Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here

Chapter 280 - The Regent’s Little Emperor (5)

The Regent’s Little Emperor (5)

System: “Everybody looks at you and thinks that you’re very hot, very seductive, and very attractive.”

Bai Weiwei was about to spit up blood.

This is becoming a walking aphrodisiac, was this a plane even real. She was basically a piece of meat.

And… Bai Weiwei was about to blow her top. “My 15 days, where are my 15 days? You take my life points to buy some snacks, buy some eye drops, buy some shit, I don’t care! I’ll treat it as giving a beggar a handout. But Ye Yuxuan this death star came over and kissed me, and now my 15 days are gone. If you don’t give me an explanation, I’ll go on strike.”

She was miserable. Other people’s strategies always gave her a profit.

She worked so hard and so long and got nothing.

This side task reward was even more pitted, the mission completion award was also ineffective. It was impossible to bring it into reality, much less into the next plane.

Every time she woke up in the newbie village, she worked so hard.

The beggar… the system tried to explain. “So here’s the thing. In the world you live in, there’s a man who naturally doesn’t mix well with you. That is, your auras are too similar. And when the system gives out rewards, it doesn’t recognize the person directly, but recognizes the energy. And Ye Yuxuan’s energy is very similar to yours, so the system can’t differentiate between you two, and will give the reward to the person with the stronger aura. When he got too close to you, the system directly transferred your rewards to him.”

Bai Weiwei gnashed her teeth. “That is to say, Ye Yuxuan this death star, is my natural enemy. I’m going to break it off as soon as I go back.”

Anyone who took her life points was a mortal enemy.

The system secretly wiped its sweat, relieved it managed to muddle through.

Bai Weiwei angrily combed through the memories, then looked up at the old eunuch who had been kicked aside by Xie Yunting.

This old eunuch was Gao Jixiang, a confidant of the empress who died of illness, and someone who knew Bai Weiwei’s real gender.

He shakily tried to stand up, but fell.

Bai Weiwei rubbed her face. She automatically acted in line with the original’s personality, and pounded the bed with her fist.

“These people are all dead, useless, or following that traitorous beast1 Xie Yunting. Imperial physician, hurry up and come.”

When Gao Jixiang heard this, he was so scared his soul nearly flew away.

Did this little ancestor still think of the royal palace, this place of tigers and wolves, as his own home2? Xie Yunting could control whether she lived or died.

He stumbled, immediately got up, enduring the pain, and crawled to the bed.

“Your Majesty, don’t yell, little ancestor.”

Bai Weiwei’s face was red, eyes flowing like water, very charming. It made Gao Jixiang feel that something was wrong.

The young master was coming of age. He didn’t know how long she would be able to continue pretending to be a man.

While young, it was hard to tell if one was a boy or girl, but once grown up, the differences between men and women become more obvious.

Gao Jixiang suddenly became very worried.

The imperial physician who was previously thrown out by Bai Weiwei came in.

In the end, Bai Weiwei ordered the imperial physician to see to Gao Jixiang’s injuries.

Gao Jixiang was her confidant; she couldn’t let Xie Yunting beat him to death.

And the teacher she rescued, Chen Jingzhi, was also a friend of hers. Loyal to the emperor, with a deep hatred for Xie Yunting.

Gao Jixiang was moved to tears. His young master was grown up, to feel concern for this useless slave.

There was no huge issue with the injury.

Bai Weiwei decided, “No good, this Xie Yunting’s thieving heart is black. He might continue to torment our esteemed teacher. Let us head to the prison cell to see.”

Gao Jixiang nearly keeled over and fainted.

They were going to the execution chamber; they were going to die, ah.

1: 无君无父: lit. no king no father; if my brief research is correct, in Confucianism, hierarchy and society is a distinguishing trait between animals and humans. To have a king/recognize someone as king was to have a society, and therefore to be a human being. To have no king/no father implied a lack of social structure, making one no different from any other animal.↩

2: 这小祖宗还当皇宫这虎狼之地是自己家呢 went back through the raws MULITPLE times but I think I’ve got this right? GJX calls the royal palace a 虎狼之地. While there’s no exact explanation, a similar term is 虎狼之国, lit. tiger wolf country. It generally means a country like a hungry tiger, or an aggressive country. If I’m interpreting this correctly, GJX is saying that the royal palace is now a hostile and dangerous place.↩

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