Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here

Chapter 416 - The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife (End)

Chapter 416 The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife (End)

Bai Weiwei didn’t feel the pain she was just somewhat shocked.

“In this mission, I get shot dead?”

She had forgotten to ask the system, because she thought that she had time to choose her own death method.

System: “Yes, ah, so I gave you a pain relief pill. The cost of life is calculated by how long it’s in use. Fight fast.”

Ninety nine favorability.

If she didn’t brush it up before she died, Bai Weiwei couldn’t go back.

Bai Weiwei sensed that her internal organs had been broken by bullets and that blood was pouring up her throat.

Su Shian had rushed to her, embracing her in his arms. The blood immediately dyed his hands.

His face was grim, and he was unable to even speak. He just applied pressure on the bloody cloth, but how could he hold it all. Blood kept flowing out.

Su Shian was helpless. He was shivering madly.

“Weiwei, we’re going to go to the doctor, we’re going to go.”

These bullets wounds were fatal. Anyone could see that she couldn’t be saved.

Only Su Shian was so foolish, carrying her to go to the doctor.

Bai Weiwei was unable to lean her head against his chest. She opened her mouth and blood spilled out.

“The wedding gown…… is it beautiful?”

She spoke in bits and pieces.

Su Shian stumbled and rushed forward, “Beautiful, no one in this world could look better than you.”

Bai Weiwei laughed. She slowly closed her eyes and a familiar darkness came.

“I just suddenly felt that I wanted to marry you.”

This faint sentence, containing a woman’s most unforgettable love, slowly dissipated in the air.

And she finally heard the favorability reminder in the last second,

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 100. Congratulations to the host on completing the task. Ready to leave the plane, successfully left ……】

Su Shian’s legs were soft and his entire body collapsed uncontrollably to the ground.

He was afraid that Bai Weiwei would be shocked in his arms, so he knelt abruptly.

His knees hit the ground hard with severe pain.

But Su Shian seemed not to have felt it. He kept kneeling upright.

When Chen Wenfeng arrived, he saw Chen Xia standing not far away.

His sister stared crazily at Su Shian, with a gun in her hand.

He didn’t hesitate to rush over, knocking the gun out of her hand, and stunned her with a neck chop.

There was a strong scent of blood in the air.

Chen Wenfeng was afraid. He turned to face the direction Chen Xia was watching.

It was Su Shian’s door.

He saw Su Shian kneeling in front of the door, cradling Bai Weiwei in his arms, blood dripping from the white wedding dress to the ground.

Chen Wenfeng’s brain crashed and blanked.

Who knew how long later, Su Shian suddenly stood up with some difficulty. He carried Bai Weiwei back step by step.

Everyone could see that this person couldn’t be saved.

All the places the bullets pierced were fatal.

Su Shian was the most clear on that. Because she had no heartbeat, no breath, the temperature was gradually falling.

As he walked in, the nanny saw the two of them bloodied and was frightened.

But Su Shian ignored everyone. He went to the table and sat in his chair with her in his arms.

Then he reached out to take the diamond ring from the flower roll.

Holding her bloodstained hand again, he put the diamond ring on her ring finger.

He had her blood on his hands, and it stained the ring.

Su Shian hung his head, took a napkin and slowly wiped the blood off her hand and ring.

“It’s perfect for you……”

He whispered, afraid of disturbing anything.

Then, finally overwhelmed, he buried his head in her shoulder, unable to control the shaking.

Not even tears could flow out.

He could only cling to her in a death grip and maintain this position.

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