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Chapter 500 - The Cultivation Master’s Blackened Disciple (77

Chapter 500 The Cultivation Master’s Blackened Disciple (77

Bai Weiwei nodded in acknowledgement and touched her face to psyche herself up.

Old is old, but maybe Ning Yishu had a heavy taste and would like her like this?

The pill furnace was blown away by a terrifying force. The flames surged and mingled with the rising dust.

Ning Yishu stood within the flames, looking to be in great pain.

He trembled as he mumbled nonstop, “Shifu, shifu, don’t leave me.”

He suddenly lifted his head. His black pair of pupils were half bright and half dark, with golden rays of light violently flowing within.

There was no warmth, only a terrifying and violent darkness.

He spotted Bai Weiwei past the flames.

She stood nearby, her dark hair already turned white. Her pale1 face was drained of color, and faint lines had appeared around the corner of her beautiful eyes.

She used her entire lifespan to reshape his spiritual root.

Such a beauty-loving person had become old.

Ning Yishu’s expression twisted. Even more distressing were those wrinkles that had begun to line her face.

Bai Weiwei shot him a weary smile. “Alright. The spiritual root you took out for me, I’m returning to you. From now on, we don’t owe each other.”

Saying this, she used the last of her energy to make herself invisible.

The pupils of Ning Yishu’s eyes narrowed sharply. He staggered forward, the power in his body going out of control and threatening to explode.

That familiar strength had returned. He was no longer a waste.

But, but he would rather be a waste.

As long as she didn’t hate him, he could be a waste belonging only to her for the rest of his life.

Ning Yishu’s expression turned ferocious. With a finger, he quickly drew out a formation in the air. “Search.”

The array’s power shot out with great speed. A strange energy filled the air and spread out without stopping.

It was the direction that Bai Weiwei had gone.

Ning Yishu rushed ahead.

He wouldn’t let her go. How could she leave him like this?

Bai Weiwei managed with great difficulty to crawl to the edge of the cliff. She really did crawl; her body was so weak, ah.

It was beginning to break down.

Her face was still fine. With the system, she bought a beautifying face mask on credit to keep her beauty.

Bai Weiwei managed to grab a rock by the edge of the cliff and stood upright.

It was very windy on top of the cliff. The cold air blew, and she really wanted to sneeze.

But thinking back on the incontinence of old people, she stiffened and held it back, not daring to open her mouth.

Holding it back was too hard. Tears leaked from her reddened eyes.

When Ning Yishu charged in, he spotted Bai Weiwei looking down at the bottom of the cliff, with a head full of gray hair and tears in her eyes.

Did she want to end her life?

Ning Yishu reflexively held his breath, not daring to let her discover him.

Approaching step by step, he suddenly pounced, and Bai Weiwei returned to her senses.

This moment was the most difficult part of Bai Weiwei’s counterattack.

Despite her body being in such a terrible state, she lifted her foot, not even hesitating to aim a kick at the charging Ning Yishu.

Of course, this kick was nothing to Ning Yishu, but if he dodged, the huge momentum would make Bai Weiwei fall off the cliff.

So he chose to be kicked, and because he was moving too fast, his entire body flew off the cliff.

Bai Weiwei: “…”

Uh, the task of kicking him off the cliff was complete, albeit in an unexpected way.

There was still the part about getting her skin peeled and her flesh chopped up, as well as refining and sacrificing her soul.

But Bai Weiwei couldn’t bear it any longer. She fell to the ground, and her vision went gray.

Was this presbyopia2?

Ning Yishu stopped his fall in midair and crossed through space and stepped on the air to fly back up. He spotted her sitting on the ground, her eyes hollow.

1: 梨白的脸: pear + white + face. Looking up the entire term gives you pictures of models with very pale faces, while 梨白 gives you pictures of pears lol.↩

2: Farsightedness due to old age.↩

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