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Chapter 375 - The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife (28)

The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife (28)

Chen Wenfeng blushed, though he had been through a hundred battles, even he still had a time he would be shy.

He was a bit stunned, “Isn’t this just to deal with him, otherwise he’s going to pester you. In fact……”

Bai Weiwei stared at him.

“In fact……” He was even more nervous.

Suddenly he took a breath of air and said as if to sink the boat1: “In fact, there’s nothing bad about marrying me.”

Bai Weiwei silent for a few seconds. She knocked on the system, “How high is Chen Wenfeng’s favorability?”

After she reached eighty, they paid it no concern.

The system glanced at it, “Ninety five.”

Was there a favorability leak? It was going up too easily.

Bai Weiwei opened her mouth to refuse when Chen Wenfeng immediately interrupted her, “I’m just joking, don’t take it seriously.”

Having said that, he turned and hurried into the kitchen, “I’ll cook for you. You need nutrition now.”

Ever since he found out she was pregnant, Chen Wenfeng spent every day in the kitchen with the cooking aunt, studying recipes to nourish her.

Bai Weiwei sighed, “If only the target of the task was Chen Wenfeng.”

The system also nodded, “Why is it that unpleasant Su slag?”

One person, one system, united in regret.

– – – – – – – – – –

On this side was Su Shian. After he hung up the phone, his whole person was gloomy.

He had been sitting in the same position, sitting all day until well after the sun set over the western hills2.

He looked up, his eyes filled with violent storms.

Then he started to make calls and began a meeting. That night the entire company was mobilized.

The next day, he personally went to see Patriarch Su.

“Grandpa, Weiwei is pregnant.”

He was smiling brightly, but the depths of his black eyes were laden with ferocious clouds.

Patriarch Su was very happy, “Weiwei is pregnant. Where is she?”

Su Shian smiled particularly tenderly, “She’s at home. She needs to pay more attention for the first three months, so I let her rest and came to tell you personally.”

Patriarch Su even reached out and patted his shoulder, “You have a child, I am relieved.”

Su Shian was careful, “The company……”

Master Su: “There’s a child, your career should also be celebrated. I will give you support.”

Su Shian sincerely smiled.

As soon as he turned around, his smile became extremely cold.

Those who dared to betray him, he would not let go of a single one.

Wanting to fly away together, they were dreaming.

A well-planned financial crisis began to engulf the Chen’s company.

When Chen Wenfeng started to realize something was wrong, the Chen family had already reached a dangerous point.

Su Shian was nothing frightening, and his company was even less so.

The terrible thing was the power of the Su family.

As long as the powerful Su family shifted support toward Su Shian, then even if Su Shian wanted to be capricious, no one would be able to stop him.

But for Su Shian to do this, it was definitely a foul in the business circle.

He called Su Shian, “What made you fucking crazy, ah. You’re actually taking shots at my family.”

And the force was to the point where people could go bankrupt.

Su Shian eyes were overcast. He calmly said: “Get Bai Weiwei on the phone. I do not want to talk with you.”

Chen Wenfeng: “Su Shian, you have to capture Weiwei, is that it? You don’t love her, can’t you let her have a way to live?”

Su Shian hung up the phone and blocked Chen Wenfeng.

“Let her have a way to live? When you went to bed, why didn’t you let me have a way to live?”

Su Shian complained to himself, unaware of how sour his tone was.

Suddenly the phone rang again. It was Bai Weiwei’s number.

Su Shian looked at the phone ringing with icy eyes. He frigidly hummed in his heart, I want you to wait until you’re so anxious you could die.

As a result, the phone rang a few times and hung up.

Su Shian: “……”

1: 破釜沉舟= An idiom meaning to cut off one’s path off retreat.↩

2: 日暮西山: could be a typo, or a slight modification of 日落西山, where 日落 (sunset) is replaced with 日暮 (evening/dusk). OG means the day approaching its end/end of day (or if you’re trying to use it poetically, the end of an era)↩

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