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Chapter 485 - The Cultivation Master’s Blackened Disciple (62)

Chapter 485 The Cultivation Master’s Blackened Disciple (62)

Bai Weiwei shuddered. An unfamiliar power, given to her for free by the system, came from deep within her body.

The feeling of the soul entwining with another soul, like one climax1 after another, was indescribable.

She suddenly realized that the chains on her hands were broken. She could barely muster the desire to act vicious.

She slapped his face.

“You waste, you dare to think of me that way? Wretched disciple, vile spawn!”

Her soul could be severed, but her character settings couldn’t be forgotten.

Ning Yishu’s eyes narrowed. He noticed the power of his array beginning to splinter.

She actually still had the strength to resist?

He forcefully restrained her body. “Shifu, don’t struggle. Let our two souls entwine.”

Bai Weiwei also didn’t want to toss and turn like this, but the system forced her to toss and turn. She also didn’t have it easy.

She could practically see her soul being torn apart by two opposing forces.

Ning Yishu also noticed, and panic emerged in his eyes.

If he wasn’t careful, her soul could be torn into pieces.

He was flustered. When he was making the array, he hadn’t thought about going back on his word, so it was nearly impossible to change it.

He desperately tried to stop the golden energy from flowing into her soul, but the array’s power had already been activated. Once triggered, it could not return.

Ning Yishu’s worry and anger erupted. He fiercely grabbed her shoulders. Seeing her endlessly suffering expression, he finally broke down.

“Shifu, do you hate me this much? You would rather risk the destruction of your soul in order to resist the soul binding?”

This person was selfish and clearly feared death, but she didn’t hesitate to destroy herself to get away from him.

Bai Weiwei couldn’t speak up for herself. This was all the system’s pot, and she had to carry it and toil.

And now that she was dizzy and befuddled, she didn’t have the ability to care about his mood.

The two forces in her body fought, and she felt as though she were thrown into the washing machine2. The sky and earth were spinning around without stopping.

This kind of tearing agony wasn’t physical, so even pain relief pills were useless.

When Ning Yishu saw her trembling in pain, he felt like his heart was going to split open.

He suddenly took out the dagger. The dagger emitted a burst of light, and the qi of heaven and earth gathered.

Drawing out his spiritual root, he completely awakened the heavenly soul in the dagger.

He used the heavenly soul to destroy the array that was wreaking havoc in Bai Weiwei’s body.

This was the only way to save her.

Bai Weiwei threw up a mouthful of blood and couldn’t help but call out to the system. “I won’t just fly up to the Western Paradise3 like this, right?”

This was driving her to her death, ah. It was the first time she felt such pain.

It felt like her body was going to be torn to pieces.

The system was still turning out all the inventory boxes, searching for something that could suppress Bai Weiwei’s pain, but it also needed to buy props to mend the soul.

Both were out of their spending capabilities.

The system suddenly said heavily: “Don’t be afraid, I will save you.”

Now was not the time to fool around. It took out its precious emergency box that it wouldn’t easily bring out. Once it was used, it was particularly burdensome.

But it didn’t care.

Just when it was about to use it, the system suddenly paused.

Because the dagger in Ning Yishu’s hand had plunged into his own body.

Peeling his skin and cutting his flesh, digging into bone bit by bit, he pulled out his own spiritual root.

The enormous and concentrated mass of pure golden power began to spill out from his body.

The bloodstain on the dagger was slowly dissolved by the golden energy, and his spiritual root was gradually devoured by the dagger.

But the pain in his bones and soul didn’t surpass the pain he felt seeing the hate and rejection in her eyes.

Ning Yishu’s bloody hands slowly caressed her shocked and frightened face.

“Weiwei, forcing you to marry me, aren’t I truly evil?”

1: 高潮: it could also mean high tide or flood but HELLO?? Did we enter R18 territory here? Cover your eyes, children!↩

2: 洗衣桶: half of the images I got were those small washing machines, but the other half were literal buckets.↩

3: 西天: Western Heavens, Western Paradise, Sukhavati, known as the pure land.↩

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