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Chapter 407 - The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife (60)

Chapter 407 The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife (60)

“What would happen to Weiwei if something happened to the child?”

“I met Weiwei’s psychiatrist. They said she was in good spirits, probably because of the child, so the child is her spiritual pillar.”

When Su Shian heard him, he couldn’t help but retort, “She doesn’t want this child.”

She had wanted to abort the child.

He resisted.

Chen Wenfeng sneered: “Are you stupid, ah. If she really did not care about the child, would she let the child stay until now? Don’t you sense it yet? She still loves you.”

Su Shian looked up in a little panic, “She loves me?”

Chen Wenfeng pulled out a cigarette, eyes dim, “Just before, when she saw me, her first reaction was to have me save you. She didn’t ask about how I was for one sentence.”

He blocked a lot of impact when they got into a car accident.

Had it not been for luck, it could be estimated that his internal organs would have broken down.

But at that moment, there was only Su Shian in her eyes.

What else did he not understand?

Chen Wenfeng whispered with a small, self deprecating laugh, “We have equally bad characters, but why are you so much luckier than me?”

Su Shian felt happiness overwhelm him. Any doubts in his heart had an explanation.

She was also worried about him.

She said she was going to divorce, but she didn’t leave directly.

She said she was going to kill the child, but she ended up keeping the child.

In a life and death situation, she struggled to find someone to save him, even when she knew it might lead to a miscarriage.

Su Shian sat stiffly in his wheelchair as he remembered the little bits and pieces of their time together.

Suddenly he finally couldn’t bear it and used his hand to cover his face, “I’d rather she hated me. How could she still love me when I hurt her so deeply?”

Su Shian was selfish and self centered. He hurt a person who loved him.

He was a right and proper slag, that felt that the suffering of others had nothing to do with him.

But he didn’t expect that one day he would pay a heavy price for this selfishness.

All of Bai Weiwei previous injuries had turned into sharp blades and embedded themselves in him.

Regret came in a raging frenzy.

It gnawed at Su Shian’s heart.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 93.】

The operation had ended. The nurses and doctors pushed her out.

Both men rushed over simultaneously. They looked at Bai Weiwei’s deathly pale complexion as she lay there. Her eyes were closed. When she was unconscious, she looked extremely fragile.

The doctor said regretfully, “I’m sorry, the baby couldn’t be saved.”

Su Shian didn’t react at the moment, as if this sentence had no meaning.

He asked, “My wife?”

The doctor said: “If she rests and recuperates well, she is still young. The body will not have any serious problems.”

Su Shian nodded: “That’s good.”

Soon, Bai Weiwei was pushed into a single patient ward.

Chen Wenfeng didn’t think Su Shian would be so calm.

After all, this child was so important. Anyone wouldn’t be heartbroken to lose it.

By the time everything was settled, Bai Weiwei was breathing smoothly and sleeping.

Su Shian had been sitting on one side, very quietly.

Chen Wenfeng sighed: “Restrain your grief, ah, brother.”

For the first time, Su Shian didn’t have the impulse to beat him up. He found he had lost all his strength.

As if once he had lost the child, all his emotions had also gone.

He was silent for a long time before his hoarse voice sounded, “I can’t be beaten by misery. Weiwei is more distressed than I am. I have to help her arrange everything.”

So even if a piece of his heart was torn out.

He could only pretend that he was not suffering.

If he was preoccupied with his own sorrow, how would he take care of Bai Weiwei?

So the pain could only be endured.

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