Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here

Chapter 313 - The Regent’s Little Emperor (38)

The Regent’s Little Emperor (38)

After Bai Weiwei finished making fun, she immediately turned tail and fled.

Leaving Tai Fu behind, in bed, panicking.

Xie Yunting held the cut on his waist, and suddenly beat the headboard with his fist.

“Hating me is also fine, I don’t care about that passionate romance stuff.”

Unable to win a heart, and winning a person was also only a dream.

Xie Yunting didn’t realize how desperate his eyes were when he thought this.

Maybe it was because he kept thinking about the little emperor, but his wound recovered at an astonishing speed.

In less than half a month, it was nearly completely healed.

During this half month, Bai Weiwei was caught by Xie Yunting’s attendant eunuch every day, to accompany Xie Yunting for three meals.

Meanwhile, Bai Weiwei used this meal time to eat and slowly raise the favorability to 70.

During this time, outside the palace, Zhao Wang’s men in court completely tore off their face.

Once the assassination failed, Zhao Wang united with his allied forces and began to rebel.

Xie Yunting was also not a vegetarian; he could even successfully force the emperor to step down.

The likes of Zhao Wang couldn’t even enter his eyes.

Therefore, while he was recovering from his injuries, he began to gather his troops, step by step surrounding and suppressing Zhao Wang.

Bai Weiwei was a puppet. While Xie Yunting was busy running around, she was still very leisurely.

At times the system would think that its host really was goods muddling along, eating and waiting to die.

There was no intensity that an attacker should have.

It occasionally recalled the days it was not bound to Bai Weiwei, such a glorious scene.

When other systems saw it, they all rushed up to hug its thighs, calling it rich1, calling it grandpa.

As a result, after keeping up with Bai Weiwei, the system sometimes flipped through its inventory.

But found that it was already poor and burdened with debt.

If it hadn’t been for that mistake…

The system stopped recalling, and it sighed. If it was wrong then it was wrong.

In any case, except for the nitpicking2, pettiness, cheap mouth and ruthless hand, lack of justice, fickleness, and love for lying, the host was rather good.

Bai Weiwei: “Slagstem?”

The system, in the process of sadly remembering its past: “En?”

Bai Weiwei: “Nothing. I thought you were dead, so I called you. You’re not dead.”

System: “I won’t die even if you die. When you’re shot down by lightning, are you planning to stand up or lie down?”

Bai Weiwei’s face was expressionless. “I’m going to hold you. We love each other so much, how could I leave you to suffer alone in this world.”

System: It was wrong, it still wanted to change hosts.

Bai Weiwei was also bored. After all, if there wasn’t a good opportunity, it was very difficult to brush up on favorability points.

In any case, the 6-month time period was more lenient, so she could rest easy and lounge around.

After Xie Yunting was wounded, because Zhao Wang’s military situation was urgent, he had to leave the palace to lead the army.

Before he left, he gazed at her deeply. “Does His Majesty have any parting words3?”

Bai Weiwei: “Goodbye, farewell4.”

Xie Yunting: “…”

He was silent for a bit before he looked darkly at her. “His Majesty should pray that this official comes back later, because this official already can’t resist.”

After he finished, he took the horse out of the palace to personally lead the army, and it was said that in less than ten days he completely defeated Zhao Wang.

Bai Weiwei somewhat regretted not being able to tag along, otherwise if he was stabbed a few times, she could have fished for more favorability.

“Young Master, it is time to rest.”

Gao Jixiang brought over some water for Bai Weiwei to wash her hands and face.

Bai Weiwei, who had just finished eating her midnight snack, nodded her head. “How is the Tai Fu?”

Gao Jixiang: “Does the Tai Fu not send letters to Young Master?”

Bai Weiwei: “We don’t bother to read.”

Nowadays she was afraid of Xie Yunting’s brain hole. If she showed a bit more kindness, he might misunderstand it as liking him.

One more time, and she’d be electrocuted into a pulp.

So she tried to be as cold and indifferent as she could be.

Brushing up favorability, nobody would brush up a rotten heart like this.

Gao Jixiang, thinking of Bai Weiwei’s situation, was very clear on how much Bai Weiwei hated the thief Xie.

He said: “Zhao Wang has retreated. With Xie Yunting there, he will soon fail.”

1: 壕: short for 土豪. Rich person or rich/luxurious.↩

2: 龟毛: lit. turtle hair; nitpicky, paying too much attention to details.↩

3: 临别赠言: words of advice on parting.↩

4: 好走不送 godspeed/bon voyage + don’t bother to see you out/won’t send.↩

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