Yuxuan’s body.

Ye Yuxuan …

No, it was Ning Yishu who woke up.

1: 凝魂阵 Ninghun Array. I couldn’t find any source to explain this, but through the individual meaning of the characters, it means something along the lines of, “Soul Condensing Array.”↩

2: 聚魂法阵 Ju Hun Fa Array. Different from Ninghun Array, but similar in function, its individual characters means an array to gather a soul, hence the name, “Soul Gathering Array.”↩

3: 蝼蚁 Lit. meaning, African mole crickets and ants.They are metaphorical animals for humans who are weak and insignificant. Here’s what a mole cricket looks like: Here (click at you own discretion) ↩

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