Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here

Chapter 502 - The Cultivation Master’s Blackened Disciple (End)

Chapter 502 The Cultivation Master’s Blackened Disciple (End)

His eyes were extremely bright, and power surged out from his body, forming a soul-capturing array.

On her soul was a faint mark that tied them together as man and wife.

With this mark, he was sure he could find her.

Suddenly, a light appeared not far from the array.

This soft white ball was Bai Weiwei’s soul.

Ning Yishu’s heart, which had been stretched to the limit, suddenly relaxed, and his eyes flashed with great joy.

She hadn’t lied to him.

Her soul was still there, still alive.

Ning Yishu carefully reached out and held her soul in his palm.

He took a quick look. Inside the white light was a tiny person, curled up like a fetus in the womb.

That tiny body, the peaceful sleeping face. It was Bai Weiwei.

Cute and frail.

Ning Yishu didn’t dare to let his fingers shake. He chained her soul for a moment.

Then he began to withdraw the array, worried that the power of the array would injure her soul.

After all, she looked so frail and weak.

Ning Yishu revealed a giddy smile. When the array was withdrawn, he loosened his grip.

The white, round soul gradually disappeared in the air.

He didn’t hear the calm voice coming from the void.

【Ding. Host’s side task is completed. Favorability is 100% completed.】

【Preparing to leave the Xianxia1 high energy world plane. Starting the countdown…】

【Successfully left the world plane…】

Ning Yishu thought that, when he let go, Bai Weiwei would wake up.

Because she said it was a demonic art.

That could bring people back to life.

It didn’t matter to him if she entered the demonic path or not. As long as she was alive.

He could destroy the world.

Ning Yishu clutched her body as he stayed sitting on the cliff.

A long time passed.

Ning Yishu used his spiritual energy to protect the body2 in his arms.

Preventing the body from rotting.

But the corpse remained a corpse. She still hadn’t come back.

Why didn’t she come back?

Ning Yishu thought that he hadn’t waited long enough. He didn’t dare to leave, afraid that Bai Weiwei’s soul wouldn’t be able to find her way.

His body no longer needed to eat, nor did he feel thirsty.

He didn’t even feel tired.

So he could wait. One day, two days, three days…

A month, two months…

A year…

Ten years…

Shifu, why haven’t you come back?

He would wait for her. No matter what3.

– – – – – – – – – –

Bai Weiwei heard a familiar sound.

【Host completed the mission on hard mode4. Obtained forty days of life. Total: forty-seven days of life.】

When she heard this, the smile at the corners of her mouth hadn’t yet hooked up.

When a series of deductions followed.

【Ding, pain relief pills, four days. Creating a backstory, five days. Activating the dreamworld, one day. Stupidity tablets, seven days. One beautifying face mask and fifteen systems’ face masks, three days.】

【Congratulations to the host. Twenty-seven days of life remaining.】

Having so much remaining for the first time, Bai Weiwei could finally get out of bed with a smile.

Suddenly, the system said: “Stay calm.”

Bai Weiwei was in a cheerful mood. “I am calm.”

Bai Weiwei, who had been abused by her life points into a do-M, felt very good.

She opened her eyes, and a cold and handsome face appeared above her.

Ye Yuxuan.

Bai Weiwei trembled out of reflex. Her life points!

When she saw this star of misfortune, she couldn’t wait to leave as fast as possible.

Ye Yuxuan’s expression was very odd. What was even odder was.

They were so close, but the system didn’t tell her that her life points were being taken away.

Just when Bai Weiwei was about to speak.

Ye Yuxuan’s very handsome face suddenly turned ferocious, and a golden light flashed in his eyes.


Deranged, he reached out and grabbed her neck.

“I waited for you, I’ve always been waiting for you, why didn’t you come back?”

Ye Yuxuan’s eyes, resentful and despairing, were full of twisted sorrow and pain.

Like he was about to cry.

1: 仙侠: commonly referred to as cultivation novels.↩

2: 尸体: the character used from here on for Bai Weiwei’s body is specifically for a dead body.↩

3: 等得好辛苦: took some liberties with this. 辛苦 means difficult or laborious.↩

4: 难度升级: something like “difficulty upgraded/promoted” but it sounded kinda clunky.

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