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Chapter 442 - The Cultivation Master’s Blackened Disciple (19)

Chapter 442 The Cultivation Master’s Blackened Disciple (19)

Bai Weiwei: “Waste, it’s you who’s tired. That’s why you can’t walk.”

Ning Yishu endured it.

Bai Weiwei: “Forget it, put me down.”

Ning Yishu didn’t expect that she would actually concede.

Ning Yishu hesitated a moment, then finally set her down on a stone next to the spirit spring.

As expected, Bai Weiwei didn’t discover the thing hidden inside the spring.

Then he stealthily shifted further away, even slipping his hand into his pocket.

If she was injured by something in the spirit spring, he could finish her off with the dagger.

But her movement made him freeze.

Bai Weiwei lifted her feet. Her skirt rose up to her calf, revealing snow-white skin.

She spoke indifferently, as though calling for a servant.

“Come here and remove my shoes.”

Ning Yishu felt a bloodthirsty impulse rolling in his chest.

But under the bloodthirsty urge, another unfamiliar desire emerged.

He swallowed down his urge. Hanging his head, he carefully took off her shoes.

When the shoes were removed, a bell chimed.

Her ankle was strapped with a silver anklet, on which hung a pair of emerald green bells.

Every time she shifted, the white skin and green bells held a faint temptation.

Ning Yishu immediately wrenched away the fingers touching her ankles.

His fingers burned.

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability has increased to 1.】

Bai Weiwei: …It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such stingy favorability.

She wiggled her feet and said to him: “Help me wash my feet.”

For a moment, Ning Yishu itched to cut off her feet.

But he held it in.

He had endured so much shame and torment.

In the past, his mind had clearly been as calm as still water, and those torments were unable to affect his mood.

But these days, his mood was in a constant flux.

He maintained a dull expression, holding her feet with his head bowed.

Then he dipped her feet in the water.

The water was sparkling and crystal clear, and the delicate and pink toes were curled up. It looked extremely cute.

Ning Yishu: …He must have been hit in the head, to think that it looked cute.

It was almost detestable.

“Haven’t you eaten yet, ah? Dawdling like this, do you want to keep washing until the new year?”

Bai Weiwei impatiently kicked the water, splashing it in his face.

As the drops of water slipped down his brows, the expression in his eyes turned frightfully dark for an instant.

Then he quickly lowered his gaze. “Your disciple was unfamiliar with the technique and was afraid of offending shifu.”

Saying this, his hand covered her instep.

As his fingers skimmed over the skin of her instep, his Adam’s apple jumped.

He suddenly realized that it was somewhat difficult to maintain his former indifference.

While Bai Weiwei was stirring up trouble on one side, she whispered to the system on the other: “Zi zi [1], this eighteen-year-old is a budding youth who could be riled up by any old sow, not to mention someone as beautiful as me…”

System: “BGM starting, The boundless horizon is my love…”

Bai Weiwei: “Shut up.”

Suddenly, a fishy smell rolled in from the spring water.

The spring water turned red, looking absolutely horrifying.

The column of red water turned into a sharp blade and suddenly attacked Bai Weiwei.

Bai Weiwei’s face changed, and she snatched back her feet from the water. The bells on her ankle chimed.

The ringing was crisp and clear, and a green light blocked the blood-red spring’s attack.

She threw out her water sleeves and wrapped them tightly around Ning Yishu. The two of them quickly fled from the spring.

The spring rolled and surged and an enormous eye appeared. The sclera was red, and it lacked a pupil. It was disgusting and terrible.

It opened its mouth full of fangs, from which a strange red mist overflowed.

[1] 渍渍: looking like sweat or tears. Might be similar to ㅠㅠ or QAQ

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