Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here

Chapter 45

Chapter 45

Back To Reality, Scum Abuser (3)

“You felt emotions? What kind of emotions?” Qin Qiu asked carefully.

Ye Yuxuan indifferently thought about it, an unemotionally replied, “I cried.”

Qin Qiu was shocked, shocked beyond belief. His lips trembled for several seconds before saying, “You, you, you… you cried.”

By the end, he was practically yelling.

In this world no matter who cries, Qin Qiu would not be surprised.

But if Ye Yuxuan was the one who cried, he would question whether then end of the world had come.

Ye Yuxuan closed his eyes and his face looked a little tired, “I had a dream, a very long dream.”

Qin Qiu was shocked. “What dream was so powerful.”

You must know that Ye Yuxuan doesn’t have any feeling, don’t even mention crying, it’s thought that with this man, even if everyone was dead, he wouldn’t so much as frown.

Ye Yuxuan opened his eyes, and in his dead still eyes, there was a mood fluctuation.

“It was a dream about love.”

– – – – – – – – – –

“Chairman Gege Love Me Once Again” Follow-up:

The rain in a thunderstorm weather always looked especially cold.

Under the gray weather, Han Zhengyu watched as Bai Weiwei was being buried.

His lips were shaking, his body had lost a lot of weight in a short amount of time. When he saw the urn about to be buried in the earth, he rushed over and snatched it.

“Mr. Han?” The crowd exclaimed, but they couldn’t stop the man in front of him.

Because his eyes were too desperate, so desperate that they couldn’t help but feel pity for him.

“Wei Wei said that she doesn’t like cemeteries. She wanted to be buried in a place full of flowers. She is afraid of being alone, I have to accompany her.”

Han Zhengyu was holding the urn, his pale face was plastered against the cold metal urn, as if this is his only form of redemption.

He thought that he could withstand the pain of losing her. After she died, he seemed to feel no pain at all, and arranged everything for her funeral.

He did not expect Bai Weiwei to be carrying a smartphone, and the phone were recordings.

All the words that Li Qingqing said before her death were recorded.

“Yes, I did it, but no one will know about it…”

When he heard Li Qingqing yell those words of, his whole person became ice cold from top to bottom.

He remembered what Bai Weiwei tried to tell him after she recovered her memory. That the car accident was because others framed her. But he didn’t believe it. He indulged the real murderer and let her be killed.

Unprecedented remorse and pain, like termites, bit his heart to tatters.

“I love him…”

This sentence, interrupted by a heart-breaking sound of her coughing blood, was so painful, but she still spoke it word by word.

When Han Zhengyu heard this sentence, he felt that the whole world was quiet and submerged into darkness.

Then there was the pain, and his whole person was torn apart.

The tears in his eyes finally fell, drop by drop, line by line, gushed out.

Remorse, pain, thoughts of despair were intertwined into an unbearable pain, and he completely broke.

“Weiwei, Weiwei, Weiwei…”

“I love you too…”

– – – – – – – – – – –

Qin Qiu: “… so then you cried.”

It was still possible to see a trace of exhaustion on Ye Yuxuan’s quiet face. He nodded, “When I woke up, my face was tears.”

Qin Qiu: “So did you also feel heartache?”

Ye Yuxuan was silent for a long time. He was starting to make Qin Qiu anxious until he finally shook his head, “I don’t know.”

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